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FLASH NEWS : France To ban Use of parabens, Phthalates, and Alkylphenols. May 4, 2011

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Source : PremiumBeautyNews


The bill submitted by a group of centre-right deputies at the French National Assembly and requiring a ban of certain chemicals suspected to behave as endocrine disruptors, including phthalates, alkylphenols and parabens, was adopted yesterday to everyone’s surprise by 236 votes against 222 and despite the opposition of the government.

This text was rejected in April during its initial reading by the Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee, a situation that usually foreshadows a similar vote during the public session.

French Health Minister, Xavier Bertrand, had proposed to wait for the result of an on-going expertise before deciding whether or not to ban these substances. He considered the bill was premature. "The main results of these assessments should be available between late 2011 for the bisphenol A and the end of 2012 for other endocrine disruptors in consumer products,” he said.

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French Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Solidarity, Xavier Bertrand at the National Assembly

The text adopted yesterday by the French deputies will enter into force only after being voted in identical terms by the French Senate. And if that were the case, it would remain necessary to convince the European Union to change its rules!

Despite such contingencies, the vote of French deputies should strengthen the belief of many consumers regarding the dangers of these substances. With or without a ban, it is likely that industrials will have to find ways to formulate their products without such chemicals.


OHUI White Extreme Makeup Line





LG’s OHUI renewed their whitening line and renamed it WHITE EXTREME. We’ve talked about the skincare line of White Extreme, but we’ve never mentioned about the make-up line of White Extreme.

These products uses the patented Stemela, Lumi-Prep, and Youth Energy Complex

There are 3 products here :




1) OHUI Illuminating Base SPF 34 PA ++

화이트 익스트림 일루미네이팅 베이스


2) OHUI Whitening Blemish Balm SPF 34 PA ++

화이트 익스트림 화이트닝 블레미쉬 밤



3) OHUI Illuminating Pact SPF 45 / PA +++

화이트 익스트림 일루미네이팅 팩트


IDC (Integral Dermo Correction) Hydra Seal Moisturizer, Integral First Wrinkles Serum & Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum Review


idc (1)

We received a gift set of three IDC products as a gift, and we tested the products out for 1 month. Unfortunately, the products had probably gone bad ( the serum and cream smelt bad, the eye serum was yellowish in colour, and the face cream was also a different colour from the normal colour ) and we found out about it only after using it for a month. We could not return it because it was a gift, and we even sent an email to the company – but they couldn’t ‘do much’…

Brand Introduction

Birth Of IDC

After many meetings with scientific experts and clinicians, Dr. Dupont concluded that there was no truly complete anti-age solution. Drawing on his extensive pharmaceutical experience, rigorous approach, and high quality standards, Dr.Dupont devoted five years to studying the mechanisms of aging and selecting ingredients of diverse origins that are most effective in fighting them. The result was Regen-16 technology:

  • The only solution that targets all major skin aging mechanisms simultaneously
  • The first scientific breakthrough providing such high concentrations of cosmetic actives
  • Patent pending

What is IDC’s patented Regen-16 ?

Regen-16 is a patented technology at the core of all IDC™ products. Regen-16 combines 16 major active ingredients as a base for fighting the signs of skin aging. Various complementary active ingredients are added to this base, targeting more specific needs such as deep wrinkles, first wrinkles, eye and lip contours, and anti-wrinkle and firming. Major active ingredients are used at their clinically effective concentration and combined with others for a total concentration of active ingredients up to 43%, and a total of active molecules up to 70 in formulation.

Regen-16 also features 16 mechanisms of action in motion, working together to balance and stimulate the skin’s regenerative properties.

Here are the 16 mechanisms of Regen-16 which are divided into two parts – stimulating effects and inhibitory (moderates) effects.  Click on photo to be directed to the full page with very detailed explanation :


These are the ingredients that are present in IDC products, together with their functions :


 Who is Dr. Dupont?

A distinguished scientist, skilled inventor, and accomplished businessman, Dr. Dupont has been developing groundbreaking solutions for humain wellbeing for nearly 20 years.

