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ElishaCoy to release snail Essence + Promotion Launch June 4, 2011






Elishacoy will be finally releasing the essence from their snail line called the Elishacoy Skin Repairing Snail Essence  스킨 리페어링 스네일 에센스. We’ve written about this before in our previous articles but it was not released back then.





This snail essence will contain 80% snail mucin extracts and is coupled with a few other goodies such as tomato callus extracts which is rich in lycopene, a very strong antioxidant. It also includes phyto collagen which is fermented from seven kinds of botanical extracts and marine collagen which helps in moisture retention and provides moisture, soy protein, EGF, adenosine which helps in skin elasticity and firmness as well as diminishing wrinkles!





Nano-liposomed with 8 kinds of vitamins plus all the goodies above ensure maximum penetration into the skin to ensure it’s effectiveness.





The product is also free from harsh chemicals to go with Elishacoy’s naturalism concept. ( though there are still some nasty chemicals in their ingredient list )



There is also a launch promotion going on :



A set consisting of the new Eye balm, Snail Cream , and the new Essence at –50%




A set consisting of the snail cream and essence at also –50%.




Just the essence costs about 42,000 wons – so it’s def worth it to purchase the cream + essence set for only an additional 3,000 wons.


ElishaCoy Ingredient Lists May 27, 2011


We’ve found a list of ingredient lists for ElishaCoy products, so we’re gonna share it here :

1. Elishacoy Self Detox Eye Cream Ingredient List

2. Elishacoy Ice Drop Whitening Water Drop Ingredient List

3. Elishacoy White Balancing Skin Repair Toner Ingredient List

4. Elishacoy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask Ingredient List

5. Elishacoy WaterDrop Sun Cream Ingredient List


6. Elishacoy Vitamin Pore Cleanser Ingredient List

7. Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream Ingredient List


8. Elishacoy Snail Hydrogel Mask Ingredient List


9. Elishacoy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch Ingredient List


10. Elishacoy 38 Big Eye Mascara Ingredient List


11. Elishacoy Triple BB Always Triple BB Cream Ingredient List


12. Elishacoy Skinny Mineral Pact SPF25 Ingredient List


13. Elishacoy Cacao Greentea Age Fitness Mask Ingredient List


14/ Elishacoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Mask Ingredient List


15. Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB 24 Ingredient List


16. Elishacoy Syn-ake Velvet Cream Intensive Wrinkle Care Ingredient List


17. Elishacoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream Ingredient List


18. Elishacoy Time Capsule BB Cream Ingredient List



More ElishaCoy promotions


We brought you a fantastic deal last week on ElishaCoy’s Snail Cream which was on 50% off. Now we have even more offers from Elishacoy for you guys.

It’s only limited time… so don’t miss it.

1. Buy 1 Free 1 ElishaCoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub

It’s very much like the infamous Skinfood Black Sugar Mask! Love the scent of this….makes you hungry. Hehe ^^

2. ElishaCoy Clean Pores Set

This set is on 55% off. Only 39,000 for 3 full size products !!! The serum only costs 39,000 wons already!

3. ElishaCoy Water Drop Sun Cream SPF 33

A new suncream from Elishacoy at 30% off !

4. ElishaCoy Whitening Set

The Whitening Set which consists of 4 products – toner, essence, eye cream, and cream at 50% off!

Remember to type ‘Recommended by’ to receive more samples and freebies at the comments section when placing the order!

Ingredient List if anyone’s interested :

















Launch Promotion : Elishacoy snail cream at 50% off!! May 16, 2011



This is your best time to try the Elishacoy Snail Cream. For it’s launch – they are selling it at 50% off it’s normal price !!!!

To purchase , click on the photo below :



When purchasing, type in the comments section ‘Recommended by’ to receive more goodies along with the Snail Cream.

This promotion will only last for a limited period of time!

Here is the ingredient list, so study it and see if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients!




Elisha Coy releases 2 new products–Snake and Snail! April 27, 2011


ElishaCoy has been following Tony Moly’s back and releasing the same products.

ElishaCoy released their own version of the snail cream last month, and now they are releasing their own version of the SYN-AKE Cream, just 2 months after Tony Moly released theirs.

It contains the patented SNY-AKE ingredient, EGF, Vitamin B5, amongst other goodies.

And the next product off the Snail line is the Essence.


The Snail Essence is made of 80% Snail mucin and is nano-technologied, therefore ensuring maximum absorption.


ElishaCoy Anti Trouble T Serum Review April 6, 2011



Phyto-TF(Phyto-Trouble Factor) The patent plants complex (10-0897140) effectively calms the troubled skin.

