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Oh! So beautiful : Cosme Decorte AQMW January 28, 2011


Oh! So beautiful……………..


Introducing Japan’s Cosme Decorte latest super-high end luxury line : AQMW ( Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder )


Design by Dutch interior designer Marcel Wanders, the line is designed for women over 30 years of age, the age to start preventive mesures against aging.

Package design

A dazzling white and elegant form. The striking white and willowy frame of the package reflect Marcel Wanders” idea of the “essence of a beautiful woman.” The pattern on the package of life-rich plants and flowers growing expresses the regenerative powers of the skin. The design’s sophisticated aura dramatizes the luxuriousness of time spent refining oneself.


KOSÉ developed the skincare product line “COSME DECORTE AQ MW” focusing on the skin’s regenerative powers akin to life-rich plants that continuously sprout new life. It added sandalwood extract, a moisturizer, for the first time to all items in the new product line, because researchers at KOSÉ found that sandalwood extract helps minimize the stress of daylight on the skin. It also blended the fragrance of sandalwood for its healing and relaxing effect. Furthermore, KOSÉ added a new moisturizer, mucinsome, by using liposome technologies to capsulate for the first time mucin*, a component of the mucous membrane living structures. Mucinsome induces the high affinity for the skin, the enhancement of skin barrier function, and the protection of the skin from dryness and other external stresses.


●Mucin is the main component of the mucous exist in the mouth, stomach, and other digestive organs and the lacrymal fluid.

● Mucin has an important function to provide optimum moisture, moderate the environmental insult, and
consequently protect the living body from invasion by
foreign substances.

● Secretion of this element is thought to decline with age.

( If you don’t have the budget for this – just get the escargot/snail based products which are also mucin rich )

The new line will compromise 9 categories and contain 10 product priced from 4,500 yen to 30,000 yen. Product has already been launched in Japan since November and will be released in South East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan on the 1st of March 2011.


The line will consists of :


1. Cleansing Milk 150ml  – 6,300 yen.


Non sticky and smooth. Contains essential oils of sandalwood and rose. Gentler than cream, quicker to fit to skin than oil. This cleansing milk will quickly remove make-up and alleviate dull skin tone.

2. AQMW Facial Bar 100g –  5040 yen


Contains hyaluronate and foams immediately. Leaves skin moist without breaking the skin barrier. A solid facial soap that removes dead skin cells with a concentrated foam so viscous it is stringy.

3. Repair Emulsion 200ml – 10,500 yen


A light emulsion to provide cells with ideal moisture and leaves skin soft and elastic. An emulsifier that makes skin supple and firm from the inside by smoothing the skin”s texture.

4. Repair Lotion 200ml – 10,500 yen



A skin lotion with a high concentration of the moisturizer mucinsome to enhance the skin”s barrier functionality and protect the skin from dryness and other external stresses. It creates moist and radiant skin by caressing the skin.




5. Essential Night Balm 22g – 12,600 yen


A 100% oil-based cream loaded with carefully selected organic oils. Envelops the skin to
moisturize it from the inside and gently protect easy-to-dry skin.

6. Cream Excellence 50g – 31,500 yen


A high-concentration cream that makes skin moist and resilient. The moisturizer mucinsome enhances the skin”s barrier functionality, protecting the skin from dryness and external stresses.

7. Repair Serum 40ml – 12,000 yen


A serum that intensifies freshness to provide a bounce-like lift to the skin.

8. Massage Cream 93g – 10,500 yen


A massage cream that refreshes tired and tense skin with the fragrance of sandalwood and the richness of cream.

9. Facial Mask Duo 6 sheets – 10,500 yen



A double-sheet mask with a different composition of ingredients targeting the upper and lower parts of the face. The upper part of the mask uses the moisturizer bukuryo extract to brighten around the eyes, while the lower part of the mask helps reclaim the skin”s suppleness with shark extract, a moisturizer.







* Sandalwood extract (moisturizer), birch sap (moisturizer), and double peptide (moisturizer): present in all items except Essential Balm
* Mucinsome (moisturizer): present in all items except Cleansing Milk, Facial Bar, and Essential Balm






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