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BanilaCo new BB Creams and Spring 2011 Collection May 7, 2011



I gotta admit BanilaCo is one of the fastest growing newer Korean cosmetic company. They have been releasing new products one after another, it really is hard to catch up with them.

They released 2 new BB Creams this year :

1. Banila Co It So Cool Watery BB Cream SPF 20 PA ++ Cool Beige 잇 쏘 쿨 워터리 비비크림


2. Banila Co It Natural Mineral BB Cream SPF 35 PA ++  잇 내추럴 미네랄 비비크림


There is also 2 new cleansers called the Clean It Care MOIST foam cleanser, Clean It Care MOIST foam cleanser. 바닐라코 클린 잇 케어 폼 클렌저


And from the same series the facial mist with two versions : Moist and Fresh 바닐라코 미스. 미스티 페이셜 미스트


Check out the Banila Co Spring 2011 Collection here.




BanilaCo’s Miss Water and Mr Oil series






Last month, Banila Co introduced a new line called *drum roll*.. Miss Water and Mr Oil. You really gotta give it to the Korean cosmetics for coming up with such memorable and ‘huh?’ titles! Hehe

So what is this line about? It is a unique blend of natural mineral water ( Coral Water & Celtic Water) and rare Brazil Nut Oil and Inca Omega Oil that creates symphony of moisturizing elements to maximize skin hydration and softness. These ingredients are encapsulated using the SLM (solid lipid membrane) technology.

Here is how the SLM Technology works :


The line consists of 3 products so far.

1. Water 미스 워터 & 미스터 오일 SLM 스킨


2. Cream 미스 워터 & 미스터 오일 하이드레이팅 크림


3. Hydrating Gel Mask  미스 워터&미스터 오일 하이드레이팅 겔마스크



BanilaCo Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser Review March 26, 2011



We’ve written an article about this cleanser in 2010. This cleanser was just released back then, but it was already a best-seller in BanilaCo.

This Clean It Zero has a sherbet (or sorbet)-like texture that melts into your skin and wipes off all traces of make-up without irritating it. Natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin such as acerola berry extract, and herbal extracts to moisturize the skin.




BanilaCo’s best selling items now on sale ! February 2, 2011



Been wanting to try BanilaCo but never had the chance or the budget?



Fret not, it is now on sale on Gmarket.



This is the best time to try their hit items, such as their 3 BB Creams ( we have an article on the differences of the 3 different  BB Creams ) , their Matte Makeup primer which is their best selling item of 2010, their latest Star product – the sorbet Cleanser.



We are also taking the chance to introduce Banila Co’s latest edition to their SUPER Best seller line – the Prime Primer – called the Prime Primer Hydrating.



The Prime Primer hydrating has a sebum control effect, yet boosts the moisture of the skin using minerals from Whistler Glacier Water, Nordenau Water, Celtic Water, Izumo Yumura Hot Spring Water and Green Clay.


Will the latest Prime Primer be a hit like their famous Matte Prime Primer? Come back and share your experience with other readers.


Head over here to take a look at the items on sale.




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BanilaCo’s Prime Primer renewed January 13, 2011

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BanilaCo’s best-seller , the Prime Primer, will be renewed with a new packaging and container. This time around, it will be an airless pump bottle, for convenience and also for hygiene reasons.

Airless containers  protects product against contamination as air does not enter. Also, there will be no worries that products will be wasted as everything will be pumped out in contrast to the normal pump bottles where 13% percent are always left in the bottle!






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banilaCo releases another new BB cream and other items, reveals best sellers of the year January 4, 2011

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BanilaCo has released their best selling items of 2010 and it is no stranger that the Primer is the winner!


Another hit from BanilaCo this year is their sherbet cleanser – Clean It Zero.



BanilaCo has also released a few new products .. so read all about it after the jump.




2010 Hope in a blog beauty award ! ( WINNER ANNOUNCED!) December 14, 2010


As 2010 comes to a near end , Hope In A Blog will be hosting it’s first ever Beauty Award.

There’s a little surprise for all you readers … right at the bottom of the page. So make sure you read till the end ! Smile