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Gmarket Haul #20 May 31, 2011



Oh yes, new items to prepare ourselves for the summer for everyone here in Hope In A Blog!

1. Amore Pacific’s Hannule Gogyeol Soo Rich Effect Hydrating Cream

This is the new cream that came out last month form Hannule that has been receiving rave reviews!

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2. LG’s Sooryehan Soo Gel Cream

Of course, Sooryehan and Hannule are always competing head to head! Haha. Sooryehan also released a hydrating cream – there’s 2 versions : the gel cream and the normal cream. I gotta say this was absolutely a steal! Not only the cream is 60ml, but they included a 25ml cream too!! And of course, LG are always super generous with the free samples that come with it. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous too!

3) OHUI White Extreme Illuminating Base

We’ve been loving the White Extreme line lately, so we’re trying off other stuff from the line to see if it lives up to expectations too!

4) OHUI White Extreme Illuminating Blemish Balm

The packaging seems to be different from the make-up base. I was expecting that nice packaging of the illuminating base. Oh well, at least some freebies are included.

5) Tony Moly Premium Zen Oriental Mask

We’ve been hearing good stuff about this mask… and it was on promotion so why not? Smile 

6) IOPE Whitegen Whitening Line

Wanted to see how IOPE won all the major awards at the 2010 Korean Cosmetics Award, so we’ve been trying some of their stuff. This whitening line is so rich, so if you have oily and combination skin, don’t purchase this!

7) Hannule Gogyeol Mibaek Rich Effect Whitening Pact SPF50+ & Concealer SPF50+

Hannule is a really good brand by Amore Pacific that our blog has been trying to push^^. The packaging is lovely, and we can’t wait to test this out!

8) Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Ampoule

This came free with the hydrating gel cream we bought. It loooks like the real product doesn’t it? It’s just a 15ml sampleeee! Haha.

9) The History Of Whoo Seol Whitening Sun Pact SPF50+

Sigh…. take my breathe away. The History Of Whoo, gorgeous as always.

10) Re:NK Time Lab Energy and Re:nk Essential Moisture

A few of us have been enjoying the Re:NK Cell Luminous line, so we wanted to try other stuffs from the brand. I don’t know why they included the toner and emulsion from the moisture line when the Time Lab line has its own toner and emulsion too!

11) Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, Belif The True Anti-Aging Essence, Belif De-Wrinkle Treatment Essence, Belif The True Whitening Essence

A few free samples given by LG. Can’t wait to try this line since we have only wrote about it but have never tried anything from this line ^^

12) Amore Pacific’s Hyosiah Whitening Line

Amore Pacific’s answer to LG’s Su:m 37. They recently released a whitening and cleaning line, so we can’t wait to see how it compares to Su:m37 !


Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base SPF 50+ & Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream SPF 30 Review May 25, 2011


















Both BB Creams have very nice packaging.

The packaging isn’t very solid compared to the Clinique and Estee Lauder BB Cream packaging which has a very hard solid tube – making it easier to control the amount of BB Cream that comes out.

In terms of convenience, the Sulwhasoo wins because it is smaller, lighter , slimmer– but that is only because it is 20ml less than the Sooryehan.

Sooryehan’s packaging was more beautiful, with small details that adds some elegance to it. I love the colour of the packaging – the shiny red cover, the background pattern, and even the top of the cover has a very pretty design.

However, it was harder to control the amount of BB Cream that comes out from the Sooryehan because it has a larger opening.

Left : Sooryehan , Right : Sulwhasoo








Sulwhasoo has a brighter shade compared to Sooryehan which is more neutral.

Sulwhasoo has this nice orange-pinkish undertone to it, so it really depends on you if you like a pinkish-beige-orangey undertone.

Sooryehan also has a pinkish undertone but it’s closer to a pinkish-greyish undertone. It also looks a little darker compared to the Sulwhasoo. The greyish undertone is also quite obvious after application.

