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BanilaCo new BB Creams and Spring 2011 Collection May 7, 2011



I gotta admit BanilaCo is one of the fastest growing newer Korean cosmetic company. They have been releasing new products one after another, it really is hard to catch up with them.

They released 2 new BB Creams this year :

1. Banila Co It So Cool Watery BB Cream SPF 20 PA ++ Cool Beige 잇 쏘 쿨 워터리 비비크림


2. Banila Co It Natural Mineral BB Cream SPF 35 PA ++  잇 내추럴 미네랄 비비크림


There is also 2 new cleansers called the Clean It Care MOIST foam cleanser, Clean It Care MOIST foam cleanser. 바닐라코 클린 잇 케어 폼 클렌저


And from the same series the facial mist with two versions : Moist and Fresh 바닐라코 미스. 미스티 페이셜 미스트


Check out the Banila Co Spring 2011 Collection here.




BanilaCo’s Miss Water and Mr Oil series






Last month, Banila Co introduced a new line called *drum roll*.. Miss Water and Mr Oil. You really gotta give it to the Korean cosmetics for coming up with such memorable and ‘huh?’ titles! Hehe

So what is this line about? It is a unique blend of natural mineral water ( Coral Water & Celtic Water) and rare Brazil Nut Oil and Inca Omega Oil that creates symphony of moisturizing elements to maximize skin hydration and softness. These ingredients are encapsulated using the SLM (solid lipid membrane) technology.

Here is how the SLM Technology works :


The line consists of 3 products so far.

1. Water 미스 워터 & 미스터 오일 SLM 스킨


2. Cream 미스 워터 & 미스터 오일 하이드레이팅 크림


3. Hydrating Gel Mask  미스 워터&미스터 오일 하이드레이팅 겔마스크



UPDATED! : Nature Republic Releases new products for spring–Super aqua max cream, orchid secret Powder pact &






For Spring, Nature Republic has prepared 3 new items.





Snapshots from a korean website :









First off, we have the Nature Republic Super Aqua MAX, which features three kinds of moisturizers containing marine water. The Jumbo size (80ml as opposed to the 50ml) was launched and will be suited for three different skin types – dry, normal and oily skin. Suitable for all year round use!



Next off, the Nature Republic Orchid Secret Powder Pact SPF 35 PA +++ which makes the face smooth and radiant immediately. Using natural mineral powder, the powder pact has strong adhesion – and to top it off, it contains orchid extracts which has anti-aging properties and block the ultraviolet light with it’s SPF 35 PA+++ protection.


Last but not least, the Nature Republic Changing Blossom mascara which was designed specifically to fit the curve of the eyelashes. Contains collagen essence to protect eyelashes and nourish it.

To purchase, type 체인징 블라썸 마스카라 (mascara 12,900 wons) , 오키드 시크릿 파우더 팩트 ( powder pact, 16,900 wons ), and 슈퍼 아쿠아 맥스 수분크림 ( cream 21,900 wons each ) on Gmarket.


VoV releases cracking nail Polish

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Looks like cracked Nail Polish is 2011 latest nail polish trend. We reported a few days back about Peripera releasing their cracking nail polis ( article : here ).

VoV has also released their own version called ‘CRACK’.

They come in 10 diffferent colours and the best thing is that they can be mixed and match to give a different effect. The best thing is that it can be mixed with other nail polish too!

Check out this cool video of that this women has done with her fingernails by mixing the Crack Nail Polish together with other different nail polish.


Link : here

To purchase, type 보브 크랙 네일 on Gmarket.


The steps explained in photos :