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Unique Cosmetic Ingredients in 2010 – Bee Venom, Snail Slime/Mucin and Snake Venom December 31, 2010

This year saw the introduction of unique cosmetics ingredients such as bee venom, escargot/snail mucus, and snake venom being huge hit in the Korean market.

What are so special about these ingredients? Read all about it !



Enprani New Line and Upgraded Retinol Line December 8, 2010

Enprani has recently upgraded it’s Retinol line – a line that was introduced in 2008 – that proved that the line was indeed very successful and popular!

Included in this line is the patented Retino x8 (where it won 2008’s Hot Eye Catching New Product award) . Enprani’s Retino X8 was recognized with the New Excellent Technology award (NET) from the Ministry of Science and Technology for the development of RetinoX8’s main ingredient, Retinyl retinoate. The product also received the Health and Technology award (HT) from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs. The product was patented not only in Korea but in Japan, the European Union, and the US. Enprani’s leading product also drew interest from the academic world for its publications in major international science journals.

Another new product called the Micro Shot was introduced into the newly upgraded line. It is a patch management which includes collagen, retinol x8, hyaluronic acid polymer. It contains 8 patches and effects are seen immediately.

With its instant wrinkle improvement solution, its 8 times superior efficacy, and its 6 hours efficiency than existing wrinkle care cosmetics, the RetinoX8 takes its place as a globally recognized wrinkle repairing product.

Enprani CEO, Ryoo Hee-chang, who is a researcher and engineer himself, said “we devoted our last 6 years to develop the RetinoX8. By achieving the NET and HT commendations, we are inspired to continually develop a high quality product and to position ourselves as one of the top brands recognized by consumers from around the globe.”

Enprani has also introduced a new line under it’s wings called Eslinn. There really is this obsession about escargot/snail creams in Korea. Most major brands have their snail cream line  and Enprani is the latest to jump in ( Secret Key, Tony Moly, Enprani, etc) !

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Enprani Vital BB Cream November 11, 2010


This is a basic BB Cream from the Enprani Group. It was their first BB Cream , but it’s popularity faded when Enprani came out with their best-selling BB Cream – “ All That B.B “ . To know how old and basic this BB Cream is, you will need to know that it doesn’t even contain any SPF. Almost all the new generation of BB Creams contains SPF nowadays.



The Enprani Vital BB Cream comes in a very nice glossy black box. The BB Cream is stored in a little bulky  pump. It is really cute in a way, but maybe inconvenient for you ladies to bring it out with you since it’s really bulky! The pump is also rather hard to control so sometimes we pump too much BB Cream out!


I would not have much to comment here because i do not have the ingredient list here with me! However from the Enprani Website, i managed to catch one of the main ingredient :

1) Bradykinin (found in aloe gel)

According to Wiki, Bradykinn is a peptide that causes blood vessels to dilate (enlarge), and therefore causes blood pressure to lower .Bradykinin is an inflammatory nonapeptide (9- amino acid peptide chain)  originating in the plasma  So why is it used in cosmetics? It has now been determined that one of the essential characteristics of sensitive skin (reactions of skin irritation and intolerance) are associated, in particular, with the release of these neuropeptides, induced by bradykinin.

Thus, it has now been determined that the use of a bradykinin antagonist permits the preventive and/or curative therapeutic treatment of sensitive skinTo treat sensitive skin, bradykinin antagonists are hereby employed. Indeed, it has now surprisingly been found that the formulation of bradykinin antagonists into a cosmetic, pharmaceutical or dermatological composition avoids the irritationand/or dysaesthesic sensations in and/or pruritus of the skin and/or of the mucous membranes.
Briefly, the present invention features the formulation of at least one bradykinin antagonist into topically applicable compositions comprising a cosmetically, pharmaceutically or dermatologically acceptable medium, for treating sensitive skin.

To read more : head over here and here !