Note : There are two colours for the Sulwhasoo BB Cream. Light Beige and Natural Beige. The one we bought is the Natural Beige.






Sulwhasoo has a very light, easy to spread texture. It really has a very nice texture, very light and moist – it kind of reminded me of the Estee Lauder BB Cream which also has a very similar light texture.

The Sooryehan has a much thicker and concentrated texture. Not to the extend of the normal BB Creams ( The original BB Cream had a very thick and concentrated texture , that was why it was called Blemish BALM ). Certainly not that kind of thickness you’d find in the AHC BB Cream or the BRTC BB Creams.










Sooryehan wins hands down here!!

Sooryehan’s BB Cream has one of the better coverage i have seen in a BB Cream, but it can look a little too cakey – so you’d have to control the amount applied. It is very pigmented, concentrated therefore the coverage is much more superior than Sulwhasoo. My advice is to ‘pat’ the BB Cream onto your skin, rather than to apply/rubbing it on your skin.

Due to it’s super light texture, Sulwhasoo’s coverage is very sheer. It gives a more natural coverage, but very light. If you’re looking for coverage – this BB Cream is clearly not the one for you.








I expected that Sooryehan would have better oil control and it does! Usually to tell apart BB Creams which are made for oily skin or better oil control – test it’s texture. BB Creams that are usually very concentrated and thick are better in oil control and for oily / combination skin. It is more concentrated probably because it contains more powder which helps absorbs the excess sebum.

Sulwhasoo’s BB Cream feels very light and moisturizing to the skin – very comfortable and Sooryehan’s BB Cream feels heavier but it’s oil control is better.


  • Sulwhasoo Whitening BB Base



I’ve never seen a BB Cream ingredient in which Water, Silicones or Zinc Oxide/ Titanium Oxides aren’t the first 3 most concentrated ingredients on top of the list.

So it’s a rather impressive list. And there is 21% concentration of herbal ingredients in this BB Cream which helps in whitening and skin aging.




Sulwhasoo Sooryehan
Texture Thumbs up
Coverage Thumbs up
Shade / Colour Thumbs up
Oil Control Thumbs up
Value For Money Thumbs up
Packaging Thumbs up
Ingredients Thumbs up
SPF Thumbs up  

What I Red heartRed heart about the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base :

  • Light, easy to spread texture
  • Sheer Natural Coverage
  • Concentrated with herbal ingredients
  • Bright shade
  • SPF 50+ / PA +++

What I Broken heartBroken heart about the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base :

  • Expensive ( 50,000 wons for 30ml )
  • Coverage can be too sheer for some ( which is why it’s called a BB Base )

What I Red heartRed heart about the Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream :

  • Value for money ( 23,000 wons for 50ml )
  • Better coverage
  • Better oil control
  • Nice beautiful packaging

What I Broken heartBroken heart about the Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream :

  • Thick texture
  • Can give a cakey look if applied too much
  • Greyish undertone
  • Only SPF 30 PA ++







Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base  – 80% – i personally prefer this because i prefer BB Creams with sheer natural coverage. Not only it contains 21% natural herbal ingredients , it also has a bright colour/shade that brightens up the area. Can be used as a make-up base. One of my favourite BB Creams ever!

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream – 20% – it’s just a personal thing because i don’t like BB Creams with full coverage. For those out there who are looking for a good herbal BB Cream with good coverage.



Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask & Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask Review May 24, 2011



  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask

A two overlapping layer mask that is concentrated in rich whitening essence to deliver a rapid yet effective whitening effect while moisturizing the skin.

Mask wraps the skin fittingly with it’s Super Tension Fit design to maximize absorption of  whitening and moisturizing ingredients into the skin

  •  Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask





  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask

1. Place the first layer ( smaller piece with the two holes for the eyes ) on the upper face.

2. Place the second layer ( huge layer with mouth piece ), some of it will overlap the first layer.

3. Press the layers gently and leave for 10 – 15 minutes

  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask


There will be three layers – a plastic area, a gelatine area, and a fabric area.

