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UPDATED : Introducing Coway’s Re:nk (Try It!) April 30, 2011



Re : Nk is a luxury Korean brand by Woongjin Coway, a korean company which are known for their water and air purifiers. Woongjin Coway launched Re-Nk in 2010. Re-Nk isn’t Coway’s first cosmetic brand – they sold off Coreana Cosmetics Co. Ltd in 1999, and re-entered the Korean cosmetics market with Re:Nk.

What exactly dooes Re:Nk stands for ? It stands ‘Rebirth of New Skin’ and ‘Revolution of New Knowledge’ which gives an impression of cutting-edge biotechnology cosmetic brand.

Re-Nk currently boasts 40 patented ingredients, which is substantially higher than an average of 3-4 patents for other brands in their markers. Nanotechnology is also applied to their products to ensure maximum absorption of potent ingredients into the cells of the skin.

The core component of the brand is the ‘EnerCell’ developed by the company’s in-house technology.  The ‘EnerCell’ has dual-capsule structure, of which outer capsule helps the component be absorbed into skin and inner capsule is decomposed in the skin to provide cell with energy.

They have also sought the help of designer Federico Restrepo which has done the packaging design for many other cosmetic brands such as Origins, Phytomer, Clarins, Enprani and Decleor.


The spokesperson is none other than the beautiful Ko Hyun Jung, a reputable Korean actress which has acted in many hit series such as Dae Mul, Queen Seon Duk.

Product Lines

1. Re:NK Homme


The ‘Re:NK HOMME’ was created by long-time research on cutting-edge life science technology, which helps men tone up their facial feature and vitalize tired skin by providing vital energy.

A core component of this product is the ‘EnerCell’ developed by the company’s in-house technology. The ‘EnerCell’ has dual-capsule structure, of which outer capsule helps the component be absorbed into skin and inner capsule is decomposed in the skin to provide cell with energy.

The ‘Re:NK HOMME’ line-up consists of three kinds of products ; ‘Moisturizing cream’, ‘Moisturizing lotion’ and ‘Dual effect cleansing foam’. These products have features of aiding to skin rejuvenation, and keeping up resilient skins. Also, they strengthen men’s self defense capability of damaged skins with detox function, suppress sebum with ‘hybrid sebum control system’, and keep up moisture.

Meanwhile, a world-class designer ‘Federico Restrepo’, well-known as the ‘Burberry perfume’ and ‘Clarins cosmetics’ designer, participated in the development of these products. Package designs of these products were inspired by the glacier floating in the Arctic Ocean. It was shaped to clean water and refreshing ice with optimized feeling of grip.

2.  Re-NK Cell Luminous Whitening Line

Launched last month, this whitening line is an upgraded and renewed version of their previous whitening line.

Fundamental skin whitening by the ‘EnerWhite TM’, an ingredient developed by independent technology.

Introducing the idea from skin whitening of Ko, Hyun-jung, the company’s ad model.

These products help users’ skin be shown naturally by the EnerWhite™, a whitening ingredient developed by independent technology, and the EnerCell™ ingredient.

The EnerWhite™ is a core ingredient to accentuate the whitening effect by fundamentally preventing the creation of melanin, which was developed after five years of research at the Woongjin Coway Cosmetics Research Center. The inhibition effect of melanin of this ingredient exceeds 200 multiples over arbutin, an existing whitening ingredient. This ingredient also makes it possible to fundamentally whiten users’ skin by inhibiting the movement and maturity of existing melanin. Clinical research institutes have verified that it has excellent skin whitening effect more than two times than existing ingredients.

The Cell Luminous Real White Line was developed to maximize whitening effect by three steps of whitening, recycling and moisturizing. Through the first step, the EnerWhite™ prevents the creation of melanin and inhibits their movement fundamentally. It also provides solutions against black, red and yellow spots. After that, the EnerCell™ helps moisturize skin.

It is worthy of notice that the idea from skin whitening of Ko, Hyun-jung, the company’s ad model for Re:NK, was applied to this product. She has actively participated in the product development meeting and shared her ideas and know-how about skin whitening.

In particular, the idea stemmed from the question why the whitening should be considered with the same criteria even though everyone has different skin colors. She has unique concept about skin whitening method that it should help users find their own brightest skin light by filling lights under the skin, which was applied to this product.

