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Coreana Senite releases pore managing skincare system : P May 12, 2011




Coreana’s Senite, a brand aimed at young women, will be releasing a pore management system called the Senite Pore Essential line, to prepare you for the hot summer, where pore problems will be maximize!

The line will feature the Ancient African Tree Bark Extract (enantia chlorantha) . It claims to

  • Reduces sebum
  • Reduces pore size
  • Reduces skin shine 
  • Reduces inflammatory acne

There is also a scientific report that it claims to have antibacterial properties ( read here! )

Other than that, it contains also the typical ingredients for oily skin skincare products such as Witch Hazel, Peppermint, Sage, Mistletoe, juniper berries, lemon-balm mint, and burdock -  which creates a synergy to help control sebum, shrink enlarged pores, calm the skin, and leaves your skin soft and smooth !!

The line will consist of 3 products (i’m sure they are going to expand it) :

1. Coreana Senite Pore Essential Gel Wash

2. Coreana Senite Pore Essential Laser Serum

3. Coreana Senite Pore Essential Skin Finish

To purchase, type 포어 에버매트 on Gmarket!


Coreana releases luxury anti aging Ja In Cream April 30, 2011





Coreana Cosmetics will be releasing a herbal premium anti-aging cream called the ‘Ja In Bullo Cream’ 자인불로크림  ( directly translated as the ‘fire cream’ ) which is said to be able to extend the life of skin cells and slowers down the fundamental causes of aging by healing the cells.

Of course, the highlight of the cream is the extracts from the crowberry plant, a plant which is said to be able to regenerate and grow itself even after being destroyed by fire. Using cell culture techniques, the stem cells of rare ginseng root and crowberry plant are carefully extracted to preserve it’s potency in the cream.

Crowberry extracts has never been used in a cosmetic product before until the release of Clarin’s Super Restorative Redefining Body Care for Adbomen and Waist.

In the lab, crowberry has proven itself anti-MMP, inhibiting the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown and limiting the expansion of abdominal fat cells.

Coreana is using this ability of the crowberry extract to inhibit the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown of the skin, therefore ‘prolonging’ the life span of cells.

In addition, soybeans, and many other herbal chinese medicinal plants are blended together in the formula to nourish the skin and as well as to prevent the oxidation of the active ingredients of this cream.

Sounds exquisite doesn’t it? It certainly doesn’t come cheap. Selling at 350,000 wons for 50ml .. you can find a good deal at Gmarket for 216,000 wons.

Click on the photo below to purchase it :


Coreana releases six new sun care products April 7, 2011




Coreana will be preparing you for spring and summer with 6 new sun care products off their Senite line called the Senite Mild Touch Sun Care line.




The sun care line is ECOCERT certified, and contains organic natural ingredients which help block UVA and UVB rays. It gives moisture to the skin without it being sticky.




The line is also suitable for sensitive skin, as it is made of natural organic ingredients which creates a strong natural barrier effect, blocking UV light and heat which accelerates skin aging.




Tomato seed and cranberry extracts create a natural protective barrier on the skin which prevents escape of moisture, ultraviolet light and moisturizes skin. In addition, hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing ingredients relief dryness.



The line will feature 6 products : 2 for men, and 4 for women. Consists of sunscreens, bb creams, and a powder pact.


To purchase, search for 세니떼 마일드 터치 선 케어 on Gmarket.


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Coreana Vitamin C Collagen VC Treatment March 3, 2011




Coreana Cosmetics, a cosmetic company known for it’s high quality products, has released a new version of it’s infamous Vitamin C and Collagen powder.



First released in 1999, it has then generated 777 billion in revenue for Coreana and in 2011, it will be renewed.



The Vitamin C and Collagen treatment is in powder form as Vitamin C is highly unstable. The moment it is transformed into essence, the vitamin C and collagen penerates deeply into the skin. It works as an anti-aging and whitening product.



To purchase it, search for 코리아나 비타민C 콜라겐 파우더 에센스 on Gmarket. Double check the photos to make sure you are getting the 2011 version instead of the old one! Smile







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Coreana Releases Hydro Water Lily line February 19, 2011

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One of Korea’s larger cosmetic company, Coreana, will be launching a new line called the Senite Hydro Water Lily and will feature 6 products.


Coreana is one of the lesser known brands outside of Korea, but is a household cosmetic name in Korea itself. It has a very good reputation for making high quality and efficient cosmetic products and has several lines to it.


Senite is the latest line from Coreana whichis endorsed by the currently popular actress, Seo Woo which is currently acting in Flames Of Ambition, for her young and youthful image. The Senite line is marketed towards women in their early 20s and as well as for teenagers.



The Senite line itself is broken into a few sub lines ( Pure Mung Bean line, Polynesian Intensive line , etc)  and the Hydro Water Lily line itself is broken into two sub-lines namely the Fresh line and the newly introduced Whitening Hydro Lily line.


The line features their star ingredient, the Water Lily extract which has exceptional moisturizing ingredients. Water Lily extracts contain large amount of Vitamin C and flavonoids.The line will also feature the special Nano-liposome technology which forms a protective layer on the skin and prevents moisture escape from the skin.


The line boasts 6 products – Cleansing Foam, Toner, Essence, Cream, BB Cream.


If you’re in your late 10’s, early 20’s .. and want a simple hydrating and moisturizing one, give Coreana’s Hydro Water Lily line a chance !


To purchase, search for 세니떼 하이드로 워터릴리 on Gmarket.


For more information of the Senitte products, or other Coreana products, visit here. ( Google Translator advised ).





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Coreana launches new cosmetics line ‘ 10 seconds January 10, 2011

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Coreana, a reputable cosmetic brand in Korea , has just released it’s brand new make up brand called ‘Ten Seconds’


Bearing the name ‘10 Seconds’ , the brand is aimed at women today who are too busy with their life and have less time for makeup. 10 Seconds cuts the hassle of make-up, making it short, simple, and affordable. We call it ‘Speed and Smart’ make-up.


The brand will launch with a total of 96 items, presenting a variety of long lasting makeup products and colors.

Where To Purchase?



We are sure it will appear on Gmarket soon enough, there we are going to be providing it’s korean name first, therefore look it up on Gmarket if you are interested : 텐세컨즈






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