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Skinfood Gold Kiwi Line March 17, 2011

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Skinfood will be releasing a new line called the Gold Kiwi line. I’ve always wondered how Skin Food manages to introduce an entire new line every few months…



Anyway, this is a whitening line which uses Kiwi. Kiwi is an excellent source of vitamins. Gold kiwi has the most concentrated phenol content and also has the highest antioxidant properties compared to other Kiwis.



Here is an extract of the studies on Gold Kiwis :

Gold Kiwi – Powerful Fruit for a Healthy Heart

So you know the old adage – “an apple a day helps keep the doctor away”, right? Well, when it comes to heart health it appears the better option is gold kiwi fruit by a long-shot, so says a new study published this month in the journal Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin.

In their study, the Japanese research team examined seven fruits that are known to have high antioxidant content: gold kiwi, green kiwi, navel orange, mandarin orange, white grapefruit, ruby grapefruit, and apple (the researchers did not specify the apple type tested). ¹

In particular, the study team desired to know which of the fruits had the highest concentration of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants that offset the effects of molecules known as free radicals), which were most effective in reducing lipid oxidation (the process whereby fatty acids are turned into free radicals that damage cells), and which were most effective in eliminating free ranging hydrogen peroxide (another type of free radical produced as a byproduct of the body’s process to create and use energy at the cellular level).

People with high levels of unhealthy lipids (LDL cholesterol) in their blood serum (oxidized LDL in particular) are considered at high risk for cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes and other maladies. By reducing the amount of oxidized lipids and the number of other free radicals in blood serum, physicians believe people can significantly reduce their risk of heart disease. A common way to reduce free radicals and oxidized lipids is to consume more antioxidant rich food, hence the interest of the researchers in these fruits.
The short takeaway – gold kiwi crushed the competing fruits on all measures. In fact, apples came in dead last on every measure!

For example, to assess polyphenol content, the researchers cut equal weight pieces of each fruit flesh and blended in a mixer for about 30 seconds. The blended fruit juices were then processed through a centrifuge for 10 minutes and subsequently strained through a filter. The strained juice was centrifuged again – this time for one hour – and then samples were taken of the remaining, centrifuged juice.

Using this method, the researchers found that gold kiwi’s polyphenols content was approximately 1.04 milligrams per milliliter, green kiwi was second with 0.85 mg/ml, navel oranges were third at 0.80 mg/ml, while apples were dead last at 0.13 mg/ml!
To assess the antioxidant properties of these polyphenols, the researchers then mixed a 1% concentration of the fruit juice solutions with lipids from egg yolk and then irradiated the mixture for various time intervals (irradiation via UV rays causes the lipids to oxidize). After irradiation, the study team examined the counts of oxidized lipid molecules remaining in the respective fruit juice mixtures. They found gold kiwi and navel orange both inhibited oxidation of 60% of the lipids. Again, apples were dead last at 23%.

To further evaluate the antioxidant properties of the various fruits, the researchers mixed a 5% concentration of the fruit juice solutions with hydrogen peroxide and let the mixture sit for two hours. Then the researchers measured the amount of hydrogen peroxide eliminated by the fruit juices. Once again, gold kiwi significantly outperformed the other fruits, eliminating over 60% of the hydrogen peroxide. No other fruit achieved greater than 30% elimination and apples again lagged the field at less than 10%.

The study authors concluded, “Therefore, we propose the novel possibility that daily consumption of kiwi fruit is effective on decrease of oxidative stress and further prevention of disease by excessive oxidation…All these indicators showed the highest activity for gold kiwi, demonstrating that gold kiwi has strong anti-oxidant effects. Overall, green kiwi had lower anti-oxidant effects than gold kiwi, but had stronger effects than the other fruits.”

So, if you’d like to add an easy, tasty and heart healthy fruit to your daily diet, consider gold kiwi. It’s a little more challenging to find in a retail grocery store (and a little more expensive to buy) so you may need to look for it in a specialty/gourmet food store.