Woo-Tae Lee, head of cosmetics marketing headquarter of Woongjin Coway, said, “We successfully developed the EnerWhite™ after our sincere research efforts for a long time, which will suggest a new criterion of future skin whitening.”

For those of you who are interested in trying out the brand, here is a link to the trial kit : 

3. Re-NK Time Lab Wrinkle Energy Line


This is a wrinkle line which features their key ingredient Bio Cell Activator which helps ease wrinkles and slowly makes them disappear. Contains real diamond in formulation too!

For those of you interested in trying out the Time Lab line, here is the link : 

4. Re-NK Skin Renew Line

This line activates the skin’s natural repair system to help strength the skin. This line uses a fermentation process. Transform tired, dull skin into healthy, clear skin.

5. Re-NK Face Up Line

Consist of three products – serum, cream and mask. Contains natural derived peptides that helps lifts and provides resilience to your skin.

6. Re-NK Extra Moisture Line


This is a line that helps moisturize the dry skin.

7. Re-NK Essential Moisture Line


This is a basic moisture line. It features two types of toner and emulsion. One for normal to dry skin, and the other for oily combination.


Introducing Brands : Hakutsuru Rice Beauty December 24, 2010


We saw this brand on Sasa and it straight away struck our attention because it reminded us of IsQueen’s Rice Bran products which have had good reviews online.

So we did a little investigation and came up with enough information to write this brand introduction. We love discovering new brands.

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd, located in Kobe, is a famous sake brewer of Nada, the best renowned sake-producing district in Japan.


For more than two centuries, Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. has been producing a wide range of sake, including draft sake, shochu, plum wine, nigori sake, etc. The Hakutsuru sake is a very popular Japanese sake brand, both within and outside of Japan. And since the 1950s, Nansen Trading has started bringing in and introduced the Hakutsuru sake to the Hong Kong market.

Since 2004, Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. has started launching Rice Beauty, a line of gentle medicated skincare products that incorporate very familiar ingredients – the rice and water used in sake brewing.



Brand Introduction : LG Household Care Corporation introduces New Organic Herbal Brand : Belif December 16, 2010



One of Korea’s biggest cosmetic company (after Amore Pacific) , LG Household ( same company that produces handphones, televisions ) has gone the organic natural way. The powerhouse company that houses luxury brands like The History Of Whoo, OHUI, Isa Knox (for mature skin), Vonin ( men skincare brand ), Lacvert ( to fight Amore Pacific’s Laneige – brand for younger skin), Sooryehan ( The History of Whoo for younger skin – or also known as the cheaper History Of Whoo – for women in their 20-30s ) recently introduced a new herbal natural and organic brand named Belif – as interest in natural cosmetics is growing in Asia itself.


Continue reading  (more…)


Introducing Naruko Skincare December 5, 2010


Brand Introduction

Of all the brands out there, i decided to give the spotlight to Naruko, a taiwanese brand by Niu-Er, taiwan’s top skincare guru which has appeared in countless TV Programs.

What does it stand for?

N – NiuEr

A – Avant-Garde

R – Narcissism

U – Nature

K – Key to Beauty

O – Internationally

Why did i decide to give Naruko the spotlight ? Because i thought the brand was worth sharing with everyone here !

First of all, the prices are extremely reasonable and cheap. I was really shocked at the prices, because i never expected it to be so reasonable. A set of 9 products are sold at only RM 200/ 50 Euros /  65 USD.

The products are Paraben-free, artificial colouring free, fragrance free and not subjected to animal testing. Brands that claim to be paraben-free, fragrance-free, organic, natural are charging xXx times the money, but not Naruko. It is this part of his sincerity and honesty that touched me.

Thirdly, the products are environmentally friendly. The boxes of the products can be re-used and made into pencil cases, etc.  Niu-Er really did put a lot of effort and thought into this brand. It is the first time I’ve heard of Brands trying to make use of their packaging into something useful and beneficial, a gesture to save the world’s environment.

Philosophy/ Brand Concept/Marketing

The brand’s philosophy ravels around a quote of Niu’er himself :

Niu’Er wrote a quote which can be read on the box itself : 瓶子内的效果远比瓶子外的装饰来的重要,而皮肤以内的,远胜过外表所呈现的样貌 which translates as : The contents in this bottle is far more important than packaging outside of it ( referring to the packaging of the product ), just like how the inner layers of the skin (what we can’t see) is far more important that the outer appearance of it (what we see). So i guess it’s true that beauty is skin deep eh? Smile Lovely quote btw!

