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Dr. Jart+ releases O2 Cleansing Foam May 11, 2011

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Dr Jart+ will be releasing a new cleanser called the Most White O2 Cleansing Foam (모스트 화이트 O2 클렌징 폼).

It will be a revitalizing oxygen foaming cleanser which will help brighten your skin and detoxify it.

Rich in oxygen content, the cleanser helps clean and clear the skin, and helps improve the skin’s natural oxygen exchange with the outside air.

Camellia leaf extract and super-antioxidant lycopene are also included in the formula.

What exactly are Lycopenes?

Via wiki :

Lycopene (from the New Latin word lycopersicum for the tomato species name) is a bright red carotene and carotenoid pigment and phytochemical found in tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables, such as red carrots, watermelons andpapayas (but not strawberries or cherries). Although lycopene is chemically a carotene, it has no vitamin A activity.

Lycopene may be the most powerful carotenoid quencher of singlet oxygen,[18] being 100 times more efficient in test tube studies of singlet-oxygen quenching action than vitamin E, which in turn has 125 times the quenching action of glutathione (water soluble). Singlet oxygen produced during exposure toultraviolet light is a primary cause of skin aging.

Also included is lemon extract, which is very rich in vitamin C and other valuable nutrients. It is a natural purifier, cleanser, astringent, decongestant and tonic. It can also help prevent skin discoloration.