According to the prime producer of gold kiwi fruit, a New Zealand company called Zespri, the biggest difference between the green and gold kiwi is taste, “ While green kiwifruit has a tangier, more tart flavor, gold kiwifruit is mellow and tropical, a mixture of mango, melon and citrus flavors. People who find green kiwifruit too tart usually love gold. As for other differences, the color is gold, instead of green, and it is tear-drop shaped, with a smooth skin and a crown on the top. Finally, while you might need to wait a few days for green to ripen, gold kiwifruit is always ready to eat.” ²

The line will consist of 7 products – Toner, Serum, Gel Mask, Sunscreen, Emulsion, cream, and a cleansing toner.





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Korean Brands recommends their top 3 products to welcome spring ! March 1, 2011


To welcome Spring, korean cosmetics are launching a war against each other.


The spring focus is on 3 things – BB Creams with UV protection, wrinkle and whitening products, pre-make up products!

So what are the top 3 products recommended by these Korean cosmetics ?

Find out below here!

Brand Star Product Recommended Product 1 Recommended Product 2
Nature Republic Dream Collagen 90 Skin Booster Solie Line Changing Blossom Mascara
The Saem Gem Miracle Diamond O2 Bubble Mask Urban Eco Neo Moist Essential Ally’s Ajell Lovely Makeup Mousse BB
Skin Food Mandarin and Parsley line Vita Flick Lipstick Platinum Grape Cell Essence
Innisfree White Tone Up Spot Essence Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence Melting Mineral Foundation
Amore Pacific Hanyul Hannule Go Gyeol Mi Baek Whitening Essence IOPE Whitening Essence Ampoule and Whitening Intensive Cream Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Treatment
Etude House Precious BB Cream Mineral SPF 30 Sheer Silky/Glowing Skin BB Cream Vitamin C O2 White Double Tone Up Program Miss Tangerine Lipstick
Beauty Credit Danahan Eco Pure Natural BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++ Danahan Yun Ko Essence Danahan Looc Lipgloss
LG BeautiPlex Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Vinegar Essence Isa Knox X2D2 Elastic Power Cream and Ceramide 100 CathyCat 360 Brilliance Mascara
Tony Moly Floria line Backstage Gel Eyeliner Special Egg Pore Treatment ( 3 Tony Moly Egg products )










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Skinfood releases 10 kinds of lipstick February 25, 2011

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Skin Food will be releasing 10 kinds of lipstick titled the ‘Vita Tok Lipstick’.




The 10 lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin A,C and E to protect and nourish your lips. Macadamia Nut oil extract is also included in the formulation.



10 flavours and colors of the lipstick will be available.


To purchase on Gmarket, search for 비타 톡 립스틱





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Skinfood Greentea Boots Fresh Spray February 7, 2011

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Skinfood will be releasing a new product called the Greentea Boots Fresh Spray ( 100ml / 6,000 Korean Wons).

It’s purpose is to eliminate odour and the bacteria that causes it. All you need to do is spray the deodorant in your shoes/boots.

The spray contains green tea extracts which acts as a natural antibiotic that protects the skin without irritating it while inhibiting bacteria and microorganism growth which causes foul odour.



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Skin Food releases Avocado Essential Oil and Multi Balm January 22, 2011


Korean cosmetic brand, Skin Food, will be launching two new products – Avocado Essential Oil and the Avocado Multi Balm.



Avocado Essential Oil will be suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. Avocado oil nourishes the skin intensively and forms a film to prevent moisture from escaping, giving you moist skin. Pumpkin, bamboo, water lily and lotus extracts work together to help sooth the skin.



The Avocado Multi Balm contains avocado oil and is an all purpose balm which can be used on face, lips, elbows, heels, knees, hair, and parts of extreme dryness.



Avocado oil is a rich heavy oil, that is deeply penetrating and rich in vitamins A and D, lecithin, potassium as well as vitamin E.



The crude Avocado oil is green in color as it still contains chlorophyll and is classified as a mono-unsaturated oil.