1. Remove the plastic layer from the other two layers ( do not seperate all three layers! the gelatine and fabric area are to be stuck together! )

2. Place GELATINE area ( the thicker one! ) on your skin.

3. Leave for 10 – 15 minutes


  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask


The mask has two layers that overlap each other at the eye- cheekbone area. The 2nd layer is huge and covers the entire jawbone. Both layers are packaged in two different sections – making it more convenient !


I really like fabric cloth, it feels nice on the skin. The smaller upper later is a little smaller in size and it may be too small to wrap your entire face, but after layer the huge 2nd layer, it covers up the whole face pretty well.

The mask fits pretty nicely on the face but it feels a little too suffocating ( not that it’s a problem just that we’re all use to thin one layer masks ) . It also covers the nose and the chin area pretty well ! Photos below :


  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask


The Sooryehan mask has three layers that are stuck together, the plastic layer is removed and the gelatine layer is placed on the skin. This feels less comfortable than the Hannule mask as i prefer Hanyul’s fabric which feels more comfortable.

The mask design also loses out to Hannule – it covers less than the Hannule one and if done wrongly, it will be quite a mess. Initially, i wasn’t sure of the instructions at all, so i separated the two layers ( gelatine and fabric ), and i didn’t know which side to place on my face. I finally chose to use one layer – the very thin fabric area, and it felt weird.

Luckily, LG responded to my messages and gave me the correct instructions – that the Gelatine layer is to be placed on the skin and the fabric layer on top of the gelatine layer. I still don’t know the reasoning for having two layers – even more so a gelatine layer which doesn’t absorb anything !

The mask definitely doesn’t fit as nicely as the Hannule one especially on the nose and chin area.



  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask

The Hannule Mask has a very concentrated liquid essence, and it smells absolutely delightful. I really like the scent of Hannule’s whitening line. There will be leftovers in the packet so make sure you squeeze every ML of it and apply it onto your mask ( or hands, neck, etc ).

However absorption rate is slower than the Sooryehan.

  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask


The Sooryehan Mask has this very thick gel-ish texture and the white colour is more evident here.

After removing the plastic layer ( the one that isn’t used ), make sure you don’t waste the essence that is stuck onto the plastic layer.

This surprisingly absorbs faster than the Hannule one.


Here are some before after photos :

  • Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask


  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask





Thumbs up



Thumbs up


Absorption Rate


Thumbs up

Whitening Effect

Thumbs up

Thumbs up



Thumbs up



Thumbs up

  • Packaging

We prefer Hanyul’s mask fit, design and texture. It feels more comfortable on the skin and it covers the whole face very nicely.

  • Texture

Hanyul’s mask texture feels very comfortable on the skin while the Sooryehan gelatine texture was not as homely and comforting as the Hanyul fabric texture.

Hanyul’s mask essence also feels more concentrated and liquid, therefore application is easier as opposed to Sooryehan’s thick gel texture which is harder to handle. However, the hanyul mask essence is rather sticky.

  • Absorption Rate

Sooryehan wins hands down ! I applied both masks ( different days of course ) and left it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, i tried squeezing the mask to check how much essence has been absorbed into the skin.

With the Sooryehan, the mask was almost dry by then and there was nothing left that could be squeezed.

However, with the Hanyul mask, so much more essence was left.

Photo of how much i managed to squeeze after 30 minutes from the Hanyul mask :

  • Whitening Effect

Both of them have rather good whitening effect. I felt that the OHUI White Extreme 3D Black Mask produced better results than both. If i had to pick one, i think Sooryehan’s whitening effect was a little more obvious in front of the mirror. But both leaves the face very radiant and brightens up the skin tone.

Another thing is that i believe that the Sooryehan mask contains more alcohol as i felt a little burning sensation while using the mask, but it was only because my skin was peeling quite rapidly for the past 2 weeks. Those with normal skin, i don’t think you would feel anything.

