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Introducing : SU:M 37 December 2, 2010

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Hope In A Blog’s first brand introduction : Su:m 37.


Su:m 37 was introduced in 2007 by the LG Household Corporation (Yes, the same LG that does mobile phones, television etc) as a high-end premium line.

It now boasts 8 lines to it’s name and has become a fast uprising brand in Korea.

Meaning “respiration” in Korean, “su:m” refers to the skin’s respiration, while “37” represents the optimal temperature for fermentation. Therefore, the brand name “su:m 37” captures the science behind naturally fermented cosmetics.

Sum37 products are free of fragrances, artificial colors, and synthetic preservatives.



Believing in “fermentation cosmetics” as the next growth engine in the industry, LG H&H launched su:m 37, Korea’s first naturally fermented cosmetics brand.

▣ Full-scale department store marketing is to be initiated following its launch at the Daejeon Lotte Department Store in October, the Yeongdeungpo Lotte Department Store on November 30, and Busan Lotte Centum City in early December. LG H&H plans to enhance its brand position in high-end department stores by securing a presence in about 10 department stores by 2008.

▣ LG H&H believes that fermentation technology will be a new growth engine that can reinvigorate a Korean cosmetic market already saturated with Oriental medicine-based cosmetics.



Known to many as the Korean equivalent to SK-II, SUm 37’s signature ingredient – extracts of 50 plant species developed through natural fermentation.

Their marketing/brand story is a very smart and interesting one :

▣ In particular, su:m 37 differs from artificially fermented* cosmetics already on the market in that it offers pure, naturally fermented products. About 50 plant species grown organically in Hokkaido, a pristine area of Japan, are naturally fermented at a temperature of 37°C for 1102 days, or “3 years + 7 days.”
(*Artificial fermentation: A cosmetic is artificially fermented by adding a substance to induce fermentation.)

▣ Meaning “respiration” in Korean, “su:m” refers to the skin’s respiration, while “37” represents the optimal temperature for fermentation. Therefore, the brand name “su:m 37” captures the science behind naturally fermented cosmetics.

▣ su:m 37 is created using a fermentation technique studied for about eight decades by Japan’s Otaka Research Center, renowned for its research in fermentation. In the first step of this process, undiluted solutions of some 50 clean and pure plants are extracted and stored in a Japanese cedar keg in the Research Center for seven days.

▣ The extracted solution is moved to a storage area with a constant temperature of 37°C. It is left to breathe in tune with the melody of a music box while it is fermented dozens of times over three years. The process also produces new substances Zyen and Zyen-γ, which are highly effective at improving the skin.

▣ Zyen and Zyen-γ, naturally fermented substances, contain various amino acids, natural organic acids and antioxidants. They do not irritate the skin and stimulate the skin’s metabolism. They help the skin appear healthy and smooth.



The product containers’ attractive combination of luxurious golden tones and glass is designed by a leading French design firm echoes the shape of nature through Oriental simplicity and the beauty of flowing curved lines.

Product Lines



Ready to be shocked?

The most expensive line of Sum 37 is of course the Centenica 1909 Cream. For 50ml, it retails for about 1000 $USD ! Contains only the best fermented ingredients in the world such as the famous Château d’Yquem wine, the balsamic vinegar of Modena (Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale) which is fermented for a minimum of 12 years, Ashwagandha or known also as Indian Ginseng, FOXO3 a human protein which is nicknamed the ‘longevity’ protein, and lots more goodies.

Secret Programming Essence


– Often compared to SKII’s famous essence, the secret programming essence is also the star product of SUM 37 and generated 70 billion korean won in sales after only 8 months and secured SUM 37’s position in the korean cosmetic market!  Every 3 minutes, 1 bottle is sold ! This essence is made out of 80 kind of plant extracts!

Wrinkle Treatment Line


This is a rather new line which consists of the Face Lifting Treatment and the Wrinkle Corrector

Luxury Line


1102 Extreme Time Line


The 1102 line, which contains Zyen-γ produced over 1102 days of fermentation, is a basic skincare line that effectively lifts skin loosened due to aging. Enriched with polysaccharides, a third sugar, it adds density and vitality to skin.