Texture and Color

The Enprani Vital has a nice rather light texture to it. In a way it is also rather creamy, and compared to the Enprani Rayshot it is creamier and thicker in texture.  It is also very easy to spread on the skin and has a greasy texture to it!

As seen below, Enprani Vital has a darker color compared to the rest, but don’t worry, once applied to the skin, it blends with the skin color.

Oil Control

Oil Control is rather poor for the Enprani Vital BB Cream. However, it would be suitable for those with combination – combination dry skin.

Picture taken after an hour : As you can see the paper blot is already very oily even after only 1 hour!

When compared to other brands : A – Alexander Kimsco CM – Crazy Monkey ER – Enprani Rayshot EV – Enprani Vital

After 10 minutes :

After 45 minutes :

After 2 hours :

Before putting on Enprani Vital : –1 for both Skin Texture and Moisture. Normal for Oiliness.

After putting on Enprani Vital : + 1 for oiliness, moisture, and texture.


This BB Cream has an average coverage. It will cover well if you do no not have much skin problems.

On my left cheek which has a lot of old cystic acne scars :

And on my right cheek which is much better !

When being compared to other BB Creams :


As said in the introduction, this is a very basic BB cream. It does it job like all BB Creams, and is more suitable for those with drier skin. It does have a good staying power though. It doesn’t have sunscreen so you have to apply another layer of sunscreen before applying the BB cream. Like all Korean cosmetics , it has fragrance in it, and thank god, it isn’t heavily scented !

Repurchase? Probably not… there are so much other options. However if you are looking for a cheap BB Cream as a base, or just as a light coverage for night use ( as u don’t need sunscreen at night – when you need to go to the mamak with friends etc  )  this BB cream could be an option.


Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

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Enprani Ray Shot BB Cream SPF 25++ October 10, 2010






I had a really bad experience with this ebay seller ( libra038 and gemini something). First off she sent me this bb cream without the packaging and the BB was not sealed !! She gaved me a USED BB cream. So all of you be careful if you deal with this seller. Enprani is quite a classy brand, therefore, one should expect nothing short of Wowness from their packaging. You can get this on Gmarket , complete with the original box and a 20ml free gift mini tube of this BB cream. The color of the tube is silver which reflects and shine when exposed to sunlight. I think they chose this color because once you smear some BB Cream on your hand and rub it, it gives the same effect and color of the tube.



Nothing fancy about the list of ingredients here, other than the main feature was for ‘whitening’. I couldn’t find anything online but i suspect since it’s for whitening, Arbutin has got to be in there somewhere.


I was deeply impressed with the texture of this BB cream. It is currently top on my list. It’s very easy to apply this BB cream and melts right on the skin. It doesnt have any sticky feeling to it, nor oily but a moist feeling. A Big Plus!


The color is rather light, and grey undertone is quite apparent. But once it melts on your skin, it gives a very nice glow, and doesnt give that white cast skin tone that some BB creams do. Natural and makes you glow! Sourire There isn’t any glitter/shimmer involved.



Coverage is good with this. It isn’t too heavy which probably some girls would not like, but as a guy, i find the coverage just nice for me!

alt alt

Oil Control

Oil control isn’t very good for this product, but those with combination-dry would best fit this product. I am more to the oily side, but i still love using this product.

I compared this BB cream with the Crazy Monkey BB cream (which i will do a review later)  and the results were as below (picture taken every 4 hours) :

alt alt alt alt

Check out more comparison with other BB Creams by clicking here


This BB is one of my favourite ones. I was really impressed with Enprani’s Ray Shot that i placed an order on the other Enprani BB Creams. I also found out that Enprani has released a new BB cream off the Ray Shot line called Ray Shot GOLD BB cream , which i will give it a miss eventhough i love the Rayshot BB because it contains gold and glitter , which is a no-no for me!


You can find both BB creams @ Gmarket at an affordable price 🙂 Much cheaper than buying it in retail stores.

Rating :


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