  • After Feel

The after feel of the Sooryehan mask was much better as much of the essence was absorbed by the skin. I can follow up with my skincare routine straight away after the mask.

With the Hannule one, there was still a lot of essence just sitting on top of the skin. Therefore, it felt very sticky and i could not follow up with my normal skincare routine right after the mask because it was too sticky and concentrated. So i had to rinse my face with warm water before following up with my normal skincare routine.


  • Hanyul Rich Effect Whitening Mask – 70% – I’d use this during winter, when my skin is dry. This mask has a rich effect like it’s name – and would be very comforting for winter use. The only drawback is it’s absorption rate. However, it still delivers by giving you a very moisturized, plumped up radiant skin.
  • Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask – 80% – This would be suitable for everyday use or during hotter days. It absorbs fast and leaves the skin smooth. It definitely isn’t as moisturizing and rich as the Hanyul mask.




Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Ampoule Testers


For those who wants to try out the new Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Ampoule before purchasing the full size – this is your rare chance.

Here is the description of the product : here

There are only 5 sets left… so click on the photo to be directed to the page.

Please purchase the full size product if you like it. If you purchase from the seller, remember to type in ‘Recommended by .!‘ in the comments section to obtain some free samples.


Updated! : Amore Pacific VS LG Household Corporation May 18, 2011


Two of Korea’s largest Cosmetics company have always been head-on competition with each other.

Let’s go through the rundown on both companies.

Amore Pacific Inc. (formerly PACIFIC, or Tai Pyung Yang) was a small family cosmetic business until September 9, 1945 when it adopted the name ‘PACIFIC’ and became a full fledged company. In the 1970’s, PACIFIC branched out into the tea business, growing into a company symbolizing both beauty and health. 

Amore Pacific has been a manufacturer and purveyor of cosmetics since the 1930s. The 1960s saw AMORE PACIFIC become fully established. In 1963, the company sent beauty consultants to shops where Amore Pacific products were sold to train their employees and to learn first hand about the needs of customers. Door-to-door sales effort was also introduced after the launching of the Amore brand in 1964.

For the complete history of Amore Pacific, please refer to : here

LG H&H was found in 1947, South Korea LG Group founded in 1947, LG Household & Health Care was the first company in Korea to produce and sell toothpaste, synthetic detergents, and other household supplies and products. In 1959, LG Electronics created the beginnings of Korea’s electronics industry by developing the nation’s first radio. Only in 1984, LG Corporation expanded into the cosmetics business, and is now developing as a world-class manufacturer of household and health care products. 

It was established in 1947 as LUCKY Chemical Industrial Co and began production of the LUCKY Facial Cream . In 1950 , the company set up the first Cosmetics Research Laboratory. The company produced toothpaste, soap, detergent in the 1960s and released their first cosmetic line DEBON in 1983.

In 1995, LG Cosmetics established a joint venture company in China and changed it’s name to LG Chemical Ltd.

Round 1 : Sulwhasoo VS History Of Whoo


Sulwhasoo’s ( the name of Amore Pacific’s founder : Sung Hwan Suh – coincidence? ) history dates back to 1960s though the brand Sulwhasoo was only introduced in 1987 as ‘Sulwha’. Every researcher in Amore Pacific R&D Centre thoroughly examined as many books from Korea, China and Japan as they could find and listed around 500 oriental herbal ingredients that are helpful to the skin. Then, they eliminated the ones with strong smells, intense colors, or ones that degrades easily, and used the remaining herbs to launch SULWHA in 1987, and eventually Sulwhasoo in 1997. 

In 2009, Sulwhasoo went through it’s second advancement. They introduced a new packaging design and reinforced the formula of its products containing more fresh and fermented medicinal plants.

The brand revolves around their ‘star’ ingredient called the Jaeumdan – a unique and original formula that supplements the energy and keeps the skin refined and beautiful.

