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A.C Care releases 1st anniversary limited edition Water Essence Set May 14, 2011

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Dong Sung Pharmacy’s Bee Venom skincare brand A.C CARE will be celebrating their 1st anniversary with the launch of their star product and best seller – the A.C Care Water Essence 에이씨케어 워터 에센스.

The A.C Care has been very popular in Korea over the past year and has been getting good buzz and encouraging sales of their bee-venom based skincare. It has reported to be a miracle product with those suffering from mild to chronic acne!

We did an article on A.C Skincare, so don’t hesitate to read up on it : here.

Bee venom contains hyaluronidase, which attacks scar tissue and dissolves it. In bee venom therapy, or sclerolysis, a therapist mixes venom with a saline solution or sterile water. The therapist targets sensitive or painful areas of the scar and makes several injections across the surface of the scar. Even people allergic to bees still benefit from the therapy, but the therapist takes precautions to prevent an allergic reaction. Some therapists place live bees on the body to direct bee stings to the scar area.

The 1st Anniversary Set will compromise of a full size 120ml Water Essence (120ml / 30,000 wons) + a Portable size (60ml / 17,000 wons) + an Essence Mask ( 1 sheet / 2,000 wons) and free cotton ( 15 pieces). It will be sold for 44,000 wons – a discount of 5,000 wons.

The water essence has sold more than 150,000 last year – a huge success – and the popularity of Bee Venom is said to follow on in 2011 as an effective ingredient to prevent and treat acne. The water essence also helps with hydration other than containing bee venom which treats acne problems.

The line boasts of a few products – Cleanser, toner, emulsion, serum and a cream.

Also, for their first anniversary, a sunscreen and BB Cream will be released. For more details, check our blog daily!