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More Naruko products June 4, 2011



We’ve wrote before that Naruko their Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid Soothing White line which consists of a Milk (emulsion), essence, and serum. ( article : here )

Now they have released another item off the line canned the Naruko Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid Pore Minimizing Serum.


This serum minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores while helping with skin decoloration or pigmentation. It also helps control the production of sebum and creates a healthy balance.

The product is a mix of the apple seed and 3% tranexamic acid ( Read about it’s effectiveness in skincare here ) , AHAs, BHAs, Arbutin, Zinc Pyrithione and Naruko’s patented Phyto-Ferulin complex.

Zinc Pyrithione is a antifungal and antibacterial agent.

Naruko has also released 2 new products , 1 of which is an upgraded version of the Narcissus Total Defense AA Foaming Wash.


The other product is the Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF 50 :


This BB Cream contains state of the art sun shield high protection called the SunCat. It is also suitable for those with sensitive skin as it is free from harsh chemicals.

It is a multi-functional BB Cream – sunscreen, whitening, moisturizing, oil control, pore tightening, and anti aging.

Another new product from the Naruko Tea Tree line : the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Cut Hydrator.


This oil –free hydrator hydrates the skin while controlling shine. Tea tree extracts help regulate oil balance, and Panthenol is added balance pH levels.

This moisturizer also uses a water-droplet system ( while rubbing the moisturizer, there will be a burst of water droplets )

Another new Naruko product is the Naruko All In One High Potency Moisturizer.


This is a toner + lotion + essence product. It is an all-in-one go product for those who are busy ( or lazy ) to follow up with a skincare routine.

This product is a moisturizer, balancer, anti aging, firming : all-in one. Contains high olive extracts.


Dr. G Gowoonsesang releases 2 new bb creams


Dr. G has made it’s mark in Asia thanks to Sasa which carries the Dr.G brand on both Sasa’s physical and online store. However, the range of Dr.G products at Sasa are very limited and outdated.

Now you can get the complete Dr. G Gowoosesang products from Gmarket as they ship internationally!

Dr.G has recently released 2 new BB Creams and a gel cleanser :

1. Dr. G EXpert Actifirm Recovery Super Blemish Base SPF 30 PA ++ 악티펌 리커버리 슈퍼 블레미쉬 베이스


This is the BB Cream from the Dr. G purple line – which is a firming and anti wrinkle line.

2. Dr. G  Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ 퍼펙트 포어 커버 비비크림


This is the BB Cream from Dr. G’s line for oily and acne skin. This BB Cream controls sebum excretion with the patented Sebucontrol-5 and uses only physical sunscreen.

It also contains a pore tightening system.


3. Dr. G Perfect BB Melting Gel Cleanser 퍼펙트 비비 멜팅 젤


This cleanser contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Lemon Balm.

Check out their entire line of BB Creams :


Check out the entire line of Dr.G at Gmarket : here



ElishaCoy to release snail Essence + Promotion Launch






Elishacoy will be finally releasing the essence from their snail line called the Elishacoy Skin Repairing Snail Essence  스킨 리페어링 스네일 에센스. We’ve written about this before in our previous articles but it was not released back then.





This snail essence will contain 80% snail mucin extracts and is coupled with a few other goodies such as tomato callus extracts which is rich in lycopene, a very strong antioxidant. It also includes phyto collagen which is fermented from seven kinds of botanical extracts and marine collagen which helps in moisture retention and provides moisture, soy protein, EGF, adenosine which helps in skin elasticity and firmness as well as diminishing wrinkles!





Nano-liposomed with 8 kinds of vitamins plus all the goodies above ensure maximum penetration into the skin to ensure it’s effectiveness.





The product is also free from harsh chemicals to go with Elishacoy’s naturalism concept. ( though there are still some nasty chemicals in their ingredient list )



There is also a launch promotion going on :



A set consisting of the new Eye balm, Snail Cream , and the new Essence at –50%




A set consisting of the snail cream and essence at also –50%.




Just the essence costs about 42,000 wons – so it’s def worth it to purchase the cream + essence set for only an additional 3,000 wons.


Etude House Buy 1 Free 1 Sunscreen Event June 3, 2011

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Etude House is currently having a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion for the sunscreens – so if you’re in Korea right now- don’t miss this opportunity. This also applies to their Gmarket shop but sadly, they don’t ship internationally anymore!


Nature Republic signs KARA as spokesperson

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Nature Republic will be singing Kpop icon Goo Hara, Gyuri and Jiyoung as their spokesperson for a year.

Previous spokesperson included JYJ ( from the now defunct TVXQ/DBSK ).


The trio will be featured in Nature Republic ads all over Asia.


VoV releases fruit nail polish

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VoV will be releasing a series of nail polish called the VoV Fruit Cocktail Nail Polish보브 후르츠 네일 케어 .

They are all based on fruits – grapes, oranges, strawberries, apple, etc.

These nail polish not only provides glossy shiny fingernails, but it contains minerals, vitamins which helps strengthen your nails as well as making it grow faster while moisturizing it.



Keep pimples at bay with ciracle

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A Korean dermalogical brand – Ciracle 씨라클 – will be releasing an anti-acne powder which will be called the Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder 핌플솔루션 핑크파우더 ( 11ml / 23,000 wons ).

These type of products have been seen in the anti-acne line of a few brands such as Etude House, CNP Laboratory, Suiskin, Berrisom, Tony Moly,  etc.

It is a fast acting formula that reduces acne and other problems such as rashes etc – as it acts also as an antiseptic.

The pink powder contains AHA and BHAs ( Salicylic Acid ) which exfoliates dead skin, sulfur powder, calamine, which will help shrink pimples / whiteheads overnight while you sleep.



unique product : Richenna Egg Water Drop Egg Hair Serum

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Introducing the world’s first water drop egg hair serum – the Richenna Water Drop Egg Hair Serum. 워터 드롭 에그 헤어 세럼.

If you guys have not heard about the term ‘water drop’ which is quite common in Asian cosmetics – it refers to a type of liquid formulation that when rubbed, water droplets burst and makes the texture more liquid and easier to spread. It is used normally in serums – but we’ve seen them used also in BB Creams – such as the Mamonde BB Cream.

The hair serum contains egg yolk ( rich in lecithin and vitamin A ) , egg albumin ( which acts as a hair conditioning agent ) , oils and proteins to help nourish the hair and form a shield to protect the hair from losing moisture. It also keeps your hair smooth without stickiness.  It also contains Ceramide 3 which repairs damange hair and provide moisture.


Peripera releases ‘my cover concealer’

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Peripera will be releasing a new concealer called the Peripera My Cover Concealer마이 커버 컨실러.

Other than covering up dark circles, freckles, liver spots etc – it also contains various skin soothing and moisturizing ingredients.

It contains lemon oil and pearl powder which helps balances skin tone and brightens it.


It will be sold for 8,000 wons / 1.8 g