372 Skin Translucent Line


Time Energy Basic Line


White Award Line


Waterfull Line


Special Care Line


Consists of BB Cream, Sunblock, Overnight Pack, Masks , etc

For the full list head over to Sum 37 official website (not in English)




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46 Responses to “Introducing : SU:M 37”

  1. Yuri Says:

    $1000?! Errrrrrrr… that is mind-blowingly expensive. 😛

  2. Kman Says:

    How many bb cream do they have? I only know THE air rise bb Cream.

  3. […] su:m 37′s Secret Progamming Essence. Highly recommended on Hope in a Blog. […]

  4. epiphany Says:

    I love your blog, I have learned so much 🙂
    I’ve tried searching all over for more info on Su:m37’s lines without much luck 😦
    Could you help clarify what a couple of the different lines cater to?

    372 – clear and translucent :
    is this for acne prone skin? The clear and translucent skin sounds wonderful but if this is an acne line it would definitely dry my skin out ( I have normal/dry sensitive skin with the occasional hormonal breakout)

    Waterfull Line :
    Is this for dry skin? It sounds like it would be, but the Whoo Soo Yeon line sounded similar but was far from being a very hydrating line.

    Their Cleansers I thought was fairly straight forward until I ran the descriptions through google translate, which left me a bit baffled.
    Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Oil: I assume its like reg. cleansing oils, and mainly used to remove makeup/deep clean
    Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Lotion : I thought this woudl be for dryer skin, but the google translate made it sound like it is tissued off, not rinsed?
    Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam : For all skin types I assume?
    Skin Saver Ocean Effect Cleansing Foam : For all skin types I assume, but deeper cleaning?
    Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Cream: no idea on this.

    Any clarification would really help as I really don’t want to waste my money buying the wrong products.
    Thank you so much in advance 🙂

    • Hi, thank you for reading!

      THere isn’t a line for the oily and acne skin for Sum37!

      The waterfull line is like Whoo’s Soo Yeon and Sulwhasoo’s Hydroaid – for those with oilier skin – not too rich but hydrating enough.

      We’re not sure about the cleansers – we don’t read korean ! sorry we cant be of much help

      however SUm37’s new line , Time Reset is for dry skin! There are samples on Gmarket if you’re not sure if the full size items are worth it

      • epiphany Says:

        Thank you so much for the quick reply 🙂
        I went ahead and ordered some samples off gmarket last night (mainly 2 cleaners, the secret programming essence and the amazing peeling smoother) & hope to try out their Time Reset line once I finish off my Soo Yeon Essence & Gel. I ordered the Ocean effect foam & some of the cleansing oil samples; I figure if it doesn’t work out for my skin my husband can use it! lol.
        I really wish there was more info out there on Su:m37 as it sounds like it could be amazing products.

      • Hi, we have a few full size products of SUm37 and we’ll check if there is any stuff in English in the box. If there is, we’re gonna scan them!

        Here is the seller for SUM 37’s new TIme Resest samples :

        The seller also has great deals for Whoo samples, but the sulwhasoo samples are cheaper elsewhere!

  5. epiphany Says:

    That would be awesome, thank you 🙂 I added that seller as a favorite so I’ll be sure to use them when I go to try the Time Reset line. I had originally looked at them for the Su:m37 samples, but there was one item they didn’t have in their samples that I wanted to try so I had to look elsewhere.
    Thank you again so much again 🙂 I’ll be sure to let you all know how I like the products whenever I receive them though 🙂

    • great ! we’ll be waiting !

    • Hi,

      Just an update.

      It seems that the Time Reset line is for troubled and acne skin!

      • epiphany Says:

        Re: Time Reset Line

        and this link really explains in depth what it does:

        But in summary from what I can gather through google translate:
        It ultimately helps with normalization of the skin and control the rhythm disturbance (metabolism of skin cells) caused by internal and external factors that inhibit circulation.
        It helps with the metabolism of skin cells; which in turn helps combat signs of aging due to 2 things; external and internal factors. External things: pollution, UV rays, external environmental factors. Internal things: Bad living habits, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, stress

        A few points it mentions about the 4 items in this line:
        Time Energy Skin Resetting Refining Toner: normalize the rhythm of the keratin turnover. It helps exfoliate dead skin cells that block your pores

        Time Energy Skin Resetting Softening Emulsion: normalize the rhythm, balancing the moisture and oil in skin. Skin hydration declines after the age of 20 causing dry skin & aging.

