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Beauty Deals In Paris February 11, 2009

I know many tourists flock to Sephora to stock up on their cosmetics, but as you know, Sephora is one of the most over-priced stores in France (though they have many brands that are not available in other shops). And not to mention, American brands (such as Dr. Brandt, Bare Escentuals, etc) are REALLY over-priced here that you should just get it online. But I do admit going into Sephora is just like being in Heaven… and I’ve heard that Sephora will be opening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year. So keep an eye on that..

Ok back to the cheaper options in Paris.

#1. Pharmacie FOUHETY

My favourite store (and probably the cheapest in Paris)

Address : 26 rue du Four 75006 Paris

Metro : Saint-Germain de Pres (Line 4) Take exit 2, when you come up, you’ll see BNP PARIBAS (a bank), turn left and just walk down the street. You’ll pass a jewelry shop called “Agatha” on your left too. The pharmacy is the corner shop opposite BGBC.

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturdays till 8p.m

Advice : Grab whatever you are looking for and pay. Avoid Saturdays (loads of people)

Brands offered : Caudalie, Weleda, Nuxe, Avène, La roche Posay, Galénic, Décléor, Aderma, Bioderma, Uriage, Talika, SkinCeuticals, Vichy, etc etc (which is much more expensive than Sephora)

#2. Online Beauty Outlet Stores

France is really popular for their “vente-privee”. The concept is basically an online factory-outlet store where they sell branded stuff for a huge discount. However, the downside to it is that it’s only in French and you need to have a French address.

My favourite vente-privee website for skin care products : (not only cosmetics, but also clothes, etc.. one of the most popular ones, and they’ve opened up to UK,Italy,Spain citizens)

If you ever need an invitation to sign up for these websites (you need to be recommended) , go ahead and use my e-mail :

# 3. Parashop

Website : Parashop

They aren’t the cheapest around, but they have many stores which makes them easy to find around in Paris (if you don’t have the time). And they have a lot of French brands here as well. Try going during the sales period (July and January), they do have very good deals during that time.

Website :

# Nocibe, Marrionaud, Sephora

All three are also major perfume/cosmetic retail shops in Paris, and you can find them almost anywhere! However, like Sephora, they tend to be quite pricey as well. My advice is also to go during the sales period (July and January), and they have very good deals as well.

Website : , ,

For Nocibe : Ask for a member card, for 200 euros spent = 10 euros reduction.

For Marionnaud : Ask for a member card, for 150 euros spent = 7.50 euros reduction

For Sephora : Ask for a member card, for 150 euros spent = 10 % discount voucher (can be used for every item bought throughout the day)


Skin Science 101

The human skin has evolved over roughly 7000+ generations. These genetically driven changes have been fueled over the millennia by selection for what is optimal for one thing only : Sex

Biologically speaking, skin has the same ultimate purpose as the rest of the human body : contributing to the continuation of species. As a result, the genes that were passed down to you and everyone you know are the good ones that produced a healthy, radiant, glowing skin, protected the body and most important of all : attracted a mate. The bad skin genes that caused disease, weakened the individuals, and turned off potential partners didn’t get passed on and were eventually lost from the gene pool.

The way our skin works in an intriguing manner, as seen in the different stages of life :

1) Babies – A baby’s skin is soft and supple to encourage its mother to take care of it

2) Teenagers – During puberty, the skin may look aggravated, angry, and out of sorts – but that’s just because it’s adapting like the rest of the body to the surge of hormones and physical changes – therefore you have the breakouts and acne.. etc etc

3) AdultHood
(or called, Child-bearing years – or for the guys, ‘attracting your mate’ years) 20-30 years old – This is when the skin really counts, as people who look their best are more likely to attract a mate. We cannot doubt how much the skin is to a person’s beauty. Those with clear, radiant, baby-smooth skin has the highest mark in the gene pool competition. It’s no wonder that the skin’s genetic program is designed to reach a peak during the courtship and reproduction years. This is when our skin looks the best. And keep in mind, these are the years that have been selected for maximum health with minimum maintenance.

4) OldAge – This is when it all starts to fall apart. After serving it’s purpose (attracting a mate and bearing children) , the skin starts to fall apart and take a dip.

Summary :
Skin was built for sex. Skin health peaks during the reproductive years ; after that ; we ALLLLL need help.

And it’s never too late to start to care for your skin (while you are in your 20’s and 30’s). – Daniel Yarosh