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Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing NC-550 October 8, 2010

I recently purchased the Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing NC-550 (the pink one!) because it was on sale.  You can get it at 75 USD at And if you’re purchasing for the first time, sign up for membership and get an extra 5USD off. Oh! And shipping is free too!




The machine itself is very light-weight. Feels like a toy! Hehe.

First of all specifications of the machine :

Detailed dirt of the interior of pores is drawn out, and it drops to the skin easily. The Mitibiden rubber electrode part of the main body head is plus potential, and the dirt of interiors of pores of the ionized sebum, old horny, and the make-up, etc. that were not able to be washed off is drawn out to the minus by applying it to the skin. Dirt is easily washed off to the skin without Goshigoshiing and rubbing.

The make-up water usually used can be used, and it cares effectively by an easy operation. Cotton for the make-up is placed between the main body after the make-up drop and facial cleansing, it sets, and the make-up water is soaked into cotton. It switches on, it has so that the hand may touch the metal part on both sides of the main body, cotton is applied to the skin lightly, and the cleansing is done easily for three minutes. Moreover, the make-up water used usually can be used.

Easy Mitibiden rubber adoption for skin To use a skin sensitive to the metal, Mitibiden rubber is adopted. In addition, strength can be adjusted to four stages according to the condition of the skin, and it is possible to use it at ease for one with weak skin. Moreover, the level of strength under the selection can be confirmed with the indicator lamp.

It is compact and convenient to carry. Because it is a compact size of the dry battery type, carrying is also convenient. It is possible to always care even in the travel destination.


Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing Machine (NC-550) is used to enhance your daily toner as a deep pore cleansing skincare product. With its ionized and conductive rubber, you just simply need a facial cotton and toner, then turn on the machine to massage on the skin lightly, dirt stay in the pores can be easily pull out and wash off. And leaving you a total-fresh skin which are ready to absorb the skincare lotion and moisturizing cream more effectively.
Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing Machine:

  • provides 4 instensity mode to be choose by switching the power LED level
  • has auto off function after 3 minutes (it is suggested to use for 3 minutes per treatment)
  • operated by 2 AAA alkaline batteries (when used for 3 minutes per day, the batteries can be used for about 10 months, batteries are not included)
  • even delicated skin can be used safely
  • dimensions (H x W x D) in mm is about 132 x 42 x 32

  • Power supply: AAA type alkali dry battery ×2
  • Battery longevity: About ten months (Use it for three day minutes. )
  • Externals size: 32×42×132
  • Basic machine weight: About 90g (The dry battery is contained. )
  • Level switch: Four stages
  • Level indication: LED lighting
  • Auto off function: Three minutes
  • The operation buzzer: When you switch the level at the power supply



So you basically gotta slip a cotton pad between the pink cover case  and the black head and click it back.

You can either pour some toner/lotion before you place the cotton or after you have placed it.

I’m personally using Zensation’s Purifying Toner (which i will review later!)

Click on Start!, choose the power suitable for you (4 being the strongest) , but honestly i didn’t see the difference between Power 1 or Power 4. Put your grip on the two metal plates on the side of the machine, and start moving the cotton around your skin.

One thing about this is that you don’t even know if it’s working or not because there isnt any vibration or signs that its working. It doesn’t give any particular feeling as well. So it’s weird for me.. hehe.

After 3 minutes, the machine will emit a BEEP which means it has finished doing its job.


This was the results after 3 minutes :



Wow ! So much dirt?? Where did all these black tiny things come from?? Lol. I am still not sure what to make of it. Note that this was done after i cleansed my face manually! (The next time i will try this after doing using my clarisonic)

However, my skin does seem smooth and supple after this.

Great product overall, i am impressed! Will make a progress report after a few weeks Sourire


  • light, easy to carry around
  • cleans well


  • rather pricey
  • doens’t give any signs that its functioning (but isn’t much of a problem since the end results is seen!)


As promised, i tried using this after cleaning my face with the Clarisonic Brush and the cotton pad was very much less dirty when i just washed my face manually. I’m really impressed ! Sourire Compare these two pics. The one on the left (manual cleansing) , and right (Clarisonic cleansing).


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