        Time Energy Skin Resetting Repairing Serum: A tonic effect on metabolic control through the cell nutrition is essential.

        Time Energy Skin Resetting Moist Firming Cream: helps repair aging skin, preventative anti-aging properties and helps normalize skin rhythm (cell metabolism)

        I hope it is ok I put this all in here 🙂 I’m sure there is quite a lot that gets lost in translation; although I don’t think this is specifically an acne care line, although with all the exfoliation (cell metabolism) it has it would definitely help with acne though. It does sound like it is rather moisturizing and not drying like a typical acne line and seems to really try to ‘reset’ the skin by combating the signs of aging and the things that contribute to it in order to get the skin back to its optimal state.

      • yes apparently it’s for dry skin, but it helps skin troubles such as acne!

        have u managed to get samples off the line?

  6. epiphany Says:

    I just got a notice yesterday that the seller cancelled some of the samples I had ordered 😦 I guess they were out of stock.
    I just now placed another order for samples of each of the Time Reset line, so now its just a matter of waiting till they get here! Hopefully this seller won’t have them out of stock.
    I am really excited to try out this line, it really sounds ideal for my skin since I still do get hormonal acne occasionally along my jaw line & I am always afraid of not getting enough exfoliation.
    I will be sure to update my experiences whenever they get here 🙂

  7. Nico Says:

    hi! is this line suitable for late teens to early 20s?

    • Hi. The brand is suitable for any age depending on the different lines and your needs. For example, for your age, the appropriate line would be the waterfull line or the new time reset line if u have skin problems. For whitening, there is the white award line.

  8. Nico Says:

    thanks so much for the quick reply! please keep up with this wonderful blog! much love 🙂

  9. ReY Says:

    hi hope,

    could u point me to a seller that sells white award/waterfull/secret programming samples/starter kit? I wanna ask my friend in korea to buy me some things from gmarket, but she needed me to point the link so she wouldn’t bought the wrong item,,thx b4 n really love reading ur blog ^^

  10. ReY Says:

    Hmm I already get to search the products, but the results are so many n most of them are full size items, not samples or sets
    and also its kinda tricky, sometimes it was listed with the brand’s name, but sometimes under the corporation name (so it was LG cosmetics instead of su:m37)
    I thought maybe u could point me to one seller that u frequently purchased goodies from since I see u bought lots of sample in ur hauls ^^
    but its okay, I’ll try to look around one more time, maybe I’ll get lucky 😀 thx anyway hope 😉

    • ReY Says:

      oops sorry, I guess I missed that post,,I was using gmarket tutorial/tips tag for searching ur blog ^^; thx hope!

  11. epiphany Says:

    I used the Time Reset line for a few months and definitely like it! I’m in my 30’s so don’t have any wrinkles yet, so I can’t comment on improvements to that. However, I noticed my skin stayed clear and anytime a blemish started to appear it never seemed to fully develop and disappeared within a day or 2.
    As much as I like this line, unfortunately it isn’t my HG. I’m still in search of that! I’m debating if I should try Ohui’s The First or Danahan RGII or something else, I am really clueless here. Any recommendations would be awesome!
    I really want to get rid of these annoying clogged pores/bumps I have on my jaw and neck. At least I assume they are clogged pores, they don’t hurt or turn into acne, but if you squeeze them ( which I know you shouldn’t do!) white hard gunk comes out in a string. TMI I know! lol. sorry.

    I am currently trying out the White Award line and I really like it. My skin looks so bright. It isn’t doing anything for the existing clogged pores I have, so I will probably move on to something else once I run out.
    I did have a bit of peeling for the first week when I started it, but it seemed like there was a bit of an adjustment period for me (kind of like when you start using Salycilic Acid).
    There was a pamphlet in my White Award Enzyme Cleaner that explains some of the products and directions. I scanned it in case anyone is interested. Hopefully it is clear enough 🙂

    Anyhow here is the link to the scans I took of the pamphlet

    • hi epi, thank you so much for sharing your experiences here. we really appreciate it. Peeling when using the white award? wow that’s a first. probably from the AHAs from the fermentation?

      i don’t think OHUI would be appropriate because the first line is a rather rich line, especially the cream! Did the time reset line help out with that? OHUI has a blue line for troubled skin. What about Laneige’s pore line?