Jaeumdan is Sulwhasoo’s original mixture of five oriental plants -Paeonia Albiflora, Nelumbo Nucifera seed, Polygonatum Officinale, Lilium Tigrinum and Rehmannia Glutinosa- representing the Five Elements. The new 2009 Jaeumdan applied the principle of mixture of the fresh and the fermented for better effects.

The root of Paeonia Albiflora dried under sunlight fills up the Yin in the liver and contains tannin and Paeoniflorin for tranquility and anti-inflam mation. According to Donguibogam, Paeonia Albiflora is known to stimulate blood circulation, comfort the internal organs, and treat every illness of women.

The matured seed of Nelumbo Nucifera enhances energy and treats fever. Fills up the Yin in the mind and smoothes skin through moisturization and blood circulation. Replenishes blood circulation to revive the face tone.

The root of Polygonatum Officinale, dried under sunlight, stops the thirst inside your body to treat dryness and create body fluids. Contains various minerals to improve skin resilience and stops thirst inside the body.

Lilium Tigrinum helps your lung stay healthy and treats nonproductive cough. Evenly distributes energy and body fluids inside the body to tranquilize the mind and to refine the skin. Donguibogam’s Brewed Medicine Part introdu ces the method of using brewed Lilium Tigrinum to cleanse wounded areas.

The root of Rehmannia Glutinosa is the essence of the five internal organs, energy and blood circulation, and balance of Yin and Yang in human body. It manages fluid circulation and has an outstanding moisturizing effect. It is also helpful for pigmentation or dullness caused by aging and relieves thirst caused by fever.

Launched only in 2003 to grab Sulwhasoo’s dominance on the Korean herbal cosmetics share, Whoo is a modern interpretation of the royal court secrets. It’s logo – – a Chinese character which translates to ‘empress’ in English, it based on beauty secrets and prescription handed down from Ancient China’s Imperial Royal Family.  

Therefore, the History Of Whoo is a combination of prescriptions from Ancient China and the Korean Technology. Like Sulwhasoo’s ‘Star’ ingredient –Jaeumdan , Whoo also has it’s own called Gongjindan a well known treasured skin perfecting formula created for emperors and empresses in ancient China.

Gongjindan contains many functional herbal ingredients which has properties such as anti-oxidants, anti aging, anti-fatigue, neurotransmitters and immune agents. ‘Dong-Eui-Bo-Gam (Korea’s medical book) describes ‘Gong-Jin-Dan’ as follows:
“If a man is sickly even after growing up, he is constitutionally weak. In such a case, body fluids should be increased but body heat should be cooled down. Other medicines are inefficacious against it, but this medicine is effective to harmonize internal organs with each other and to prevent various diseases.”

Prescribed for the first time by wiyeokrim in China’s Yuan Dynasty, Gongshindan was recorded in seuideukhyobang (old Chinese medical book). It has been widely used for diseases associated with convalescent weakness and liver function deterioration.

– “Shin” of “Gongsin” represents Polaris, the center of the northern sky; it means having the effect of improving the vigor, which is central to human life. It was called Gongshindan or Gongjindan.
– Record of Gongshindan in Donguibogam
"Intake of Gongshindan reinforces vigor, improves kidney function, and decreases heart burn and protects against diseases.”

Round 2 : IOPE VS OHUI


Both focuses more on the ‘western’ and modern cosmetic aspect and technology , and ‘cell’ science. OHUI is exceptional in the Stem Cells department.

OHUI even has an english site : here

Round 3 : Hanule/Hanyul VS Sooryehan


If Sulwhasoo and History are for Queens, Hannule ( Amore ) and Sooryehan ( LG ) are for princesses. Aimed at a younger age group, both brands also focuses on chinese/korean medicine.



HERA is more well known for their make up products while ISA KNOX is a pioneer in the skincare section. Isa Knox is also one of LG’s earliest brands that exist to this day. Both brands have an elder age group focus. Isa Knox’s spokesperson, Lee Hyori, is Korea’s most famous female singer ever and they even managed to rope in Hollywood Jessica Alba as a spokesperson.