Niu’er spent 20 years studying the ingredients of skincare products – 7 years researching and developing products,  and thus the brand Naruko was born. He insists on Naturalism in all his products – thus every product is paraben free, artificial preservatives free, artificial colouring free, and fragrance free and not subjected to any animal experiments.

All products of Naruko contain a special patented ingredient called the PhytoFerulin : it enhances the skin’s natural self defense system with the use of high anti oxydant moisturizing ingredients. It incorporates the use of 11 plant extracts :

1) Echinacea golden seal root – strengthens immune system

2) Radix Glycyrrhiza / liquorice – remove toxins, whitening and brightening properties

3) Calendula officinalis – antiseptic, anti inflammatory

4) Ginkgo biloba – improves blood circulation

5) Green tea – anti oxydant

6) Camomile – soothing  and calming properties

7) Circaea quadrisulcata – known also as Enchanter’s Nightshade – calming and strenghtens skin immunity

8) Edelweiss – anti oxydant

9) Artemisia vulgaris – mugwort or common wormwood – gives radiance to the skin

10) Epilobium angustifolium – fireweed/great willow herb/ rosebay willowherb –anti oxydant



Naruko’s products come in very nice simple packaging like what the brand philosophy states. On the outside it’s all white and plain, but inside it is all colorful and pretty.

Like i said these packaging can be used pencil holders, card holders etc. Instructions are even included in the box!

Example of images taken from Ash Tan’s blog (Thanks!)

The Original (Outside) packaging of the Narcissict set :

The Packaging of the products itself :

The inside of the box :

Instructions included on how to transform the box into something useful :

Another example taken from Beauty Gossipology’s Blog :

The end product! :

From Pinky Kathy’s Blog :

Star Products

Every brand has their star products, and for Naruko, their star products are :


1) Celestial White Moss Perfume Nectar – blend of essential oils. NARUKO Celestial White Moss contains botanical essential oils. Free from musk derived from animals, it is a white musk perfume formulated with herbaceous musk. The degree of purity of the perfume is the highest. It is long-lasting. Even if you apply merely a small amount to wrists and neck, the fragrance can last for a very long time. Formulated in a hi-tech way, it gives a moss note, a charming aroma resulting from the combination of the essential oils of cedarwood Virginia, orange and petitgrain. Suitable for both males and females, it leaves one delighted and at ease.

The alcohol-free perfume can come into contact with the skin directly. Its smell is pure and fresh. It will not irritate the nose. The convenient-to-carry product allows you to re-apply any time.

2)  Niaouli and Tea Tree Acne Clay Cleanser – clay based cleanser for oily and acne skin. NARUKO Niaouli & Tea Tree Acne Clay Cleanser, a deep cleansing mask and a cleanser, is stronger in deep cleansing and unclogging pores with its dual cleansing concept. Specially formulated with glycolic acid and an oil-controlling factor as core ingredients, it regulates sebum secretion and tightens pores. Added with an antiseptic ingredient (Piroctone olamine), it prevents acnes. It works in co-ordination with a mild cleansing formula. Just a small amount will form rich lather. It thoroughly cleanses facial sebum and removes dead skin cells, leaving skin very refreshed and clean. Skin will become radiant again, as if it had been polished.

3) Job’s Tears Whitening and Cooling Night Gelly – moisturizing eye jelly

And not forgetting of course, that most of Niu’Er creams are gel-jelly based. There’s only 1 actual cream actually in the whole product range! The rest are all jelly based. This is very intriguing because i have not seen any brands using only gelly-based creams and no creams at all ! I think that this is because Niu’er wants this to be accessible to all skin types because jelly based products are suitable for all skin types. However i am not sure if it would be enough for those with very dry skin!

I am curious how Naruko Jelly products would compare to the famous Ci:Labo Collagen Aqua Jelly, the UNT Derma Oasis Jelly, and the Mizuno Tenshi Gelly. Since we have the other three products, we will be comparing all and see who’s the winner ! 🙂

Product Lineup

Magnolia Brightening and Firming Skincare Range (NEW!)


Narcissus Total Defense Range (anti aging range)

NARUKO Narcissus Total Defense Range is a fundamental care that delivers different benefits, including hydrating, vitalizing and anti-aging.

