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Bonanza Cosmetics : The Real Deal? May 21, 2011



So, apparently this BONANZA Cosmetics mask has been making quite a wave in the Chinese skincare market of lately because it was hyped up by a few celebrities.

So we decided to check this out when we saw having a 3 day free-shipping promotion if you purchase any of Bonanza Cosmetics Mask.

What it claims to do :

BONANZA Zymo-excitative Membraneous, a watery, clear and natural mask, deeply clears away dirt inside pores. It can be used every day. It allows you to finish main skincare regimen including cleansing, brightening and recovery of skin elasticity in just one step.

Natural enzyme effectively nurses dull complexion. Chamomile ET easily relieves skin irritation as well as sunburned skin with redness, and deeply cleanses skin, leaving skin more delicate, fairer and clearer.

Price : 250ml for $25USD

So we did a little research and found out the ingredient list for this product.

From Soniality’s Blog :


Ingredient List :

Water Purified, Carbomer, Isopropanol Glycol, Liquorice Extract, Triethanolamine, Perfume.

OK, seriously, $25 USD for this? You might as well be buying Evian water and putting some liquorice extract, some emulsifiers and perfume and it will still cost a quarter of this.

What you’re paying for is basically is for

1. Purified Water

2. Carbomer – an emulsifying agent used in cosmetics

3. Isopropanol Glycol – Alcohol , solvent

4. Triethanolamine – also an emulsifier and surfactant

5. Perfume

The only thing there that is a beneficial ingredient for your skin is the liquorice extract. But is it worth $25 paying just for that ??

It really pays to have a bunch of celebrities helping you spread the word i guess!


Anyone who has tried this ?