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Gmarket Haul Number #9 and Haul #2 ! Hope In A Blog is Now A Gmarket VIP! December 17, 2010

We have two good news today !

We have been upgraded by Gmarket to VIP Status!



On top of that we also won 40,000 Korean Wons from the Early Bird Chirstmas Shopper Event.


Click on for 

We have yet to win the Blog Award from Gmarket no matter how much we help Gmarket users here because we probably have been blacklisted by Gmarket for teaching sellers how to win those coupons  on their korean websites ( I noticed that Gmarket has started to block certain coupons in the Korean Website for international users – and they have stopped giving International customers chances to win coupons now! ), and teaching buyers how to evade taxes etc.

But it’s okay… Hope In A Blog lives for you Gmarket International customers! Since Gmarket neglects it’s international users, Hope In A Blog will find all ways for you International Gmarket Customers to have special privileges on the Gmarket site! We are the Zorro of Gmarket ! So please share this site with your friends – i will not be posting the ‘How To Win Gmarket Freebies and Coupons’ page on the Gmarket Facebook page anymore just in case Gmarket really checks it and blocks it for us, so spread this site to your friends personally and share it with love! This is our love to you, our readers!

On a lighter note, since Christmas is arriving, we bought more stuff from Gmarket and Sasa for gift-exchanges between all the staff and writers here at Hope In A Blog.

We still have 2 hauls from Gmarket awaiting !

Gmarket Haul 9!

– One of us bought the History Of Whoo’s Seo Yeon Set containing the Essence, Cream, and a few samples! Isn’t the box just lovely? Haul #2

We purchased this for the Hope In A Blog’s Christmas Gift Exchange among the writers of Hope In A Blog! Included in the haul is more IsQueen products (the 3 famous sleeping packs), the Naruko cleanser, the Genie In A Bottle Cream, Taiwan’s BEAUTY D.I.Y Papaya Enzyme Peeling Gel, the 3 different version of Mizuno Tenshi’s Hyaluron Gel Cream, and the Ishizawa White Wash.

To be able to win samples / prizes and be updated , don’t forget to join us at facebook and twitter :

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3 Responses to “Gmarket Haul Number #9 and Haul #2 ! Hope In A Blog is Now A Gmarket VIP!”

  1. kman Says:

    you guys are really lucky can try and use so many i really love lg

  2. Julie Says:

    how do you beomce a gmarket VIP member?

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