      Have you tried the sulwhasoo restorative ampoule or the whoo ja saeng essence? i think they helped me a lot in this department, but you would have to use it for an entire month or more continously.

    • Kev Jang Says:

      Epiphany, Danahan RG2 is actually very rich, and if you have combination skin, it might not be suited to you. The toner and lotion are probably what you can live with and get by on, but not the cream, which I recommend more as a night cream than anything else.

  12. epiphany Says:

    So far I’ve only tried Whoo’s Soo Yeon line (I thought it was for dry skin, oops), and Sum37’s Time Reset and now White Award. According to the pamphlet on the White Award, a few of their products exfoliate, so I think it was my skin just adjusting to the increased exfoliation, or I really had that amount of dead skin cells on my face. I doubt it is the latter since I exfoliate regularly and my skin didn’t have a dull look, but who knows hehe.
    I have normal/dry skin, but I did have a bought of hormonal acne around my jaw/neck. Thankfully I don’t get pimples very often, but I do have those clogged bumps on my jawline and neck. Luckily they are the same color as my skin so they aren’t really visible unless the light hits you in a certain direction. I would just like my skin to finally push that gunk out.
    I initially thought of Ohui’s The First because on a comment someone posted (I can’t recall where), they said that they experienced a sort of purging from this line because it penetrated so deep.
    I’ll try anything you suggest/recommend, I’m on a quest for my Holy Grail. 🙂

    Thank you so much Hope. I have learnt so much from your blog and Joseibi’s 🙂

    • Something came up to mind – the Sooryehan Hyo Vinegar Essence – which is said to detoxify and treat skin problems such as yours. A reader has reported some success with it that she has purchased her 2nd bottle already! maybe you can give that a try ! the official LG gmarket shop sells it together with truckloads of samples. plus u can get that 20% easily for LG products through Gmarket

  13. epiphany Says:

    Thank you for the quick reply Hope!
    I will definitely give the Sooryehan Hyo Vinegar Essence,sulwhasoo restorative ampoules and may as well try out Ohui’s blue line as well the next time I go through my next Gmarket haul! I’m hoping to try a complete different line than the Su:m37’s just to see if I find anything that provides greater results and clears up those annoying bumps!
    I saw an aesthetician for a year religiously and didn’t see any improvement. She would extract them, but new one’s always came back -highly frustrating. I found a different aesthetician who offer’s somethinig called a Lam Probe, which is supposed to permanently remove skin irregularities (clogged pores along with other things). I am rather desperate to remove them and would rather go the skincare route that something like that. I’ve also thought of buying a Light Therapy device which is supposed to kill the bacteria deep in the skin. I feel like i’m pulling at strings. hehe

    There was another reason that the Danahan & Ohui appealed to me; the fact that it had niacinamide. I had once received a sample (back when I still used Western products) of Nia-24 and had amazing results by the next day. My skin looked so fresh and glowing. Sadly the effect only lasts while using the product, but the Niacine definitely had an amazing effect.

    Thank you Kev, I will definitely try out the Danahan toner and lotion as well, just out of curiosity. I’m willing to be a guinea pig in order to find my HG 😉

    Hope, I did try the Ja Saeng Essence; a seller through in some samples for me to try out, but I didn’t notice any effect on clearing up those clogged bumps.
    I will also order samples of sulwhasoo restorative ampoules, and may as well try out Ohui’s blue line you suggested.

    When I mentioned the Time Reset Line, I forgot to mention that my skin looked really good (besides those bumps). I would annoy my husband saying ‘doesn’t my skin look good?” and I would often find myself looking in the mirror, just to admire how bright and clear it looked. I really do recommend that line it is really great and I found my skin just sucked up everything nicely. I found it absorbed it too fast that it didn’t give me time to spread it, so I had to add a few drops of my Rose water to help. As much as I enjoyed this line, I need something a little more to clear up those annoyances.

    Sorry for going all over the place and rambling! I really appreciate and am grateful for giving your time, knowledge and advice you both have given me. I also apologize for not giving better reviews on the products; unlike you guys I am really not good with words and putting my thoughts together in a concise and informative manner.