It is often used for clients with dry or mature skins, or people suffering from eczema or psoriasis, and is very useful when treating sun or climate damaged skin that is dehydrated and undernourished as it is said to help with regenerating the skin and softening the tissue.



Like olive oil, avocado oil is one of few vegetable oils not derived from seeds; it is pressed from the fleshy pulp surrounding the avocado pit





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Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Lineup December 24, 2010


Skinfood has released a new line called the Platinum Grape Cell.


Click here to find out (more…)


2010 Best Selling Products Of Various Korean Skincare Brands December 21, 2010

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As 2010 comes to an end, Korean skincare/cosmetic companies have ranked their Best-Selling items throughout 2010.

Did your favourite Korean skincare products made it into the top 5?

Click here to find out more..



Cosme.Net 2010 Best Cosmetics Awards December 17, 2010

cios is Japan’s biggest and most prestigious cosmetics website. It hands out its awards which is based on the average reviews collected and the overall points each product received in a year. It receives about 8 million reviews each year.


Which products won this prestigious Japanese Awards? Click here to find out  (more…)


New Skin Food Sheet Tissue Masks + New Products Lineup December 1, 2010


Skinfood will be releasing a line of tissue sheets featuring a variety of ‘food’ ingredients :


These ‘tissue sheets’ also are actually daily masks!

a) Brazilian Nut Oil Sheets( 265ml x 20 sheets – 9,900 korean won ) – contains brazil nut oil which helps lubricate and moisturize the skin, provides antioxidant benefits with its high selenium content, helps prevents dryness, and leaves skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.


b) Sea Buckthorn Berries Sheets ( 265ml x 20 sheets – 9,900 korean won )  – The fruit of the plant has a high vitamin C content with an average content  about 15 times greater than oranges — placing sea-buckthorn fruit among the most enriched plant sources of vitamin C. The fruit also contains dense contents of carotenoids, vitamin E, amino acids, dietary minerals, and polyphenols.

c) Maple Sheets ( 265ml x 20 sheets – 9,900 korean won ) – known for its effectiveness in treating wounds and skin diseases in Africa. It also controls secretion of excessive sebum.



Also, there will be a few new products for the body to combat the harsh cold dry winter season :

New line-up will contain a variety of body scrubs, body lotions, body masks, body cleansers, body gels, shower gels, body oils






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New : SkinFood’s Omega Inca line & Cosmetic launch November 24, 2010


Skinfood – ‘good cosmetics nade with delicious food’ – has released it’s new line – called the Omega Inca  line.

So what exactly is the INCA Omega Oil ?

This vegetable oil is extracted from the seeds of the Sacha Inchi plant, a small plant that produces mall hermaphrodite flowers producing small pods which has usually 6 lobes. This plant is cultivated mainly in Peru at the heart of the Inca culture. Inca Omega Oil contains one of the highest amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids among all oily seeds used for human consumption. It reaches an average of 48% content of alfa-linolenic acid (omega 3) and an average of 37% content of linolelic acid (Omega 6). Additionally it also contains 8% of Oleic Acid (Omega 9).

Not only that, it is also very high in Tocopherol ( Vitamin E) concentration.

Abilities of Inca Omega Oil includes :

– Reduction of Trans-Epidermal Water Loss

– Improvement of Skin Barrier function

– Reduces hyper-sensitivity

– Improves microcirculation

– PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) protect the cell’s membrane and prevent the destruction of DNA.

Products in the INCA Line will include :

1) Essence 140ml – 9,900 won

2) Emulsion 140ml – 9,900 won

3) Cream 50ml – 10,900 won

4) Eye cream 25ml – 9,900 won


Also, Skinfood will also be launching it’s first cosmetics make up line at the end of the year.  Pearl with be the highlight of the line.

The makeup line will include

1) Cake Party All Over Powder – 13,900 won – consists of 4 eye shadow colors (can be used as highlighter, blush or powder too).

2) Partty Pearl Lip Gloss – 5,900 won

3) Pearl Party –2,900 won – nail polish with shimmering silver glitter.

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