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Tony Moly releases finally their bee line May 22, 2011







We knew this was going to come sooner or later! Remember our article last year on the latest unique ingredients? ( article : here )

The article was on 3 unique animal based ingredients – Bee Venom, Snail Mucin and Syn-ake. True enough, Tony Moly released their Snail line first, then followed by their Syn-ake line, and now finally they have completed the final ingredient on our article – the Bee Venom line!

Bee venom has a long tradition as a folk remedy for arthritis and other degenerative diseases. As in the case of many natural folk treatments used for millennia throughout the world, bee venom contains active compounds that have therapeutic properties.

In addition to the venoms from snakes and scorpions, honeybee (Apis mellifera) venom (BV) is also known to have a natural antimicrobial effect.

The polypeptide melittin is the main component of honeybee venom. Melittin has a moderate antibacterial and antifungal activity against many kinds of organisms.

Using bee venom to treat acne caused by infection is effective, if not, more effective, than known antibacterial drugs and it has no side effects at all. It is also quite inexpensive. Bee venom therapy is considered a psycho neurological
approach for autoimmune and nervous system diseases

To read about the full scientific journal of Antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects of honeybee venom against acne-inducing bacteria done by a team of scientists from Daegu, Korea : click here

These products are free from 8 harsh chemicals ( paraben, mineral oil, etc..)

Currently there are three products in the line :

1. Tony Moly Honey Bee Skin Solution Mist


2. Tony Moly Honey Bee Skin Solution Essence


3. Tony Moly Honey Bee Skin Solution Cream