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LG’s History Of Whoo to release new Mist off their hydration line–Gongjinhyang Soo Yeon May 14, 2011

We wrote about the whole Soo Yeon line being upraded ( article : here ) a while ago, and now Sulwhasoo Blogspot has just announced that they will be releasing a new product off the line called the ‘Soo Yeon Mist’ together with the other two upgraded products : the Soo Yeon Essence and Soo Yeon Cream.

Here is the description off the Sulwhasoo Blogspot :

The History of Whoo’s new Soo Yeon Mist combines both anti-aging and moisturizing of dry skin. This product provides a number of medicinal herbs to work within the skin to supply deep hydration. This is comprised of ionized air, water and stabilized nano platinum to work as an excellent anti-aging moisturizing herbal product. In addition to supply oxygen for the skin, which will reveal bright and clear skin. Used everyday, you will be awakened to bright skin tone every time.

For the full details, head over to our bestie’s blog : here


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