Both are brands that cater to young girls. Etude House has more selection when it comes to make-up.  Both uses famous idols.

Round 6 : Primera VS Belif


Both brands are based on the naturalism, organic and natural concept.

Round 7 : Innisfree/Mamonde VS The Face Shop


Here you have 3 brands that are also catered to teenagers to young adults. Innisfree also claims to be an all natural brand and both brand uses the most famous Korean teen idols today. These 3 brands are also lower-end brands.

Round 8 : Mirepa VS Vonin


Both are brands for men though Vonin is a lot more famous than Amore’s Mirepa. I personally love both the male spokesperson for these two brands. Hehe..

Round 9 : Hyosia VS Su:m 37


Both brands are based on fermentation science. Have

not managed to get any information regarding Hyo Sia, but LG has done a stellar job on Su-m 37’s marketing as it has managed to become a famous brand in such a short span of time and Amore’s Hyosia is still… unknown.


Round 9 : Ryoe VS  Re-En






Amore’s Ryoe and LG’s ReEn are battling it out too for the personal care market. Both brands are herbal oriental hair care!


Gmarket Haul #17 May 9, 2011


A few birthdays were coming up, so we knew a Haul was definitely coming up!

1. L’arcobaleno AC-11 Super Cell Energy Blemish Balm

We wrote about this a few days ago and we decided to test this out. They gave us free samples from the other items off the L’arcobaleno brand!

2. Amore Pacific Hyosiah  Fermentation Line

Hyosiah is kind of like Amore Pacific’s answer to LG’s fermentation line Su:m 37. The focus is on the fermentation of mung beans ( I think Coreana has a line like that too.. )

3. Su:m 37 Sun Away Baked Essence SPF 50+ PA +++

Su:m 37’s sun powder… love the packaging and love the product! For those with fair skin only though Sad smile 

Totally recommended if you don’t like putting on sunscreen!

4. History Of Whoo Seol Whitening Toner and Starter’s Kit

The packaging of the toner is beaaauutiful and the samples as well. This is the newly revamped and upgraded Seol line from Whoo

5. Elishacoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream & Snail Hydrogel Mask

We bought the snail cream, and the rest were samples! Btw, a seller is selling this at 50% off!! So if you can get the seller to open up international shipping on Gmarket – you’re in for a bargain!

6. Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Mask

Can’t wait to try this out!

7. Amore Pacific Hannule Hanyul Gogyeol Mibaek Whitening Mask / Hannule  Hanyul Rich Effect Whitening Mask

This is also from the new whitening line from Hannule. We’ve heard that the mask is quite similar to the Sulwhasoo Snowise Mask, but much cheaper.

8. LG OHUI White Extreme 3D Black Mask

A black mask?? You gotta be kidding me!! Haha how can we not try a black mask?

9. Su:m 37 Water-full Gel Cream

Was given a sample of the new water-full gel cream. LG has recently changed the packaging for the samples for the water-full line. The new packaging is bigger than the old one, and is 3ml instead of the 1.5ml. I’ve placed an old sample packaging side to side to compare the sizes. Good move LG! Customers can try the products longer and obtain a better judgement.

10. Dr Jart CellWake Only One EX

The new serum from Dr.Jart that has been picking up in popularity in Korea. It has quite an impressive ingredient list! This is Dr. Jart’s first foray into the high-end skincare line and costs about 78,000 won for 30ml.

However, you can easily win the Dr.Jart 20% coupon! Dr Jart also gave the cleansing lotion full size for free, along with so many other samples. Impressed !!


Introducing the Sooryehan Bichaek Whitening Line






Here is the full line-up for the LG Sooryehan Bichaek Whitening line in English, and the ingredient list in Korean :




UPDATED! : Sooryehan releases the Bicheak Soomil line April 28, 2011


Sooryehan has recently released a new line called the Bichaek Soomil line which consists of 4 products :

1. Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Gel Cream 수려한비책수밀젤크림

2. Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Cream 수려한비책수밀크림

3. Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Blemish Balm Cream 수려한비책수밀비비크림

4. Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Essence 수려한비책수밀에센스

This line aims to improve the skin’s elasticity and provides deep hydration to the skin.

