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Danahan RG II Premium EX line January 29, 2011




Somang ( Beauty Credit )’s Danahan has been getting immense popularity from their latest range the RG II Premium EX line featuring 5 products – cream, eye cream, toner, essence, lotion


There has been a huge explosion of stem cell based products in Korea lately – naming Ohui’s The First range – but Danahan’s RG II Premium EX is taking the herbal approach.



RG-II Premium Ex Eye Cream utilises stem cells derived from umbilical cord and applies it to cosmetics. This is achieved from a partnership with Medipost, a biotech company that specialises in cell replacement theraphy and the exclusive supplier of cord blood stem cell cultures.



DANAHAN RG II prevents aging of the skin by actions of ohangboyundan which is made of 6 precious oriental herbs based on the theory of Ying-Yang and the five elements infused along with RG-II ingredients extracted from Red Ginseng.



Ohangboyundan is made up of 6 oriental herbs namely old ginseng, alday, mori cortex radicis, worm wood, sponge gourd and paeonia japonica.



We found an interesting medical publication which discusses RG-II , which is also known as Ginsenosides, the major active ingredients of Panax Ginseng, which claims to protect memory impairement in rat model with vascular dementia. Here is the report.



We have also found scientific reports of RG-II which has been reported to improve the micro-circulation in various organs. The experiment was run by a group of Japanese researches : here.



However, the emphasize of the RG-II’s marketing plan revolves around this medical report which was published on the SCI. The journal can be found : here.


An extract of the publication :


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of ginseng saponin mRg2, a mixture of ginsenosides containing 60% Rg2, on the repair and apoptosis of ultraviolet B (UVB)-exposed NIH3T3 cells. When cells were exposed to UVB and then incubated with normal growth medium for 48 h, cell viability, as determined by trypan blue exclusion assay decreased to about 25%. However, when mRg2 was included in the postincubation medium, the UVB-induced loss of cell viability was significantly reduced as compared with that postincubated in normal growth medium. 4,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) staining showed that postincubation of the UVB-exposed cells in medium containing mRg2 significantly reduced the apoptotic nuclear fragmentation. Interestingly, when cells were preincubated with mRg2 for 24 h and then exposed to various doses of UV, the amount of repair synthesis significantly increased as compared with those in cells exposed to UVB alone. Western blot analysis indicated that the mRg2 postincubation after UVB exposure potentiated the level of p53 and p21. The level of Triton nonextractable proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) also remained elevated by mRg2 postincubation. All these results suggest that mRg2 protects cells against UVB-induced genotoxicity by increasing DNA repair and decreasing apoptosis, in possible association with the modulation of protein levels involved in cell cycle arrest or progression.





Follow up research of the experiment can be found here , here





RG-II stimulates regeneration of the cells and improve damaged skin. It also doubles as an anti-wrinkle and whitening cosmetics. It also contains the patented Natural PS Complex ™ ( contains 3 kinds of peptides and fermented yeast extracts)  which stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, and improve elasticity.





RG-II and Natural PS Complex ™ reliably delivers ingredients into the deep layers of the skin.

Oh, did i mention that the company, Danahan (under the Somang group which has brands like Beauty Credit under it’s wings) is refunding you 110% if you are not satisfied with your product? Must be that good then!





However if you are pregnant, please check with your dermatologist if you are suitable to use creams that contains human growth factors.

Ingredient List in Korean :

  • Premium  Ex Cream


Looks like the star ingredient is right at the bottom of the list…..

Who’s gonna try this?




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9 Responses to “Danahan RG II Premium EX line”

  1. Zeek Says:

    Will be interested to try if there are samples around.;) Been getting good results from O Hui the first. Anyone with open pores and acnes should give O Hui the first a try. You should notice difference after 1 or 2 days.

    If you are on other products, just add O Hui the first essence into your routine. It’ll be after toner/balancer and before your routine serum/essence. Was doing that with Whoo’s Hwa Hyun line till 2 days ago. Now using the whole the first line due to reoccur acnes breakout.

    • hi, haha, we just placed an order with Ohui’s the first too!!! 😀 nope, there aren’t any samples around sadly. however, there are some gift sets but they are quite expensive at around 50,000 won for 30ml cream + 15ml eye cream.

      did u try Ohui’s V day and night cream?

      • Zeek Says:

        lol great minds think alike. The first packaging is pretty nice too. Have not try V day/night, the samples seems costly, not sure if it’s worth it. May want to try the first whitening line, but priority will be to try SU M:37 secret programing essence and may time energy line.

        My sis MIL is trying out ISA KNOX Te’rvina. Will let you all know how she feels about it.

        BTW discovered something recently. (well at least it’s new to me) If you have really dry skin around the legs (like scaly or itchy), try using Laneige water sleeping pack EX or TonyMoly berryberry sleeping pack. Before bed, just apply a small pea size on each leg. You should see result within 1 try. Laneige 20mlx4 samples sells for <US$12 on Gmarket. Too bad tonymoly berryberry sleeping pack promo has ended, else that'll be the best deal (80+80ml for <US$11.50)

  2. Kev Jang Says:

    The cream is very expensive. Retails at over 200 USD approximately, and is only 50ml. I would not pay to buy samples to make up that amount because using skincare also involves the visual and psychological aspect (ie. using the full size bottle and enjoying the textures and/or scent and effects) too. I have some samples given to me for purchases of the Danahan Hyo Yong line before, so I will test those out first to see if I like the cream and its texture.
    The Ginsenosides-containing Sleeping Pack reminds me of Ship Jang Saeng (manufactured by the same company, Somang, under the affiliate of Rosee cosmetics)’s Cheon Ji Hyang Sleeping Mask , which also contains wild mountain ginseng. Korean skincare products containing herbal extracts like ginseng are a dozen a dime(numerous), and sometimes, you wonder how strong the concentration really is. The sole production area in South Korea for ginseng is still Mt. Geumsan and perhaps a lot of other companies source from elsewhere too.

    • Hi kev!

      How are things? Wow that’s even more expensive than the Concentrated Ginseng Cream. Yeah, i saw the ingredient list and the ginseng was at the 3/4 of the list, as opposed as the sulwhasoo ginseng cream where it’s at number.1 !

  3. Kev Jang Says:

    Hey Hope, so sorry for not getting back. I will try to. I know I should get back to you about Su: m but I am still so busy. I do think most Danahan products do not have a strong smell of the Oriental herbs unlike Sulwhasoo and Whoo, and the concentration might be lower. Normally, the thing about including herbs of Oriental origins, no matter what the concentration (especially when it is from 10% to 30% at least) is that it will smell heavily of the whole herbal compound even if you do not like the smell. For example, Sansim’s Yang Myeong Aek (emulsion) containing wild mountain ginseng in about 15-30% smells heavily of ginseng although it is not the first ingredient. My suspicion is that it is really quite low in Danahan RG-2 too, because too high a concentration of some active compounds such as fruit acids or retinol might in fact burn your skin.

  4. Kev Jang Says:

    I got a sample of Danahan RG-2 anti-wrinkle cream once as a gift for buying the set of toner and emulsion under the Hyo Yong Su(Water) line before when in Seoul, Korea. The RG-2 cream–which is the older version and still carried in Somang–is actually perfumed in scent, and I won’t be surprised if this Premium EX cream also is perfumed. I cannot say it smells herbal and it has a certain whiff of some perfume inside.

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