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Amore Pacific’s ARITAUM to release 3 new face mist May 31, 2011

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Amore Pacific’s Aritaum will be releasing three new face mist called the Aritaum Baby Face Mist.

These face mists contains hyaluronic acid to provide intensive hydration to the skin, and bamboo sap which works deep in skin layers to attract and retain moisture as well as a skin-healer.

It will be available in three versions.

1. ‘매끈 윤광’ 동안 미스트 Purple

Creates a barrier on the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant like a baby’s skin

2. ‘촉촉 물광’ 동안 미스트 Pink

Uses rose water

3. 탱탱 꿀광’ 동안 미스트

Firms the skin, increase the production of collagen to give you smooth and firm baby skin!


Gmarket Haul #20



Oh yes, new items to prepare ourselves for the summer for everyone here in Hope In A Blog!

1. Amore Pacific’s Hannule Gogyeol Soo Rich Effect Hydrating Cream

This is the new cream that came out last month form Hannule that has been receiving rave reviews!

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2. LG’s Sooryehan Soo Gel Cream

Of course, Sooryehan and Hannule are always competing head to head! Haha. Sooryehan also released a hydrating cream – there’s 2 versions : the gel cream and the normal cream. I gotta say this was absolutely a steal! Not only the cream is 60ml, but they included a 25ml cream too!! And of course, LG are always super generous with the free samples that come with it. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous too!

3) OHUI White Extreme Illuminating Base

We’ve been loving the White Extreme line lately, so we’re trying off other stuff from the line to see if it lives up to expectations too!

4) OHUI White Extreme Illuminating Blemish Balm

The packaging seems to be different from the make-up base. I was expecting that nice packaging of the illuminating base. Oh well, at least some freebies are included.

5) Tony Moly Premium Zen Oriental Mask

We’ve been hearing good stuff about this mask… and it was on promotion so why not? Smile 

6) IOPE Whitegen Whitening Line

Wanted to see how IOPE won all the major awards at the 2010 Korean Cosmetics Award, so we’ve been trying some of their stuff. This whitening line is so rich, so if you have oily and combination skin, don’t purchase this!

7) Hannule Gogyeol Mibaek Rich Effect Whitening Pact SPF50+ & Concealer SPF50+

Hannule is a really good brand by Amore Pacific that our blog has been trying to push^^. The packaging is lovely, and we can’t wait to test this out!

8) Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Ampoule

This came free with the hydrating gel cream we bought. It loooks like the real product doesn’t it? It’s just a 15ml sampleeee! Haha.

9) The History Of Whoo Seol Whitening Sun Pact SPF50+

Sigh…. take my breathe away. The History Of Whoo, gorgeous as always.

10) Re:NK Time Lab Energy and Re:nk Essential Moisture

A few of us have been enjoying the Re:NK Cell Luminous line, so we wanted to try other stuffs from the brand. I don’t know why they included the toner and emulsion from the moisture line when the Time Lab line has its own toner and emulsion too!

11) Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, Belif The True Anti-Aging Essence, Belif De-Wrinkle Treatment Essence, Belif The True Whitening Essence

A few free samples given by LG. Can’t wait to try this line since we have only wrote about it but have never tried anything from this line ^^

12) Amore Pacific’s Hyosiah Whitening Line

Amore Pacific’s answer to LG’s Su:m 37. They recently released a whitening and cleaning line, so we can’t wait to see how it compares to Su:m37 !


Danahan EcoPure releases water power whitening line May 30, 2011

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Danahan’s organic skincare line – EcoPure  will be releasing a new whitening line called the Danahan Ecopure Water Power Whitening Danahan line다나한 에코퓨어 워터파워 화이트닝.




The line features organic cactus extracts which has excellent water retention abilities, and rich in vitamins, minerals and moisturizing agents. It also features 7 kinds of herbal extracts incorporated in a special patented ingredient called the ‘Swiss Eco-White Complex’.



The line is French-ECOCERT and contains 100% organic ingredients.


