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Ecobeau Loess Water Cleanser Review December 23, 2010

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We were sent a travel kit of Ecobeau Natural Loess Travel Kit to review.

Ecobeau products are all alcohol, parabens and synthetic preservatives free. They stand by their strong belief in using only natural herb-medicine extract and loess.

So how did we like the cleanser? Find out!




HADA LABO Tamagohada AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash November 27, 2010









A little introduction on the brand. Hada Labo SkinCare line under the joint development of USA’s Mentholatum Company and Japan’s Rohto Pharmaceuticals Co.

Using the technology developed through the production of OTC Drugs, Haba Labo skincare line is produced in a Pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, under strict GMP guidelines to ensure Quality, Reliability and Effectiveness in their products.

Hada Labo was launched in Japan in 2004 and received massive support in a short span of time. It’s Star Product – the Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Lotion is the No.1 Face Lotion in Japan with one sold every 4 seconds!

The AHA/BHA Cleansing was inspired by the smoothness and delicateness of an unshelled egg, – hence the name tamago(egg)hada(skin) AHA-BHA Cleanser –  this ‘eggquisite’ cleanser contains AHA and BHA (alpha and beta hydroxy acids) to give clarity , brightness, and promote skin cell renewal by preventing dead skin cell buildup. This gentle cleanser lathers into a fine, velvety foam to prevent blemishes and polishes away dullness for a renewed skin everyday.






Note that since this product has different factories, the packaging will differ. The South East Asia Hadalabo products are manufactured in China while the ones in Japan/Korea/Hong Kong are the ones manufactured in Japan. I had a problem with the essence i bought, the product was missing it’s pump, but that’s what you get when your products are made in China! However the company was very efficient and DHL-ed a new bottle with the pump all the way to Paris.

The cleanser comes without a box and comes in a blue greenish tube and is sold in various sizes.

Note that there is also a FOAM version of this cleanser and it is not yet available in the South East Asian market.











One thing i applaud HadaLabo is that the controversial foaming agent sodium laureth sulfate isn’t used here ( See Elisha Coy BB Cleanser Review regarding this ingredient.) However…..

Let’s go through the list quickly :


1) Butylene Glycol – This chemical is a preservative used to keep skincare and beauty products from spoiling. Butylene Glycol (BG) is also a humectant, a chemical that helps your skin (or other substances) retain moisture. It is also a solubilizer, which means it makes other substances (such as fat) more soluble in water. It also has a fair share of its controversies – depression, vomiting, drowsiness, coma and respiratory failure are one of its side effects. Restrictions have been placed on how much of this chemical can be used in skincare products and cosmetics. According to some experts, it’s not enough. Many mainstream brands at Macy’s, Bloomies, Neiman’s etc., have even found ways to circumvent the restrictions; using just enough of this chemical to be sold legally. And on the Cosmetic Database, it has shown strong evidence on human irritant. It has also shown effects on organs, reproductive system, the brain, the nervous system, the endocrine system. Sounds like this might be worse than parabens or Sodium Laureth Sulfate itself eh? PEG-20M is also used here.  PEG is an abbreviation for polyethylene glycol. The number in the name is the average number of units, or monomers, of ethylene glycol. Just great !

2) Lauramidopropyl BetaineA synthetic compound obtained by the extensive chemical modification of lauric acid, a natural fatty acid. Function : Antistatic agent / Surfactant / Cleansing / Foam Boosting

3) Stearic Acid – Esters of stearic acid with ethylene glycol (PEG) , glycol stearate and glycol distearate, are used to produce a pearly effect in shampoos, soaps, and other cosmetic products. They are added to the product in molten form and allowed to crystallize under controlled conditions. So, this is the ingredient that gives the pearly color effect of the Hadalabo cleanser!

4) Glycolic Acid – Glycolic acid (or hydroxyacetic acid) is the smallest α-hydroxy acid(AHA). Due to its excellent capability to penetrate skin, glycolic acid finds applications in skin care products, most often as a chemical peel. Glycolic acid is used to improve the skin’s appearance and texture. It may reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and improve many other skin conditions, including actinic keratosis,hyperkeratosis, and seborrheic keratosis. Once applied, glycolic acid reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis, weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together. This allows the stratum corneumto be exfoliated, exposing live skin cells.

6) Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) – Potassium Hydroxide is used in the cosmetic and skin care industry as a pH adjuster or bufferer in a wide variety of formulas. It has a unique ability to attract water molecules from its environment, and ultimately dissolve into the water that it had originally absorbed, balancing the formula without creating excess weight or changing the composition. Read more : here

7)  Lauric Acid – Lauric Acid is the main fatty acid in coconut oil as well as palm kernel oil; it is also found in human milk, cow’s milk, and goat’s milk. It is used in beauty products and skin care because of its moisturizing abilities, and is also recognized as an acne-fighter thanks to its anti-microbial properties.

8) Sorbitol – Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol, C6H14O6 found in nature as the sweet constituent of many berries and fruits best known from Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan or European Rowan). Sorbitol retains moisture on the skin and leaves it feeling soft.

9) Salicylic Acid – is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA).salicylic acid is a key ingredient in many skin-care products for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, calluses, corns, keratosis pilaris, and warts. It works as both a keratolytic and comedolytic agent by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralizing bacteria within, preventing pores from clogging up again by constricting pore diameter, and allowing room for new cell growth.


Texture & Scent




This cleanser is rather thick and dense in texture. It also has a pearly effect on it!  It smells a little like aspirin but doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Water definitely needs to be applied with the cleanser before spreading it on the face as its texture is rather dense and thick to be spread across the face.

Once water is applied, mix it together and lather it until foam is formed and now you are ready to clean your face! As not much foaming agents were used here, there isn’t much foam. However it doesnt cause any problems as it doesn’t affect its cleansing power.

Cleansing Power


Cleansing power is rather good!

However, my skin felt dry after cleansing, and i don’t quite like the feeling after cleansing. Perhaps it’s because of Winter, but i doubt so. I’m sure this cleanser wouldn’t be a problem if you’re staying in a tropical country where it’s sunny all year long, but for those of us who go though winter, this cleanser might be drying and for those with dry skin, you might as well look for another cleanser!

Before Cleansing :



After cleansing ( Moisture level dropped ! )





Other than the ingredient butylene/ethylene glycol that is present here, i find this cleanser quite a good value for money. It is rather cheap in South East Asia and it delivers what is promises.

My skin does feel smooth after cleansing and brightens the skin too – though  it feels dry. On top of that, this cleanser is free of fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol (it claims to be but Butylene Glycol is an alcohol btw..) and colorant.

AHAs and BHAs helps in exfoliating the skin, but i am rather sceptical here that a few minutes of application would do anything to the skin, and it is washed off after that. You would be better off investing in an AHA BHA based cream. However that said, the AHA/BHA cleanser is less of an irritant than a physical exfoliant as it is a chemical exfoliant. Compared to physical exfoliants, it is more gentle to the skin too.

Repurchase? Most probably not. I would consider using this during summer or during my holidays in Malaysia. If you’re looking for a simple cleanser with a rather cheap price and with oily skin, go ahead and try this.  If you have dry skin, try another cleanser, this isn’t for you.

For more reviews :


Plus Size Kitten










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BRTC ADVANCED PURIFICATION PROGRAM bubble Refining cleanser November 18, 2010


BRTC ADVANCED PURIFICATION PROGRAM Bubble Refining Cleanser produces rich and fine bubbles that run into pores to clear impurities and dead skin cells. Pores are therefore unclogged. What’s more, it helps controls sebum secretion, detoxifies and purifies skin. Skin’s capacity for moisture and nutrients is therefore optimized, revealing translucent white and flawless.

To read more about the product , look at the information in the photo below :


The cleanser comes in a medium sized 60ml bottle. The packaging gives a rather serious image of the product, with the use of pure white color with the use of blue colored text which is BRTC’s trademark color.


I was rather confused as there were two different instructions regarding the product.

