May our skin grow beautiful, as we grow wiser.

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About Hope-in-a-Blog February 11, 2009

Don’t even know what you are using in your cosmetics or your skin care?

Don’t even know whatever you are applying on your face?

What’s good and what’s bad for your skin?

What products are good?

What products/ingredients are just marketing hypes?

It’s never too late to educate yourself.

We, the consumers, are bombarded by enticing ads featuring superstars and models with flawless skin, sales person ranting about all the latest marketing hype created by cosmetic companies and magazines.

But, do we really know what’s best for our skin? Do we really understand what, precisely, is inside each jar of cream/serum/mask that you buy? And why pay more for something similar for about half of the price?

I hope that people will start to be more wary of what they apply to their skin, and not only that, to be wary of what they are buying. Not to forget what is good for your skin, and what to avoid.

Like the blog title says “May our skin grow beautiful, as we grow wiser


9 Responses to “About Hope-in-a-Blog”

  1. kawen Says:

    dearest hopeinablog,

    like to order from gmarket, i found you on!
    do you know how i know i choose the right seller?

    greets kman from les pays bas(is that the netherlands)

    • gmarket is like ebay. each seller has reputation scale beside them om the search results. choose the ones which have higher reputation. i can recommend a few sellers but what are you looking for? samples or full suze products? i suggest you read my gmarket posts such as winning coupons, how to evade paying taxea for europeans, and the korean names if the brand to be able to

  2. Getrich Says:

    Hi this is branch manager of SunnySide VIP.
    I remeber you sold our products.
    so, I sincerely want to talk about the business
    please email me ASAP

  3. GGal Says:

    Help – Hope, if you have time, can you post the Korean characters for the L’egere Multi White BB? It’s the #1 in taiwan, I went to the L’egere website and was not able to copy the characters to look for the product in Gmarket. I think the characters are embedded as graphics. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi.

      SOmehow L’egere isn’t a brand known in korea.. funny how it is advertised as a korean company in taiwan but the korean’s have not even seen this BB creams in Korea

      • Joseibi Says:

        Some of the most obscure brands purportedly from Japan and Korea are wisely marketed in places like Taiwan and Hong Kong, there was some kind of a boom in this kind of business years ago, a risk some of these Asian firms are willing to take in order to be the first or exclusive distributor for one up and coming hit brand. Not all of them took off, despite the heavy marketing, because of the internet the consumers would do research before buying nowadays and didn’t find the supposedly hot brand to be even known at all, where they came from…

        L’egere is sold on (operated by Taiwanese but based in US), I don’t see this brand elsewhere actually. It’s just the beauty magazine in Taiwan raved about it (possibly from the sponsoring Taiwanese distributor).

      • Yes, i guessed so because none of my korean friends know this ‘famous korean brand’ ! haha

  4. GGal Says:

    Thx for responding… since I didn’t find the L’egere brand on GMarket couple of months back, I am glad to report I have tried several other BB creams (Sulwhasoo Snowise, WHOO, Dr. Jart, Alexander Kimsco…GMarket is very addictive!!!) ….and have since found my HG BB cream combination which is perfect for my heavily pigmented skin — *drum roll* ……..
    Dr. Jart Black Label mixed with WHOO Luxury BB Cream!

    I like the coverage of Dr. Jart and the inner glow that the WHOO luxury BB gives. On its own, the WHOO luxury BB is very sheer and does not cover any of my pigmentation, but together…. my skin looks flawless! I had pretty much given up on BB creams until I discovered this combination.

    Actually, mixing WHOO Luxury BB with any other BB cream or heavy coverage foundation (for example Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Camouflage Foundation) helps to illuminate the skin and takes away any grey cast or pastey look. Guaranteed to make the skin glow and feels so good on your skin!

    • Agreed! The luxury BB Cream illuminates the skin thanks to the optics in it. It doesn’t glimmer under normal conditions but when you’re under the sun, it illuminates the skin. Glad you liked it 🙂

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