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Danahan EcoPure releases water power whitening line May 30, 2011

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Danahan’s organic skincare line – EcoPure  will be releasing a new whitening line called the Danahan Ecopure Water Power Whitening Danahan line다나한 에코퓨어 워터파워 화이트닝.




The line features organic cactus extracts which has excellent water retention abilities, and rich in vitamins, minerals and moisturizing agents. It also features 7 kinds of herbal extracts incorporated in a special patented ingredient called the ‘Swiss Eco-White Complex’.



The line is French-ECOCERT and contains 100% organic ingredients.


It is free from 7 chemicals that maybe toxic or irritating for the skin – parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, etc.


The toner contains natural essential oils and needs to be gently shaken for a few seconds before using it!


The line contains 6 products – two toners, 1 emulsion, 1 serum, a face cream and a eye cream!