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OHUI The First Cell Revolution Massage Foam Review May 6, 2011



It’s been impossible to find any information of any sorts about this massage foam.

This is OHUI’s cleansing foam from their stem-cell line The First.

It’s called a massage foam because you’re suppose to massage the foam into your skin while cleansing.



1. Pump an appropriate amount of foam

2. Start by massaging the foam on your forehead by swirling your fingers

3. Move to cheeks and massage foam into cheeks

4. Then, move to nose

5. Massage upper lips, chin and jawline with foam

6. Finish off by massaging the eye contour area


I do not have the actual real size because i was give a sample which i think is probably simliar to the actual size product. The sample contained 50ml of the foam and could last me for about 1 month.

However, i found a photo of the real size product :

Credits to lovelylife :


It comes in a metal tube with a pump ( like a whip cream mousse packaging ).


This massage foam has a moose like texture. It is very rich and creamy and very refine. It definitely does give it a very luxurious feeling.

Of course, it has a very nice fragrance which can be rather empowering at times.

After spreading the foam onto the skin :

Slowly massage the foam until the ‘whiteness’ disappears and blends into your skin.

Once you don’t see any foam or ‘whiteness’ on your skin anymore, pat some warm water on your skin, and foam will appear once more. Slowly wash off the foam off the entire face with warm water.


We put the cleansing foam onto our cleansing power test.

I was about to write some stuff using a red ink pen when the ink leaked onto my hands…

Not bad considering that it was all red ink which is very hard to wash off! However, if you’re using make-up, always use an oil base cleanser/makeup remover before the foam cleanser.


This is the only luxury LG cleanser that doesn’t give that ‘super squeaky clean’ cleanser. Other luxury LG brands such as History Of Whoo and even other OHUI cleansers also have that super squeaky feeling after cleansing.

This cleanser is actually really good. It is very moist and rich giving it the perfect texture to be able to function as a massage foam, and feels very luxurious and comfortable on the skin. It also brightens up the face after cleansing and the skin feels very soft after cleansing. It might even make it on our top 3 cleanser list!

It was really good to the extent that my housemate would snatch it from me every single night and place this cleanser in his cabinet. And when it’s my turn, i take it back and place it in my cabinet. So every single night, it’s like a war – the poor cleanser has to change cabinets once every single night.  And my housemate is very particular when it comes to cleansers.

Somehow, the massage does make this product more effective. Maybe it’s just us – so those who have tried it – tell us what you think of this cleanser!


60 % – because of it’s 40,000 won price tag. Just don’t know if it’s worth it spending so much on just a cleanser, but i know that my housemate will be purchasing this once ‘we’ finish using it.


Missha All Around safe block mild essence sun milk sPF 45 PA +++





Missha has just released a sun-milk called the All Around Safe Block Mild Essence Sun Milk SPF 45 PA +++.

It is a multifunctional sunscreen with a milk texture that moisturizes the skin without being greasy or stick. It contains 100% Helichrysum water. Helichrysum is a Strong anti-hematoma, slightly analgesic, significantly anti-inflammatory and cicatrisant for all wound and tissue damage. It is perfect even for those with sensitive skin. The sun milk also contains moisturizing ingredients.


Search for 올-어라운드 마일드 에센스 선밀크 on Gmarket if you are interested.


Su:m 37 Secret Programming Essence & Secret Programming Eye Cream Review



  • Sum 37 Secret Programming Essence

Sum 37’s Secret Programming Essence is the star product and the best seller of Sum 37. It is always compared to the SK II’s Facial Treatment Essence as they are both essence based on fermentation of products.


  • Sum 37 Secret Programming Eye Cream

image image

The Secret Programming Eye Cream was just released in February 2011 to continue the immense success of the Secret Programming Essence.

It also uses the same fermentation process and ingredients as the Secret Programming Essence.


  • Secret Programming Essence

Our essence was a special edition 230ml to celebrate it’s 3rd anniversary. It comes in a plastic bottle as opposed to the glass bottle which comes in the normal 80ml or 150ml.

We never expect less from LG luxury brands when it comes to packaging. Su:m 37 is no exception. Red background and gold text is used as the colour to represent Su:m 37 products.

The su:m 37 pattern which is seen in all their packaging and on top of their caps.

Once you unscrew the cap, there’s a mini-cap that covers up hole. Nice touch as it protects it from being contaminated, but however it can be quite troublesome as we have to remove the small cap and put it back after each use. After a few times, we just couldn’t be bothered so we threw away the mini-cap. Haha..


