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Charmzone releases new sunscreens March 30, 2011




Charmzone is relatively foreign to non-koreans, but it is a staple household Korean brand.



From the Joseibi website :

Established as Bu-Han Cosmetic Co., Charmzone was first based at the Pee-Bo Drug Store, from 1960 for 20 years. After graduating from the college of pharmacy of Sung- Kyun- Kwan University in 1966, Kwang-Seok Kim , founder and Chairman of Charmzone, studied the skin of Korean women for 20 years while practicing pharmacy. After compiling data on the skin characteristics of about 300,000 women who had consulted with him, in 1984, he decided to create a cosmetic company that could meet the needs of these women. Charmzone was originally founded as Bu-Han Cosmetic Co. The two Chinese characters, “Bu”, “Han” mean “prosperity”, and “wealth” respectively. The goal from the beginning was to become the premier cosmetic company in the world. Because of Charmzone, women around the world are becoming even more beautiful.



Charmzone has recently released two new sunscreens called the Albatross Daily Sun SPF 35 / PA ++ and the Charmzone Alba Tross Lesports Sun SPF 50 / PA +++.




The Albatross Daily Sun SPF 35 PA ++ 60ml forms a protective barrier to the tired skin, enriched with peptides and hyaluronic acid. It can be used also as a make-up base.




The Albatross Lesports Sun SPF 50 / PA +++ is a light, waterproof sunscreen and is perfect for sportswear. No need to worry that your sweat will wipe off the sun protection.






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