Contains Phytoferulin®, Tremella Fuciformis Extract, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Solomon Oil, Narcissus Bulbs Extract, Kojic Acid, Revitalizing Factor, Botanical Oils Complex, Tripeptide


Naouli and Tea Tree Range (for acne/oily skin)

Helps regulate sebum secretion, strengthen the relief of acnes, and enhance the skin’s resistance. At the same time, it promotes keratose metabolism, which aids in unclogging pores. Besides, it prevents acnes, and diminishes the appearance of scars, pigments and traces of pigmentation. With multiple repairing effects that last for all night, it helps keep skin sleek, fresh and healthy.


  • 【Phytoferulin】 It protects skin from external environmental damage and strengthens skin, revitalizing it from within.
  • 【Tremella Fuciformis Berk.】 It helps create translucent skin watery to the touch, and provides long-lasting hydration.
  • 【Zinc PCA】 It regulates skin’s sebum secretion, relieving oily face.
  • 【Glycolic Acid】 It fastens the removal of dead skin cells, preventing pores from getting clogged, and strengthens the driving out of sebum as well as keratose chippings inside pores. It relieves rough and uneven skin, leaving it sleek and delicate again.


Job’s Tears Whitening and Cooling Range

Rose and Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Range

This hydrating and anti-aging formula repairs and hydrates skin

Phytoferulin®, Tremella Fuciformis Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, Tripeptide, Dermaveil, Ceramide, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Alga Extract, Botanical Essential Oils


Marjoram and Lavender Anti Pigmentation Range

Phytoferulin®, Sun’er Complex®, Hyaluronic Acid, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Vitamin E Filling Spheres, Botanical Oil Filling Spheres, Ellagic Acid Filling Spheres, Matricaria Maritime, Botanical Essential Oils


New line : Naruko Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid Line


This is absolutely a skincare brand that we will be keeping an eye on. The ingredient list is top – you will never find any brands with that sort of an ingredient list at this price – trust me! Nor will you find organic natural skincare products that claim to be paraben-free, fragrance-free, artificial preservatives-free at this price.

This brand is an absolute steal!

The website is also really very informative as well. Each product is explained in detail,

Example :


Product details are divided into few sections, including Product Description , Ingredients, How To Use, Question and Answer, Precaution etc..

And i love how they have incorporated Chizu Saeki ( the author of The Japanese Skincare Revolution ) method of using ‘cotton masks’. The steps on how to use ‘cotton masks’ are also detailed on the Naruko website under How-to-use.


Where to purchase? where it’s overpriced.

– It’s official website : here where the prices are much cheaper and if you get a set, it’s really worth it. However due to huge demand, a lot of products are already out of stock and the downside is that you will need to know Chinese. They do offer international shipping as well.

Will we be purchasing this?

Not at the meantime because we have so many products waiting to be reviewed. However, once we have run out of products, the brand will be first on our list! Or hopefully, they will be kind enough to send us samples for review!

Naruko does not have an English website at the moment, so you guys would have to use Google Translate while navigating the site.

We will probably be purchasing their cotton pads first, for three boxes (60 pieces) , you pay about 4.5 euros, as opposed to Shiseido’s Cotton Pads which is about 5 euros per box (70 pieces). There’s even a set of cotton pads sold together with their essence, so if you want to try out Chizu Saeki’s Cotton Mask Method, you can get the either one of the sets :

There is also another type of cotton pads which are slightly more expensive by a few cents! Open-mouthed smile One side is weaved with cross tissues while another is weaved with horizontal tissues. The former enables a moderate removal of dead skin for higher translucency of skin, while the latter enables skin-friendly massage for more healthy-looking complexion.

Visit their facebook page as well : here!

And their youtube page for more skincare tips : here!

How to diminish panda eyes and puffiness in 1 minute!

How to diminish panda eyes and puffiness in 1 minute

How to use your cotton pads to maximize products effectiveness!

Update :
We tried purchasing some items off today but was so put off by the shipping charges.
We ordered a total of $4500 ++ and the shipping came up to $2,500.. that’s more than half.
They should really think of other cheaper shipping methods for those overseas (europe/america)..
Well, if you want the same stuff, and also by Niu-Er, head over to
If you buy over $4000 worth of stuff, shipping is FREE worldwide.
Now that’s what i call Business.

