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Enprani New Line and Upgraded Retinol Line December 8, 2010

Enprani has recently upgraded it’s Retinol line – a line that was introduced in 2008 – that proved that the line was indeed very successful and popular!

Included in this line is the patented Retino x8 (where it won 2008’s Hot Eye Catching New Product award) . Enprani’s Retino X8 was recognized with the New Excellent Technology award (NET) from the Ministry of Science and Technology for the development of RetinoX8’s main ingredient, Retinyl retinoate. The product also received the Health and Technology award (HT) from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs. The product was patented not only in Korea but in Japan, the European Union, and the US. Enprani’s leading product also drew interest from the academic world for its publications in major international science journals.

Another new product called the Micro Shot was introduced into the newly upgraded line. It is a patch management which includes collagen, retinol x8, hyaluronic acid polymer. It contains 8 patches and effects are seen immediately.

With its instant wrinkle improvement solution, its 8 times superior efficacy, and its 6 hours efficiency than existing wrinkle care cosmetics, the RetinoX8 takes its place as a globally recognized wrinkle repairing product.

Enprani CEO, Ryoo Hee-chang, who is a researcher and engineer himself, said “we devoted our last 6 years to develop the RetinoX8. By achieving the NET and HT commendations, we are inspired to continually develop a high quality product and to position ourselves as one of the top brands recognized by consumers from around the globe.”

Enprani has also introduced a new line under it’s wings called Eslinn. There really is this obsession about escargot/snail creams in Korea. Most major brands have their snail cream line  and Enprani is the latest to jump in ( Secret Key, Tony Moly, Enprani, etc) !

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Sum 37 climbs up in sales, new products launched!

Above : Spokesperson Han Hyo Joo of hit drama series ‘Dong Yi’


LG Household and Health Care’s naturally fermented brand Sum 37 isexpected to exceed 100 billion won by the end of this year.



Introduced in November 2007, Sum 37 opened 40 outlets and acheived 37 billion won in sales in 2008, climbbed up to 66billion won, and has achieved a high growth rate this year with the introduction of the Secret Programming Essence, and expected to exceed 100 billion won.



LG is planning to renew the current four lines, and increase it to 6 lines!




For the christmas season, Sum 37 has also introduced new products for their holiday collection


Introducing the Sum 37 Oil Treatment ( 40 ml / 75,000 Korean Won). This oil treatment moisturizes the skin, gives nutrients while protecting it to prevent skin aging.  The oil will contain oil of fermented seeds, the oil being similar to the skin lipid barrier, prevents the evaporation of water and lipids in the skin and promotes the production of ceramide to counter the dry harsh winter.



An aromatherapy candle is included in the set.

Introducing also Sum 37’s upgraded line, Time Energy, consist of 4 products – toner, emulsion, serum, and cream. It ‘resets’ the skin by normalizing the skin turnover rhythm ( the same marketing concept that SK-II uses! ) that may be disturbed due to nutrition, external environment, stress, etc, to restore your skin’s original beauty.



The line consists of rosehip, thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, grapes fermented together with six kinds of organic herbal plants (Fermented sugar cane, medicinal mushrooms , bamboo, gingko baloba, and fermented soy bean extracts).


The time energy line’s organic ingredients are inspected by the well known German  firm CS OKO-GARANTIE (the Number 1 – for worldwide certification of organic products according to different standards).

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Banila Co Clean It Zero launches fever in korea

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BanilaCo launches a ‘cleansing revolution system’ in Korea with the introduction of Clean It Zero pre-launched in September.

It’s unique formulation and excellent cleansing properties has attracted and garnered much attention due to its moisturizing properties and it’s refreshing sherbet texture.

After the product was launch, there was an ‘explosive reaction’ and even created mania among beauty consumers in Korea. Now Clean-it-Zero has become one of the company’s star product and also one of their best seller.

The sherbet melts on your skin once applied and removes all traces of make up and dirt from the skin without irritating it. Natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin such as acerola berry extract, and herbal extracts to moisturize the skin.

The product will also be upgraded (for me it’s downgraded) from a glass bottle to a plastic bottle to make it more convenient for consumers and they will also be adding new ingredients.






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Clinique jumps on the bb cream bandwagon UPDATED!


We received a sample of the Clinique BB Cream thanks to the Estee Lauder company! We will be reviewing it soon! Smile

Exclusive News here on Hope In A Blog :

Recently in the past year, we have had big western companies jumping on the BB Cream bandwagon because many Asian Women have stopped using their foundation and switched to BB Creams.

Now that we have Estee Lauder, MAC , Lancome, Vichy… guess who’s next?

Clinique ! Smile You heard it first from Hope In A Blog! Smile This is an exclusive.

It’s no surprise here because Clinique is under Estee Lauder.

Starting November, Clinique will be releasing the CLINIQUE Age Defense BB Cream at all duty free outlet stores.

There isn’t much news around yet, but caffeine, and Vitamin E will be in their list of ingredients. Also : OCTINOXATE 7.5%, OCTISALATE 4.0%, ZINC OXIDE 3.5%, OXYBENZONE 2.5%, TITANIUM DIOXIDE 1.1%. ( via Daily Med )

And here is the sneak peak of the packaging :


Stay tuned for more information.

Estee Lauder was really kind enough to send us a sample of the Estee Lauder’s BB Cream when we asked them where we could purchase it in Europe. So as a sign of gratitude, the Estee Lauder’s BB Cream Review would be coming right up.

Update :


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