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Sulwhasoo Eye Brightener SPF 35 PA ++ Review May 14, 2011







As usual, Sulwhasoo’s packaging is very classy. Since this is from the whitening Snowise line, its focus is on the colour white. and features a very Chinese oriental art on it’s box.

The pen’s packaging is very much like the infamous YSL Touche Eclat, even the concept of the product is very much alike. I stress that they are NOT concealers, but they are eye brighteners/highlighters.. which means they have photo-optics that helps reflect light to give your skin a glow and make under eye circles/ wrinkles/ crow feet/ etc less visible.

The pen is about 14cm in length, and it convenient to bring around since it’s light and not bulky!

Manufactured date on the tip of the pen :

Click activates the release of brightener to the pen brush.

The only thing i have complains about it the brush. It’s very soft and very comfortable when you brush it on your eyes, but the thing is that it traps dust very easily too and after a few uses, you’ll see dust trapped in them. So if you’re using it beware that your fingers are dust-free, and your eye area, or everything will just stick to the brush and it can be pretty unhygienic. Don’t know if you notice it, but my brush is getting pretty dirty already.

Another thing is that i found the brush rather useless other than to sweep the product off on your eye contour. After brushing and brushing over and over trying to get the highlighter to settle into the skin, it just doesn’t work. So you will definitely have to use your fingers at the end to pat on it, rub it along the eye contour, so that it doesn’t appear obvious and cakey.


The brightener only comes in 1 shade.

I would say it’s very white light pinkish, and don’t expect the shade of a BB Cream/concealer. The colour shown on the official website ( photo below ) doesn’t really look that way in reality.


I love the shade, as it instantly brightens up the whole eye area.

Here is what it looks like.

Love how it brightens up the skin :



While having pretty much the same concept with the YSL Touche Eclat, the Sulwhasoo Eye Brightener is superior in many ways. First off, it has an SPF 35, PA++ – and i’ve hardly ever seen an eye brightener or even concealer that has a protection this high. Second off, the ingredient list is also far superior than the YSL Touche Eclat. They both are also sold at about the same price – so it’s pretty easy to pick which one to purchase.

Here is a comparison of both ingredient list.

  • Sulwhasoo Eye Brightener


  • YSL Touche Eclat



This product has become a rather staple routine in my daily morning skincare routine. It also adds additional UV protection to my eye area. The best part is how it brightens up the whole eye area, and makes wrinkles and eye lines less visible!

I stress again that it is not a concealer, so if you’re looking for a concealer, don’t purchase this and start complaining that it doesn’t conceal well etc,etc! Like i said earlier on, this is just a brightener, it helps reflect off light to instantly brightens up the area.

It also can be used on the face! Some of the other members of Hope In A Blog use it around their face also as a brightener and also on crease lines ( near the mouth, forehead, etc ) and even on the cheek bones area to illuminate the skin and give it a glow.

Other than that, it contains beneficial ingredients such as Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Gingko Biloba, Angelica, Paeonia, Vitamin E, Adenosine, etc that helps in anti-wrinkles, improves blood circulation, and moisturizes the eye area.

It is very similar to the YSL Touche Eclat, and is about the same price ( even cheaper if you purchase it on Gmarket ), so if you’re a fan of the YSL Touche Eclat, i would recommend the Sulwhasoo Eye Brightener which is a product that is far more superior in all terms !!

Here are some before after photos (click to enlarge it)  :



100% : Without hesitation !!


LG’s History Of Whoo to release new Mist off their hydration line–Gongjinhyang Soo Yeon

We wrote about the whole Soo Yeon line being upraded ( article : here ) a while ago, and now Sulwhasoo Blogspot has just announced that they will be releasing a new product off the line called the ‘Soo Yeon Mist’ together with the other two upgraded products : the Soo Yeon Essence and Soo Yeon Cream.

Here is the description off the Sulwhasoo Blogspot :

The History of Whoo’s new Soo Yeon Mist combines both anti-aging and moisturizing of dry skin. This product provides a number of medicinal herbs to work within the skin to supply deep hydration. This is comprised of ionized air, water and stabilized nano platinum to work as an excellent anti-aging moisturizing herbal product. In addition to supply oxygen for the skin, which will reveal bright and clear skin. Used everyday, you will be awakened to bright skin tone every time.

For the full details, head over to our bestie’s blog : here


A.C Care releases 1st anniversary limited edition Water Essence Set

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Dong Sung Pharmacy’s Bee Venom skincare brand A.C CARE will be celebrating their 1st anniversary with the launch of their star product and best seller – the A.C Care Water Essence 에이씨케어 워터 에센스.

The A.C Care has been very popular in Korea over the past year and has been getting good buzz and encouraging sales of their bee-venom based skincare. It has reported to be a miracle product with those suffering from mild to chronic acne!

We did an article on A.C Skincare, so don’t hesitate to read up on it : here.

Bee venom contains hyaluronidase, which attacks scar tissue and dissolves it. In bee venom therapy, or sclerolysis, a therapist mixes venom with a saline solution or sterile water. The therapist targets sensitive or painful areas of the scar and makes several injections across the surface of the scar. Even people allergic to bees still benefit from the therapy, but the therapist takes precautions to prevent an allergic reaction. Some therapists place live bees on the body to direct bee stings to the scar area.

The 1st Anniversary Set will compromise of a full size 120ml Water Essence (120ml / 30,000 wons) + a Portable size (60ml / 17,000 wons) + an Essence Mask ( 1 sheet / 2,000 wons) and free cotton ( 15 pieces). It will be sold for 44,000 wons – a discount of 5,000 wons.

The water essence has sold more than 150,000 last year – a huge success – and the popularity of Bee Venom is said to follow on in 2011 as an effective ingredient to prevent and treat acne. The water essence also helps with hydration other than containing bee venom which treats acne problems.

The line boasts of a few products – Cleanser, toner, emulsion, serum and a cream.

Also, for their first anniversary, a sunscreen and BB Cream will be released. For more details, check our blog daily!