  • Doctorate in physiology/endocrinology from Université Laval
  • Posdoctorate in neuroendocrinology from Hôpital Notre-Dame de Montréal research center

Cofounder of the following companies:

  • Aeterna Zentaris (TSX: AEZ, NASDAQ: AEZS): Known for its innovative approach and cancer-fighting products. It was here that MDI Complex®(under-eye shadows, redness, couperose) was developed and patented under Dr. Dupont’s leadership.
  • Atrium Innovations (TSX: ATB): Initially created to serve the cosmeceuticaland nutrition industries

Product Introduction


1) IDC First Wrinkles Integral Serum

  • Maintains youthful looking skin
  • Makes skin look smoother and brighter
  • Evens skin tone by reducing pigment spots

Some signs of aging can become visible on people as young as 25 years old due to an imbalance of the skin’s aging mechanisms.

The first signs of skin aging are not always fine lines but sometimes appear as uneven skin tone, a drawn and tired complexion, and the appearance of pigment spots.

The way we care for our skin as of the age of 20 will reflect on how it will react to aging and daily stresses in the future (sun, stress, care, lifestyle, etc.).


2) IDC Hydra-Seal Moisturizer

  • Optimizes the effectiveness of concentrate and serums
  • Protects skin against dehydration while assuring natural synthesis of its inherent moisturizing elements
  • Keeps skin soft and smooth
  • Locks in moisture and allows the  high concentration of IDC™ active ingredients to work to their full potential
  • Offers long-lasting moisturizing protection



3) IDC Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles, bags, and puffiness under the eyes

The ANTI-WRINKLE EYE serum has the highest concentration of cosmetic active ingredients (34%), which were specially selected for their specific effects on the area around the eyes.

Many additional cosmetic active ingredients other than REGEN-16 were also specially selected for this product to treat bags and dark circles under the eyes.

The area around the eyes requires specific care and particular products adapted to its delicate skin.

The ANTI-WRINKLE EYE serum should be dabbed on around the eyes following the orbital bone instead of being applied with a pressured movement.




We like the packaging of IDC products. They are simple yet elegant. The face and eye serum comes with a plastic pump tube and are both rather light, but they are all slightly bulky to bring around if you’re travelling. The covers also closes tightly!

The face cream comes in a plastic jar and also contains a plastic lid on top of it.


1. IDC First Wrinkles Integral Serum

As mentioned, the products went bad, so i don’t know if this is the actual colour of the serum (white yellowish?) – but it definitely reminds me of the Korean serums – which are thicker in texture and almost have an emulsion-like texture. It still feels rather light and moisturizing, and absorbs easily. Brightens up the skin immediately and makes it feel really soft. Pretty good for a product that has gone rancid! I wonder how the effects would be like if we were to use a fresh product. However, the serum smelt bad – i don’t know if this is the actual scent of the serum – but we definitely didn’t like it !

I use about 2 full pumps for each application. Recommended for all skin types.

2. IDC Hydra-Seal Moisturizer

This cream was really greasy upon application ( and again, don’t know if it was because it went bad ) and definitely not suitable for those with oily combination skin. The concentration of shea butter is rather high here, which probably explains the greasiness. However the cream has a very light, nice texture and it is suppose to be light blue in color – not yellowish white like the photos above.

It leaves your face with a nice glow – probably due to the shea butter and/or squalane high up the ingredient list.

Another thing was the smell – if you’ve tried the famous Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar – which smells like wet dogs/fish – you’re in for a treat here too! Hahaha.. However, fragrance is included in the formula so we think that it’s probably due to the product gone bad once more.

3. IDC Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum

The eye serum has the highest concentration of active ingredients ( 34% ) compared to the other two. It also has the lightest texture compared to the serum and cream, and absorbs rather easily too. And again, we’re not too sure if this is the actual colour ( yellowish ) of the serum.