It is free from 7 chemicals that maybe toxic or irritating for the skin – parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, etc.


The toner contains natural essential oils and needs to be gently shaken for a few seconds before using it!


The line contains 6 products – two toners, 1 emulsion, 1 serum, a face cream and a eye cream!




TonyMoly Tinted Lip Balm : Backstage Oh! My Lip May 28, 2011

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We have some new Tony Moly Tinted Lip Balms 백스테이지오!마이립 called the Tony Moly Backstage Oh! My Lip !! These babies moisturizes your lips, and gives them bright attractive colours as well!!

Each lip balm comes with a lip brush, how convenient can that be? ^^






Here’s what it contains : Jojoba Oil Similar structure with human’s sebum, excellent absorption, well suited for any skin type, moisturizing, soften skin without stickiness *Sweet Almond Oil Ease itching, specially for dry skin, recovers tired skin to soften Lip balm and tint combined lip brush container. Delivers moist lips anytime. Menthol ingredient gives cool feelings and plumping effect. -More natural and vivid color as time goes on. -4 color option -Lip brush included




Comes in 4 colours : Dash Red, Shy Pink, Crazy Orange, Mystery Plum


Oh don’t forget that Summer 2011’s IT colour is – ORANGE!

It does look a little like the PeriPera Wonder Talk Lip Balm – except without the convenient lip brush :




Moonlit BB Cream : Talc Free & Mineral Oil Free May 27, 2011






For those who are looking for a mineral-free and talc free BB Cream, we are going to recommend the Moonlit BB Cream.




It contains EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor ) , Beta Glucan, Bisabolol, Allantoin and Chamomile to protect your skin, and acts as a anti-aging at the same time.





The BB cream is on 50% sale right now!






To purchase, head to the link below :




Remember to type ‘Recommended by’ to receive more samples and freebies at the comments section when placing the order!


ElishaCoy Ingredient Lists


We’ve found a list of ingredient lists for ElishaCoy products, so we’re gonna share it here :

1. Elishacoy Self Detox Eye Cream Ingredient List

2. Elishacoy Ice Drop Whitening Water Drop Ingredient List

3. Elishacoy White Balancing Skin Repair Toner Ingredient List

4. Elishacoy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask Ingredient List

5. Elishacoy WaterDrop Sun Cream Ingredient List


6. Elishacoy Vitamin Pore Cleanser Ingredient List

7. Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream Ingredient List


8. Elishacoy Snail Hydrogel Mask Ingredient List


9. Elishacoy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch Ingredient List


10. Elishacoy 38 Big Eye Mascara Ingredient List


11. Elishacoy Triple BB Always Triple BB Cream Ingredient List


12. Elishacoy Skinny Mineral Pact SPF25 Ingredient List


13. Elishacoy Cacao Greentea Age Fitness Mask Ingredient List


14/ Elishacoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Mask Ingredient List


15. Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB 24 Ingredient List


16. Elishacoy Syn-ake Velvet Cream Intensive Wrinkle Care Ingredient List


17. Elishacoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream Ingredient List


18. Elishacoy Time Capsule BB Cream Ingredient List



More ElishaCoy promotions


We brought you a fantastic deal last week on ElishaCoy’s Snail Cream which was on 50% off. Now we have even more offers from Elishacoy for you guys.

It’s only limited time… so don’t miss it.

1. Buy 1 Free 1 ElishaCoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub

It’s very much like the infamous Skinfood Black Sugar Mask! Love the scent of this….makes you hungry. Hehe ^^

2. ElishaCoy Clean Pores Set

This set is on 55% off. Only 39,000 for 3 full size products !!! The serum only costs 39,000 wons already!

3. ElishaCoy Water Drop Sun Cream SPF 33

A new suncream from Elishacoy at 30% off !

4. ElishaCoy Whitening Set

The Whitening Set which consists of 4 products – toner, essence, eye cream, and cream at 50% off!

Remember to type ‘Recommended by’ to receive more samples and freebies at the comments section when placing the order!

Ingredient List if anyone’s interested :