The essence of 12-tea complex pleasantly moisturizes the dry skin. The serum contains a plants complex that clears and purifies rough skin.

Organic cornflower extract leaves dry skin supple, soft and amply moisturized.

It controls sebum, ease redness, detoxifies the skin and treat skin atopies and troubles, leaving the skin clear and clean.

Even when skin trouble disappears, the allergies remain. Plant extracts with a strong anti-oxidizing function is effective on atopic skin that dries easily.

Apply toner in the morning and the evening, and use the spuit to spread the serum lightly over the face. Cover your face with hands to let the serum get deeply absorbed. Apply it intensively on areas with visible skin troubles to enjoy better effects.



Comes in a silver box. English description is available ( seen in the photos above ). The product itself comes in a pipette glass bottle. The glass bottle isn’t too heavy. Pipette is also glass made. Standard packaging, nothing to shout about.


Typical serum texture. Transparent watery gel texture that is easy to apply. May be sticky when applied but it disappears once it is absorbed into the skin!


In Korean Sad smile

However here are the main ingredients :


This serum doesn’t work at all.

This is our first miss from Elisha Coy Sad smile

The only good thing was it was fairly moisturizing and the gel texture felt comfortable on the skin and absorbed easily.

But it did nothing to the ‘troubles’ we had – acne, blemishes. It doesn’t control sebum as it claims to, and even after using it for 2 weeks, there were no results. It did not even calm the skin due to my allergies.

Waste of time because it has a rather good ‘main ingredient’ list. Ok, back to my Whoo Secret Royal Court Balm…

For consolation, this serum is oil-free, artificial fragrance- free and contains natural colorant ( we did not see any colour btw )

We also have the other serum from the same series for Pores. Let’s hope that one works better!








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Snail Escargot Cream craze spreading to the rest of asia March 18, 2011


In 2009, there was a boom in the popularity of snail creams in Korea.

In 2010, the snail cream craze heightened and now in 2011, it has spread to Japan and sooner or later – the rest of Asia.

Snail Creams are a hit among Japanese tourists in Korea. Japanese brands has been monitoring this situation and will be introducing their own snail creams this year.

Amore Pacific’s Etude House released their snail cream at the end of last year. The cream contains 73% of snail extract and is paraben-free, artificial colouring-free, artificial fragrance free and alcohol free.

LG’s The Face Shop launched also their version of the snail cream called  Sseal Secret Seal Of Nature which contains 60% Snail Mucin together with Panthenol and paraben-free.

The most famous of the lot is probably the snail cream from It’s Skin. Aiming at a higher-end market and luxurious packaging, their Prestige Creme Escargot was such a hit that a lotion, emulsion, bb cream, and body cream from the Escargot line was introduced. The It’s Skin cream contains 12,600mg of snail mucin.

Nature Republic has also joined the bandwagon recently and will be introducing their Snail Therapy Set which will consist of a Cream, Serum and Eye cream.

Tony Moly has also introduced their Live Snail Intense Repair line which started from a cream and now expanded to an eye cream, mask and serum due to high demands.

Elisha Coy has also recently introduced their Skin Repair Snail cream, and has achieved amazing sales after being introduced in Japan in just one day! The Elisha Coy Snail Cream consists of 91% Snail Mucin with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera extracts. A Mask and Eye Patch will also be released.


VoV has also recently released their snail cream called Es : Pair Snail Ampoule Cream containing 71% Snail Filtrate.

Here is a list of all the Korean brands which have a snail line. Included are also the Korean names if you want to purchase them on Gmarket :

Brand Title Capacity Price
Nature Republic Snail Therapy Set (스네일 테라피 80 크림) Cream (55ml) + Serum Ampoule (30ml) + Eye Cream (20ml) 69,000 wons (for 3 products)
The Face Shop Sseal Snail Rejuvenating Cream 씰: 리쥬브네이팅 50ml 42,000 won
Magis Lene 마지스 레네 Magis Lene Celvien Choc 셀비앙쇽 셀 리페어링 울트라 크림 50g 75,000 won
Etude House Darling Cream 달링 크림 50ml 23,000 won
Elisha Coy 스킨 리페어링 스네일 크림 50g 45,000 won
It’s Skin 스킨 리페어링 스네일 크림 60ml 60,000 won
Tony Moly 인텐스 리페어 라이브 45ml 36,000
VoV 에스페어 스네일 앰플 크림 Unknown Unknown

I’m sure that there’s a reason behind all these hype and craze. We’ve tried a few snail creams and we’ve generally liked all of it. Somehow you can’t just go wrong with Snail Creams!

Tried any particular brand of Snail Creams? Share your experience with other readers here.

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