  • Secret Programming Eye Cream


This is how the packaging of the normal 80ml / 150ml looks like for the essence :


The packaging for the eye cream is also very luxurious and contains 20ml in a glass jar. It will be inconvenient to bring around as they are rather bulky and heavy.

It also has a plastic lid that protects the cream :

image image

I usually don’t like lids as they are very troublesome and inconvenient but LG has paid attention to the smallest details. The lid can be taken off easily with the handle.


  • Secret Programming Essence

The essence has a runny texture like water but slightly thicker. For reference, it is not as thick as the Hadalabo Lotion, and has more of a water like texture compared to the Hadalabo Lotion which has a water-gel-ish texture. Compared to the SK-II essence, it is slightly thicker. I am having dry skin due to the malic acid products i am using currently, so the essence absorbs very quickly, but i would advice those who are going to try this to use your fingers and tap them as if you’re playing the piano. If i were to compare the absorption rate of Sum37 and SK-II, SK-II definitely absorbs much faster into the skin. 

After application, you will right away feel the hydration and how it ‘plumps’ up your skin. It also leaves your skin really soft and you can feel that the essence ‘envelopes’ the skin very nicely and gives it a glow. You can definitely feel the formation of a barrier on your skin, like a invisible film covering your skin.  I do feel that it can be too much if you have oily-combination skin, so those of you with oily-combination, try and get samples before purchasing the full size, or you can just use it for night use, or use a tinyyyyyyy amount during the day just to give it some radiance kick.

Sum 37 is fragrance-free, but there is a hint of citrus and it smells pleasant unlike the SK-II essence which can smell quite bad!

  • Secret Programming Eye Cream

image image image

LOVE the eye cream! The eye cream has a rather thick texure, like a thick gel base cream. It spreads easily on the skin, but doesn’t absorb just as easily. It will also feel a little sticky in the beginning.  It’s rather thick so you’d have to keep patting it so it absorbs faster ( plus patting helps de-puff and improve blood circulation ).

It has that same ‘enveloping’ feeling that the essence gives. It is also very hydrating like the essence. It may feel a little greasy at first, but once it is absorbed, it feels amazing and i swear that you’ll feel some immediate tightening of the eye contour and a temporary ‘firming’ action due to the tightening!


I’ve never seen such a long ingredient list. The list is prettty darn good, there are sooo many good stuff. The first part of the ingredient list is the 80+ plants that are fermented together. Fruits,vegetables, herbs, Flowers, Seeds can be found throughout the ingredient list.

Other than that, it also contains Ceramide, Niacinamide, and Essential Oils. Definitely a very interesting ingredient list to study!


We loved both products !

The essence is really very hydrating and gives you a nice glow. It doesn’t absorb just as well as the SK-II, but it definitely is more hydrating than the SK-II. For those of you with oily combination skin, i think SK-II would be more suitable, and for those with dry, dehydrated, dull and tired skin – the Secret Programming Essence would be more suitable. During my lazy days when i don’t feel like layering – i’d just pat this on my skin after shower, and my skin is hydrated for hours without having to apply anything else.

The eye cream is also very moisturizing. It helps tighten the skin and gives it a ‘tuck’ too. It also turns tired, dull eyes into bright eyes. This eye cream claims to help 3 eye problems – dark circles, anti-wrinkle, and anti-eye bags/puffiness. After a 3 weeks trial period, i can definitely see some improvement around my eye contour area. I did not notice much improvements on my dark circles because i have serious dark circles and nothing helps but this cream definitely did help in making the eye contour smoother, brighter, moisturized and energized. When i’m up late studying and sleeping for a few hours – this cream helps a lot! I don’t have to worry about my eyes being puffy, dull and tired the next day.

Here is a before-after picture taken just after application, you can see that the eye lines are not so obvious after application.

Without flash :


With flash :


Even the moisture-meter agrees on how moisturizing this eye cream is. In fact i think this is the highest i’ve ever seen it :


Sum 37 Secret Programming Essence 숨 시크릿 프로그래밍 에센스 – 70% due to it’s rather expensive price. ( 80,000 wons for 80ml and exists also in 150ml ).

Sum 37 Secret Programming Eye Cream – 80% due to it’s price too ( 78,000 wons for 20ml but can be found on Gmarket for about 56,000 wons ). We gave it 10% higher than the essence because we think the eye cream is more effective.

We can’t wait for it’s face cream and i’m sure it will be next!