Houttuynia, licorice, herbacea and gold are the 4 main ingredients in this line. These 4 ingredients reinforce skin’s elasticity and keeps skin moist and hydrated.

Here is a sneak preview of the cream (thanks to Supia) :













Hannule to release Hydration line–GoGyeol Soo line






Just a few days after LG’s Sooryehan announced it’s released of their own Hydration line ( check out the news here ) , looks like Amore Pacific’s Hannule will be following right away. The line will be called the Hannule Hanyul GoGyeol Soo line.

There hasn’t been any official statements yet, but this line will be introduced in early May, so here’s an exclusive for all Hope In A Blog readers.

Currently, only the cream has surfaced and looks like it will be a huge hit as it has had good early pre-debut reviews compared to the Sooryehan’s new hydration cream.

We’ll update when more details and news surface but if you’re ever interested in purchasing it on Gmarket, here is the word : 한율 고결수 크림.


Here is a sneak preview ( Thanks to Supia!) :







Republic Of Korea Best Korean Cosmetics Award 2010 April 4, 2011

Cosmetic Mania News, one of Korea’s leading cosmetic weekly newspaper , has worked together for the past few years with TNS Korea, the oldest marketing and research consultancy in Korea to check out the year’s top cosmetics products which is loved by Korean consumers.  TNS Korea is the largest custom research firm in Korea utilizing their extensive experience in advanced research techniques in every consumer research area.

Guess who emerged as the top winner of 2010? None other than Amore Pacific ! Many of the company’s brands took the top spots in certain division. To be exact – Amore Pacific’s IOPE took most of the major awards and emerged as the overall winner of the Korean Cosmetics Award 2010.

Category Winner
Best Brand Of 2011 Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Make Up Base Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Emulsion Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Lotion/Toner Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Cream Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Essence Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Foundation Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Sunscreen Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Acne Products Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Pressed Powder/Twin Cake Powder/Twoway Cake Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Oriental Medicine Brand LG’s Sooryehan
Best Powder Pact Amore Pacific’s Mamonde
Best Cleansing Products LG’s The Face Shop
Best Eyeshadow LG’s The Face Shop
Best Make-up Colors Missha
Best BB Cream Missha
Best Lip Product Missha
Best Lipstick Amore Pacific’s Laneige
Best Pore Care Product Skin Food ( Sake )
Best Mascara Amore Pacific’s Etude House
Best Eyeliner Tony Moly
Best Body Cleaning Products Amore Pacific’s Happy Bath
Best Hair Care Product ( Shampoo + Conditioner ) Amore Pacific’s Ryoe 려
Best Hair Coloring Product Somang’s Beauty Credit

Wow! I am kind of baffled by the wins of Amore Pacific’s IOPE. We knew it was a famous brand in Korea – but not till this extent ! Now it makes us want to check our more products from this brand. The only thing we’ve tried is the super famous Super Vital Moist cream and it was really very moisturizing.

Another surprise here – the Best Oriental Herbal brand went to LG’s Sooryehan instead of the infamous History Of Whoo or Sulwhasoo.

I expected Amore Pacific’s Etude House and Happy Bath to win the best mascara section and also best body cleaning product because Etude House’s Dr Lash was a huuuuge hit last year and Happy Bath has been a household Korean name since… forever? Lotus Palace loves Happy Bath products.

Also expected Tony Moly to win the best eyeliner because it was also a huge hit in 2010 and it’s cheap compared to brands like Bobbi Brown charging $$$ for it. Expected to win the Best BB Cream is also Missha because Missha has been the best-seller for BB Creams every single year!

Brands to try ? Amore Pacific’s Ryoe seems interesting. It is like the Sulwhasoo for hair products. Look at their ads :


So what do you think of this year’s Best Korean Cosmetics Award?

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