We experienced a slight ‘burning’ feeling when we applied the serum. We do not know if it was due to the high concentration of the product, or it was due to it gone rancid, so those of you with sensitive skin, be careful.

Apparently, since this product is concentrated in active ingredients, you may experience some tingling sensation – haha so we don’t know if this tingling sensation is that burning sensation.


1. IDC First Wrinkles Integral Serum

The ingredient list is quite impressive. It is rare to see propylene glycol and butylene glycol down the list ( in Whoo and Sulwhasoo products, they are always the top 5 in the ingredient list ).


IDC Products are paraben-free ( which probably explains why they went bad ! ), and as you can see in the list, it contains lots and lots and lots of antioxidants, vitamins – a whole bunch of beneficial stuff.  Wish it was fragrance-free though.

2. IDC Hydra-Seal Moisturizer


The ingredient list for the cream is rather short compared to the two serums. It is rich in squalane, shea butter, and glycerin – which are the top 3 ingredients in this cream – which probably explains the greasiness of the cream.

Not as impressive as the serums.

3. IDC Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum

This has a crazy ingredient list! It’s sooooo long – just like the ingredient list of korean high-end products like Sulwhasoo, Whoo, Sum37 – and much longer than the IDC Cream and Face Serum.

Silicones are high up on the list at number 2 after water which explains it’s super soft after texture. It contains so much goodies and active ingredients in this serum – ceramides, peptides, rice bran, soybean extracts, herbal ingredients, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. The list is kind of overwhelming!


We really liked this line during the 1 month testing period. Even though the products went rancid, it did not cause any skin irritation or pimples – only the slightly burning sensation when the eye serum was used.

It also gave the skin a dewy complexion after you apply the products – and after 1 month, we did feel that the skin was glowing, and healthy.

We did not see any difference on our wrinkles or fine lines – the line is probably more of a prevention line than a treating one.

The eye cream – although concentrated in actives – didn’t perform as well as we expected. Maybe a fresh product would be more effective, but we did not see much difference after applying it for a month. It absorbs easily but it wasn’t hydrating enough – so we had to apply an eye cream on top of it. We did not see any effects on dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes like it claims to.

Eye Cream claims to :

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet ( Hmmm..)
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles, bags, and puffiness under the eyes ( Hmmm…)

The face serum – we did like a lot! It has a very nice texture, absorbs well into the skin, brightens it up and unifies the tone of the skin. Results were much more visible compared to the eye cream. It is also perfect for all skin types! It also claims to reduce pigment spots – but we did not see any difference in this area. Out of the 3 claims ( below ) , it did achieve 2 of it – so kudos!

Face Serum claims to :

  • Maintains youthful looking skin ( Check! )
  • Makes skin look smoother and brighter ( Check! )
  • Evens skin tone by reducing pigment spots ( Hmm… )

The moisturizer – we’d skip the moisturizer if the normal fresh moisturizer was the same as the one we used. It was a little too greasy, therefore not suitable for all skin types, but on the positive side : it absorbs easily. On the packaging, it even says ‘For Normal to Dry Skin’.

There is another version with an SPF 25 – so check that out if you’re interested.


The science and ingredients behind the line is pretty impressive. It does have a lot of science and studies to back up the ingredients that are used in this line.

Here is a scientific publication by Dr. Dupont, creator of IDC, which was published on the Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine in 2010. To read the full publication, click here.

You can also read up on the clinical reports that were done on test subjects here

For more information on the entire line, go to their official website here.

The brand has grown quite rapidly in these 2 years – and a bunch of new products have been introduced – such as the Whitening serum, etc.

Our only regret is that the products went rancid, therefore we could not experience the full effects of what the products would have probably brought because it does seem to have a lot of potential.

If we were to pick one product to try out once more – it would definitely be the serum.


50% – We’re giving it only 50%  because we’re not sure if the products would have gone bad if we were to purchase it once more. Make sure the colours of the products are correct before purchasing it, and that it doesn’t have a bad smell ! However, after using this, it definitely makes us want to try out the other IDC products.