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Amore Pacific becomes the first korean cosmetic company to obtain the AEO Certification May 16, 2011

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Korea’s leading cosmetic company, Amore Pacific, has created history today on becoming the first Korean cosmetic-based company to receive the AEO ( Authorized Economic Operator ) certificate.

What is AEO?

AEO stands for Authorized Economic Operator. It is a new legislation introduced by the European Union which will help in reducing logistics delays and administrative burdens.

In short, Amore Pacific’s products have been studied thoroughly by the European Union and has passed the quality test – and European customs will perform almost no inspection on Amore Pacific products that are being imported into Europe!

About the AEO certification

The concept of ‘safety and security’ has been included in the European customs legislation. Companies and their suppliers involved in EU cross-border movements of goods will have to comply with this new legislation. When introducing new legislation, the European Union intends to offer the business sector better facilities. These facilities should result in the reduction of logistic delays and administrative burdens. As of September 2007 enterprises may therefore apply for the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). An AEO certificate is valid in all EU member states.

The introduction of the AEO status is for EU customs an important next step towards cooperation with the business sector. It fits in with the aim to ‘horizontalize’ supervision. This means that the business sector together with the customs department are responsible for a safe and incorruptible goods flow crossing external borders. It offers the prospect of ensuring together a safe logistic chain.

To read more about the AEO certification, read about it : here

It is good news that Amore has obtained the AEO Certification, but unfortunately, i have not seen much of Amore Pacific products in Europe other than Laneige, which even is quite scarce in Europe.

Hopefully this news means that Amore Pacific are having plans to advance into the European market and that we’ll see more Amore Pacific brands here! Smile 



Danahan prepares Summer line : RG II Premium EX Hydro Line

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Somang’s DANAHAN will be releasing a new hydration line called the RG II Premium EX Hydro line to welcome the summer.

This month, we’ve seen many Korean skincare cosmetics pushing out new hydration lines to prepare for Summer. LG’s Su:m37 pushed out a new hydration gel cream and upgraded the hydration line. Amore’s Hannule and LG’s Sooryehan also saw the release of their own hydration lines.

The Danahan RG II Premium EX Hydro also line features their famous patented RG-II. RG-II stimulates regeneration of the cells and improve damaged skin. It also doubles as an anti-wrinkle and whitening cosmetics. It also contains the patented Natural PS Complex ™ ( contains 3 kinds of peptides and fermented yeast extracts)  which stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, and improve elasticity. To read more about it, refer to our article : here.


The line consists of 5 products – a toner, emulsion, essence, cream and eye cream!


Launch Promotion : Elishacoy snail cream at 50% off!!



This is your best time to try the Elishacoy Snail Cream. For it’s launch – they are selling it at 50% off it’s normal price !!!!

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Here is the ingredient list, so study it and see if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients!