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CathyCat releases Grinding Sun Power May 24, 2011

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LG’s CathyCat by LACVERT  has upgraded their sun powder ca

lled the CathyCat Grinding Sun Poweder SPF 45 PA+++. CathyCat is under the LACVERT brand. The Korean Ice Queen, Kim Yuna, is the face of Lacvert so i’m sure you’ve seen the brand one way or another!

Already – we’re so drawn to the array of colours on this sun powder.




The Grinding Sun Powder consists of Healthy Blooming Powder which rejuvenates your skin, making it look healthy and radiant. It contains several colours which acts as a skin-tone correction base.

It also has a Sebum Control System which absorbs excess sebum. It comes with a SPF 45, PA +++.

To purchase, type 캐시캣 그라인딩 선파우더


UPDATED! : Cathycat 360 Brilliance Mascara, Missha Signature Vibrating mascara & 02 Heating Oscillating Mascara March 10, 2011


Remember Lancome’s Oscillation Mascara?

LG’s make-up brand, CathyCat, will be releasing their own versionof the vibrating mascara called the ‘CathyCat 360 Degree Brilliance Mascara’

With just one press on the button, the mascara wraps up your lashes and curls it with their  360 degree rotation, giving you the perfect mascara look on your eyes. Your lashes will instantly appear extended, exceptionally seperated, and virtually multiplied in number.

Find it soon at CathyCat stores near you or on Gmarket by typing : 캐시캣 360도 뷰러 마스카라



And to join in the competition, Missha, which is famous for their BB Creams, will also be releasing their version of the vibrating mascara.



However, the difference is that the Missha Signature Vibrating Mascara will feature two speeds – low vibration to separate the eye lashes, and high vibration to curl your eye lashes.



You can purchase it on Gmarket by searching for 시그너처 바이브레이팅 마스카라.







New brand, O2, has also released a vibrating mascara but unline the Missha and Cathycat mascara, the O2 mascara spins and heats up too!!



Not only that, it has two brushes and is far more advanced than the Missha and Cathycat Vibrating Mascara.



To top it off, it doesn’t contain any carmine, bismuth, Nut, GMO, lake dye, cornstarch or petro-chemicals!



There is a promotion on Gmarket right now which gives you 10,000 off the original price, and all you need is pay 19,900 for this mascara and you get a normal O2 mascara for FREE! Click on photo to be directed to the Gmarket page :







Photos below for more details :

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CathyCat Releases new products – Aura Base and Aura Pact February 14, 2011




LG’s make-up brand, CathyCat, will be releasing two new products called Aura Base and Aura Pact.


The Aura Base ( 30ml / 27,000 won ) is a make up base that brightens up your tired looking dull skin with the help of crystal pearls. The end results? Enclosed pores and smooth silky skin.


The Aura Pact SPF 30 PA ++ ( 30g / 45,000 won) is a powder pact that contains 6 LED lights on the mirror to give you that superstar face when you look into it ( lol! ). The pact provides protection from UV rays while covering imperfections, even out your skin tone, and makes it perfect !



To purchase it on Gmarket, search for

시캣 아우라 베이스 ( base ) 캐시캣 아우라 팩트SPF30 (pact) .




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