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Introducing : SU:M 37 December 2, 2010

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Hope In A Blog’s first brand introduction : Su:m 37.


Su:m 37 was introduced in 2007 by the LG Household Corporation (Yes, the same LG that does mobile phones, television etc) as a high-end premium line.

It now boasts 8 lines to it’s name and has become a fast uprising brand in Korea.

Meaning “respiration” in Korean, “su:m” refers to the skin’s respiration, while “37” represents the optimal temperature for fermentation. Therefore, the brand name “su:m 37” captures the science behind naturally fermented cosmetics.

Sum37 products are free of fragrances, artificial colors, and synthetic preservatives.



Believing in “fermentation cosmetics” as the next growth engine in the industry, LG H&H launched su:m 37, Korea’s first naturally fermented cosmetics brand.

▣ Full-scale department store marketing is to be initiated following its launch at the Daejeon Lotte Department Store in October, the Yeongdeungpo Lotte Department Store on November 30, and Busan Lotte Centum City in early December. LG H&H plans to enhance its brand position in high-end department stores by securing a presence in about 10 department stores by 2008.

▣ LG H&H believes that fermentation technology will be a new growth engine that can reinvigorate a Korean cosmetic market already saturated with Oriental medicine-based cosmetics.



Known to many as the Korean equivalent to SK-II, SUm 37’s signature ingredient – extracts of 50 plant species developed through natural fermentation.

Their marketing/brand story is a very smart and interesting one :

▣ In particular, su:m 37 differs from artificially fermented* cosmetics already on the market in that it offers pure, naturally fermented products. About 50 plant species grown organically in Hokkaido, a pristine area of Japan, are naturally fermented at a temperature of 37°C for 1102 days, or “3 years + 7 days.”
(*Artificial fermentation: A cosmetic is artificially fermented by adding a substance to induce fermentation.)

▣ Meaning “respiration” in Korean, “su:m” refers to the skin’s respiration, while “37” represents the optimal temperature for fermentation. Therefore, the brand name “su:m 37” captures the science behind naturally fermented cosmetics.

▣ su:m 37 is created using a fermentation technique studied for about eight decades by Japan’s Otaka Research Center, renowned for its research in fermentation. In the first step of this process, undiluted solutions of some 50 clean and pure plants are extracted and stored in a Japanese cedar keg in the Research Center for seven days.

▣ The extracted solution is moved to a storage area with a constant temperature of 37°C. It is left to breathe in tune with the melody of a music box while it is fermented dozens of times over three years. The process also produces new substances Zyen and Zyen-γ, which are highly effective at improving the skin.

▣ Zyen and Zyen-γ, naturally fermented substances, contain various amino acids, natural organic acids and antioxidants. They do not irritate the skin and stimulate the skin’s metabolism. They help the skin appear healthy and smooth.



The product containers’ attractive combination of luxurious golden tones and glass is designed by a leading French design firm echoes the shape of nature through Oriental simplicity and the beauty of flowing curved lines.

Product Lines



Ready to be shocked?

The most expensive line of Sum 37 is of course the Centenica 1909 Cream. For 50ml, it retails for about 1000 $USD ! Contains only the best fermented ingredients in the world such as the famous Château d’Yquem wine, the balsamic vinegar of Modena (Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale) which is fermented for a minimum of 12 years, Ashwagandha or known also as Indian Ginseng, FOXO3 a human protein which is nicknamed the ‘longevity’ protein, and lots more goodies.

Secret Programming Essence


– Often compared to SKII’s famous essence, the secret programming essence is also the star product of SUM 37 and generated 70 billion korean won in sales after only 8 months and secured SUM 37’s position in the korean cosmetic market!  Every 3 minutes, 1 bottle is sold ! This essence is made out of 80 kind of plant extracts!

Wrinkle Treatment Line


This is a rather new line which consists of the Face Lifting Treatment and the Wrinkle Corrector

Luxury Line


1102 Extreme Time Line


The 1102 line, which contains Zyen-γ produced over 1102 days of fermentation, is a basic skincare line that effectively lifts skin loosened due to aging. Enriched with polysaccharides, a third sugar, it adds density and vitality to skin.

372 Skin Translucent Line


Time Energy Basic Line


White Award Line


Waterfull Line


Special Care Line


Consists of BB Cream, Sunblock, Overnight Pack, Masks , etc

For the full list head over to Sum 37 official website (not in English)




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