First was from

1. After cleansing, apply a proper amount of Bubble Refining Cleanser onto dry face.

2. Abundant oxygen bubbles are formed in a few seconds.

3. After 5 minutes, massage the bubbles with wet fingers in order to remove excess sebum and dead cells.

4. Rinse off with warm water.

5. Use once or twice a week.

And secondly, the instructions on the leaflet :

1. After refining skin texture with toner, pump Bubble Refining Cleanser 2-3 times and place it in a glass bowl at the stage of deep cleansing

2. Apply it with pack brush according to the direction of the skin

3. After forming rich bubbles in 3-5 minutes, massage softly with fingertips and wash off with running water.

I couldn’t understand the official instructions so i opted to use Sasa’s instructions


  • Papaya Extract: exfoliates aged cuticles. Papaya contains enzyme papain, which has wonderful exfoliating properties – removing dead skin, and specifically damaged skin. Most enzyme cleansers contain Papaya extracts.
  • Lemon Extract: detoxifies and brightens skin.
  • Lavender Extract: soothes skin and antiseptic. It helps wound healing.
  • Spinach Extract: nourishes skin.
  • Na-Complex: unclogs pores and prevention the appearance of black heads.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – pale blue liquid (which explains the faint blue color of the cleanser) that has many uses including bleaching agent, disinfectant and antiseptic. There is a great deal of current research showing that hydrogen peroxide is problematic as a topical disinfectant because it can greatly reduce the production of healthy new skin cells. In Chemistry, we know that H202 (its chemistry name) is a strong oxidizing agent, meaning that it generates free-radical damage which impairs the skin healing process.

You have a few foaming agents here :

  • Cocamidopropyl betaine – synthetic surfactant (Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension of a liquid, allowing easier spreading, and lowering of the interfacial tension between two liquids) derived from coconut oil and dimethylaminopropylamine that does not irritate skin or mucuous membrane. It also has antiseptic properties. However some studies indicate it is an allergen (cause allergic reactions) and has even won Allergan Of The Year in 2004.
  • Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Sodium Cocoamphopropionate, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate and Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate clean the skin and hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so that these substances can be rinsed away. They also increase foaming capacity or stabilize foams
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate – I have discussed it here at the Elisha Coy review : click here
  • Cocamide DEA – is a viscous liquid and is used as a foaming agent in bath products like shampoos and hand soaps, and in cosmetics as an emulsifying agent.

Also another interesting ingredient

  • Benzophenone – is used to prevent ultraviolet light from damaging scents and colors in products such as perfumes and soaps. This allows the manufacturer to package the product in clear glass or plastic. Without it, opaque or dark packaging would be used.

Looks like this cleanser is packed with humongous amount of ingredients that are irritating to the skin, so those of you with sensitive skin, please report back here if you have incurred any reactions!

Cleansing Power

This product is actually used only in the second step of cleansing. You will have to clean your skin with your cleanser first, dry it, then double cleanse with this product.

It is the first time we’ve used a self-foaming cleanser. No water is added but foams are created automatically with time ( no surprise here considering the amount of foaming agents here used! ) mmmm It is rather unique and the bubbles do give a little massage on the face as you can feel it moving around your face. I like the ticklish feeling it does, as if giving a little micro massage to the face. After a few minutes, the foam becomes more evident and puffy !

And the foam lather is more apparent on my face :


Other than the number of irritants in the ingredients, i am pleased with this cleanser. It double cleanses the face and after cleansing, it doesn’t give that tight uncomfortable feeling. However, this product is not a cleanser, you will need to clean your face before cleansing with this product.

Apparently, when the soft bubbles massages pores, impurities from pores are removed  and it smoothes congested circulation which helps brighten dull skin tone.

Before cleansing, the skin analyser showed :

What a huge improvement!

I’m still quite puzzled why the dramatic change in Oiliness when this is suppose to be a cleanser! Lol ! Smile

I love the feeling of the bubbles on my face, and the foam forming without the need of water. Plus the feeling of the ‘massage’ the bubbles give is a plus! Sasa .com is having a buy 1 free 1 deal, so this is totally worth it if you want to give it a try. If you’re sensitive to those ingredients mentioned above, stay away from this cleanser!


