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pacific pharma contains anti acne moisturizer October 22, 2011





Amore Pacific’s cosmoceutical brand, Pacific Pharma, will be introducing another new product called the Pacific Pharma TherACNE Soothing Moisturizer 테라크네 수딩 모이스처라이저 ( we also reported about their other product : here )


Pacific Pharma signed a research collaboration with BioChemis, a company “enhancing drug delivery through biophysical modulation. BioChemics is a pharmaceutical company that has developed a novel, transdermal drug delivery system for the first time that may allow almost any drug to be efficiently delivered through the skin. The transdermal technology, called VALE® (Vaso-active Lipid Encapsulated), may allow a substantial portion of the pharmacopeia to be re-engineered, turning oral drugs into transdermals that are safer (no gastro-intestinal problems), cheaper and potentially faster acting (applied directly to the treated area) than oral equivalents.


The new Pacific Pharma TherACNE Soothing Moisturizer is a moisturizer for oily and trouble skin. It helps balances the skin’s moisture without any stickiness. Contaning more than 70% of beneficial ingredients for acne, the moisturizer includes ingredients such as liquorice, rhubarb, astragalus, etc to soothe the skin effectively while protecting and moisturizing it. It also contains 1000IU of Retinol which is known to fight acne.


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