    Thank you so, so much again!
    lots of ❤

    • i tried the reset line briefly and i was really impressed with the results too. it made my skin look really clear, and healed acne etc. i should start using it for a month plus then write a review!

      i really appreciate that you sharing your experience with others. that was the reason why we set up this blog so that readers have more feedback and information before they purchase anything! we hope more readers will share instead of reading and staying a ‘silent reader’ !

      If you like Niacinamide stuff, the OHUI White Extreme has a rather high concentration of it, also the SK-II Cellumination and the Re;NK Cell Lumination line all contains a rather high dose of niacinamide. BUT i don’t think it it the same as the niacan from Nia24. I’ve heard good stuff about that line too and im dying to try it out someday!

      If you

  14. epiphany Says:

    Hey Hope,

    Quick question, for the Ohui Blue line, do you mean the Ohui Clinic Science or the Ohui Clear Science? Also, do you know if that line will be moisturizing enough? Most lines that seem to deal with ‘troubled skin’ I have found leave my skin thirsty.
    I figure I’ll get samples of the Sooryan Vinegar, Ohui White Extreme, RE:NK White & whichever one the blue line from Ohui is. Would you recommend the Re:NK over the O hui White extreme, or should I try both out?

    Thank you again 🙂

  15. epiphany Says:

    Awesome, thank you for the quick reply Hope 🙂
    I’ll probably put in an order sometime within the next 2 weeks, as I still haven’t run out of the Su:m37 products I currently have.
    I will definitely give an update on my experiences with these products.

    Thank you again,
    Epiphany ❤

  16. Carissa Says:

    I’m new to your blog and am really enjoying it! I wanted to ask – what products or specific line would you recommend (from any Korean brand, not necessarily SU:M 37) for mid-twenties skin, normal to dry, acne-prone with discolorations? I’m really confused about where to start.

    Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Carrisa,

      Welcome! The SUm37 Time Reset sounds like the perfect line for you!

      • Carissa Says:

        Thanks for the recommendation! Do you know where online I could purchase this line? It’d be great if I could find some samples first so I could see how my skin reacts as it can be rather picky. Also, I did order some samples of the History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream and I was wondering if you think that would go well with the Sulwhasoo restorative ampoules. Those two lines seem to be easier to find. Do you find the Time Reset clears skin better than the restorative ampoules? And just one more question (sorry!): Do you find that the cleansers and toners make a big difference in the efficacy of these products? I’m on a strict budget and really just want to purchase the bare necessities to start.
        Thanks again!

      • Gmarket and Ebay is your best bet if you want to purchase the trial kits. Gmarket is the cheapest if you want to get full size items

  17. Kev Jang Says:

    I just started using samples of the Su: m 37 Time energy Skin Resetting line, including the toner, emulsion, serum and cream, and they actually are more moisturizing than I expected. The smell is agreeable, and since they stated that it is fragrance-free, I assume that it is from the fermented ingredients?

  18. Kev Jang Says:

    I don’t know about the aspirin scent of the Su: m 37 Skin resetting line, but it smelt kind of antiseptic to me, as if some kind of bamboo extract or fermented sugarcane was in it. I also have samples of the Waterfull line given to me for the purchase of the Skin Resetting line, which look promising, but have not opened them yet.

  19. epiphany Says:

    I can’t seem to put my finger on what that smell reminds me of. I keep wanting to say it smells like vitamin C or just vitamins in general. I actually like the smell, it’s very subtle.

  20. searching Says:


    Chanced upon your blog as I was trying to google an effective and paraben-free skincare and it seems that SU:M 37 might be the one!

    I’m still a little confused and would love your recommendation. Which line would you advise for me – in my early 30s, dull skin, some big pores and normal skin?

    And are there any other skincare out there that’s paraben-free? =)

    • Hi,

      I think the line that would suit you best would be the Sum37 Time Energy line! 🙂

      There’s Danahan Ecopure, Ecobeau, Innisfree, certain tony moly products – actually more and more products are becoming paraben-free, but it’s worrying at the same time because other preservatives would perhaps be even more dangerous than parabens!

      btw the blog will be moving :

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