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Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing NC-550 October 8, 2010

I recently purchased the Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing NC-550 (the pink one!) because it was on sale.  You can get it at 75 USD at And if you’re purchasing for the first time, sign up for membership and get an extra 5USD off. Oh! And shipping is free too!




The machine itself is very light-weight. Feels like a toy! Hehe.

First of all specifications of the machine :

Detailed dirt of the interior of pores is drawn out, and it drops to the skin easily. The Mitibiden rubber electrode part of the main body head is plus potential, and the dirt of interiors of pores of the ionized sebum, old horny, and the make-up, etc. that were not able to be washed off is drawn out to the minus by applying it to the skin. Dirt is easily washed off to the skin without Goshigoshiing and rubbing.

The make-up water usually used can be used, and it cares effectively by an easy operation. Cotton for the make-up is placed between the main body after the make-up drop and facial cleansing, it sets, and the make-up water is soaked into cotton. It switches on, it has so that the hand may touch the metal part on both sides of the main body, cotton is applied to the skin lightly, and the cleansing is done easily for three minutes. Moreover, the make-up water used usually can be used.

Easy Mitibiden rubber adoption for skin To use a skin sensitive to the metal, Mitibiden rubber is adopted. In addition, strength can be adjusted to four stages according to the condition of the skin, and it is possible to use it at ease for one with weak skin. Moreover, the level of strength under the selection can be confirmed with the indicator lamp.

It is compact and convenient to carry. Because it is a compact size of the dry battery type, carrying is also convenient. It is possible to always care even in the travel destination.


Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing Machine (NC-550) is used to enhance your daily toner as a deep pore cleansing skincare product. With its ionized and conductive rubber, you just simply need a facial cotton and toner, then turn on the machine to massage on the skin lightly, dirt stay in the pores can be easily pull out and wash off. And leaving you a total-fresh skin which are ready to absorb the skincare lotion and moisturizing cream more effectively.
Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing Machine:

  • provides 4 instensity mode to be choose by switching the power LED level
  • has auto off function after 3 minutes (it is suggested to use for 3 minutes per treatment)
  • operated by 2 AAA alkaline batteries (when used for 3 minutes per day, the batteries can be used for about 10 months, batteries are not included)
  • even delicated skin can be used safely
  • dimensions (H x W x D) in mm is about 132 x 42 x 32

  • Power supply: AAA type alkali dry battery ×2
  • Battery longevity: About ten months (Use it for three day minutes. )
  • Externals size: 32×42×132
  • Basic machine weight: About 90g (The dry battery is contained. )
  • Level switch: Four stages
  • Level indication: LED lighting
  • Auto off function: Three minutes
  • The operation buzzer: When you switch the level at the power supply



So you basically gotta slip a cotton pad between the pink cover case  and the black head and click it back.

You can either pour some toner/lotion before you place the cotton or after you have placed it.

I’m personally using Zensation’s Purifying Toner (which i will review later!)

Click on Start!, choose the power suitable for you (4 being the strongest) , but honestly i didn’t see the difference between Power 1 or Power 4. Put your grip on the two metal plates on the side of the machine, and start moving the cotton around your skin.

One thing about this is that you don’t even know if it’s working or not because there isnt any vibration or signs that its working. It doesn’t give any particular feeling as well. So it’s weird for me.. hehe.

After 3 minutes, the machine will emit a BEEP which means it has finished doing its job.


This was the results after 3 minutes :



Wow ! So much dirt?? Where did all these black tiny things come from?? Lol. I am still not sure what to make of it. Note that this was done after i cleansed my face manually! (The next time i will try this after doing using my clarisonic)

However, my skin does seem smooth and supple after this.

Great product overall, i am impressed! Will make a progress report after a few weeks Sourire


  • light, easy to carry around
  • cleans well


  • rather pricey
  • doens’t give any signs that its functioning (but isn’t much of a problem since the end results is seen!)


As promised, i tried using this after cleaning my face with the Clarisonic Brush and the cotton pad was very much less dirty when i just washed my face manually. I’m really impressed ! Sourire Compare these two pics. The one on the left (manual cleansing) , and right (Clarisonic cleansing).


Coeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rouge