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Moonlit BB Cream : Talc Free & Mineral Oil Free May 27, 2011






For those who are looking for a mineral-free and talc free BB Cream, we are going to recommend the Moonlit BB Cream.




It contains EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor ) , Beta Glucan, Bisabolol, Allantoin and Chamomile to protect your skin, and acts as a anti-aging at the same time.





The BB cream is on 50% sale right now!






To purchase, head to the link below :




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ElishaCoy Ingredient Lists


We’ve found a list of ingredient lists for ElishaCoy products, so we’re gonna share it here :

1. Elishacoy Self Detox Eye Cream Ingredient List

2. Elishacoy Ice Drop Whitening Water Drop Ingredient List

3. Elishacoy White Balancing Skin Repair Toner Ingredient List

4. Elishacoy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask Ingredient List

5. Elishacoy WaterDrop Sun Cream Ingredient List


6. Elishacoy Vitamin Pore Cleanser Ingredient List

7. Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream Ingredient List


8. Elishacoy Snail Hydrogel Mask Ingredient List


9. Elishacoy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch Ingredient List


10. Elishacoy 38 Big Eye Mascara Ingredient List


11. Elishacoy Triple BB Always Triple BB Cream Ingredient List


12. Elishacoy Skinny Mineral Pact SPF25 Ingredient List


13. Elishacoy Cacao Greentea Age Fitness Mask Ingredient List


14/ Elishacoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Mask Ingredient List


15. Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB 24 Ingredient List


16. Elishacoy Syn-ake Velvet Cream Intensive Wrinkle Care Ingredient List


17. Elishacoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream Ingredient List


18. Elishacoy Time Capsule BB Cream Ingredient List



More ElishaCoy promotions


We brought you a fantastic deal last week on ElishaCoy’s Snail Cream which was on 50% off. Now we have even more offers from Elishacoy for you guys.

It’s only limited time… so don’t miss it.

1. Buy 1 Free 1 ElishaCoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub

It’s very much like the infamous Skinfood Black Sugar Mask! Love the scent of this….makes you hungry. Hehe ^^

2. ElishaCoy Clean Pores Set

This set is on 55% off. Only 39,000 for 3 full size products !!! The serum only costs 39,000 wons already!

3. ElishaCoy Water Drop Sun Cream SPF 33

A new suncream from Elishacoy at 30% off !

4. ElishaCoy Whitening Set

The Whitening Set which consists of 4 products – toner, essence, eye cream, and cream at 50% off!

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Ingredient List if anyone’s interested :

















1st UV Detector Sunscreen product : Mizon Skin Protect System Multi UV Sun Block SPF 50 PA +++




Introducing the nation’s first UV Detector Sunscreen product : Mizon Skin Protect System Multi UV Sun Block SPF 50 PA+++.

The cap of the sunscreen changes from white to pink when UV light is detected!

The sunscreen contains maximum protection SPF 50 PA+++, uses hypoallergenic vegetable ingredients which do not irritate skin.

To purchase type 미즈온 멀티 UV 선블록


Vibrating Mascara… and now vibrating foundation? Introducing the face gallery digital foundation




O & has released a vibrating digital foundation called the Face Gallery Digital Foundation.

The foundation gadget is able to vibrate 5500 times per minute, blending the foundation into the skin with ease and flawlessness. All you need is 3 minutes to apply it to your whole face.

The gadget comes with 2 refills and 2 puffs.


To view more pictures and a video on how this gadget works, go here

To purchase, type 오토 패팅 파운데이션 on Gmarket.


Bee Venom Skincare, A.C Care releases BB Cream




We wrote an article regarding the release of bee venom skincare, A.C Care ‘s 1st Anniversary Limited Edition Water Essence Set ( article :here ). At the end of the article, we also did mention the release of a BB Cream and a Sunscreen.

We wrote an article on the new suncreen : here.


Now the BB Cream is out! Introducing the A.C Care Bee’s Venom Shield BB Cream SPF 35 PA ++ 에이씨케어 비즈 쉴드 비비 크림.

This BB Cream comes with a SPF of 35, PA ++. It also contains Bee Venom to help get rid of acne and rejuvenate the skin. Not only that, it contains honey and royal jelly extract to repair damage skin and moisturize the skin.


The BB Cream also contains camellia extracts and silk proteins to help control sebum secretion and provides a soft smooth coverage without irritating the skin.