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History Of Whoo Soo Yeon Pack Review December 3, 2010



History of Whoo (By the LG Household company which has several brands under its name like VoV, Ohui, Su:m 37 etc) is Amore Pacific’s Sulwhasoo biggest competitor. They are both very similar as they use korean and chinese medicine as their main ingredients. Both brands are excellent – i still don’t know which one i like more.

The History of Whoo Soo Yeon Pack is a hydrating facial mask offers you a natural way to fight the visible signs of aging, combining natural herbal ingredients to create a leading Asian skin care product. The moisturizing effect it has on the skin leaves you with a revitalized and refreshed look and feel, while working to eliminate wrinkles. The rejuvenation process leaves you with a gleaming finish to your skin, youthful and beautiful.

This is a wash off type pack which refreshes your skin when applied to it. The pack manages the ‘Yang’ energy and ‘water’ vein of your skin by fulfilling the thirst and releases the ‘heat’ of your skin ( a chinese medicine theory )  which is damaged by various stress and UV and calms the skin.


The Soo Yeon Pack comes in a sleek classy 145ml tube. As i do not have the actual product, i can’t comment much. However, i have ordered the actual size of the product because i loved the sample so much!  All products from the History Of Whoo have excellent classy packaging and i’m sure the same is said for this.


1. Take a sufficient amount of the product on your hands and massage it gently in a circular motion on your face. ( Remember to massage! It is very important to enhance the effectiveness of the product)

2. Leave it for 10-20 minutes until the facial mask is dry rinse it off with lukewarm water


As you can see from above, the texture is rather thick.

I totally did not expect such texture from this pack. It wasn’t like other moisture packs where the texture is either gel-like, or cream-like. The Soo Yeon moisture pack texture is rather unique – the texture of the pack was thick and grainy(maybe its the platinum nanoparticles?) Don’t get me wrong – the pack doesnt contain any sort of grains – but it’s texture was grainy. That is also probably the reason why it requires us to massage the skin after applying the pack.

Once spread on the skin – unlike gel like mask pack where you can feel instant hydration – the hydration feeling is not very obvious for this pack. Be careful not to rub the pack too hard on your skin as small ‘grains’ will form. When i put the pack on the first time, i was disappointed because i did not feel any form of hydration on my skin ,  but you can feel that your skin feels really smooth when the pack is applied, and gives the skin a slight shine to it. However i was proved wrong, this product shines once it is washed off !





Like all Whoo products, ingredients in English is not available so i am not able to comment on it. However i only found the main ingredients of the products.

This moisturizing face pack contains a blend of nano-sized platinum water and eunhasso which is silver-based. The special Korean formula containing Honghwagidan and Cheonggiiksoodan is an ancient formula that was primarily formed for the regal families.

1) Platinum Water – What exactly is platumum water?

Platinum is used in the treatment of cancer and as a base in some chemotherapeutic treatments in conventional hospitals, although not in the proper or natural form. In the early 1970’s, platinum was used in the dye in x-rays of women’s breasts. Breast lumps reportedly began shrinking and even disappearing after using the dye. Since then, the platinum dye has been replaced with radioactive dyes. Platinum may be effective in killing disease-causing bacteria, fungus, viruses, and helping to boost the immune system.

Due to the antioxidant properties of the platinum nanoparticles, they are the subject of substantial research with applications in a wide variety of areas, including nanotechnology, medicine and the synthesis of novel materials with unique properties.


Like i’ve said before, this product really shines once you’ve washed it off. The moisturizing effect of this pack isn’t that obvious – but you really can feel that the skin feels realllly smooth once you wash the pack off – your skin also feels hydrated and doesn’t give you that greasy oily over hydrated effect.

The effect is very subtle, yet effective enough. The more obvious results is that the skin shines right after it’s washed. When i woke up the next day, my skin felt really smooth and amazing too! Smile



Results were rather impressive on the Skin Moisture Analyzer :

Before :

After :

And for the Skin Analyzer :

Before :

After (drastic improvement!) :


Would i repurchase? Definitely. Though the price is rather expensive, you can find good deals on Gmarket. Now that i love this product so much, i am so tempted in getting the other products in this line – the gel cream and the essence! Open-mouthed smile Gotta exercise some self control.

The texture is weird, grainy and thick, but once spread on the skin – it becomes smooth and slippery. Once washed off, your face brightens up, feels hydrated, and feels super smooth. The effect even lasts overnight!

This product will be perfect during summer – especially when you are under the hot blazing sun – getting sunburned. This product soothes your skin by taking off the ‘heat’ of it (by balancing the ‘Yang’ energy since over exposing in the sun increases the ‘heat’ of your skin). At the same time, it makes your skin smooth and instanly brightens it up.

I’m curious how it will compare to the other Whoo brightening pack ( which i have ordered and is on it’s way! Smile ) . This product needs some massaging, so if you’re lazy, forget about getting this product. Though hydrating, you will still need to apply your cream after this as this is just a pack which will be washed off!

And to end this, i’ll be talking about the scent. Like all Korean Cosmetics which are heavily scented, this isn’t an exception. Thank God that the scent isn’t too empowering, it smells REALLY good and has a slight Iris/Lychee smell to it. I’m really loving this right now!


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DHC New and Improved q10 Line


DHC Japan and Korea has released it’s new and improved line of their star product and ingredient – Coenzyme Q10 !

This new line now contains 0.3% Q10 Enzyme packed together with other goodies such as licorice extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid.

The line consists of

a) Eye Cream 25g (2500 Yen) – contains placenta herbal ingredients, and retinol.

b) Lotion 160ml ( 2800 Yen) – high in moisture and absorbs easily into  skin.

c) Milk 100ml (2800 Yen) – Plumps up the skin and firms it while moisturizing it. Recommended for young skin.

d) Cream 50g (3600 Yen) – Rich in texture, the cream is recommended for those with dry skin. It provides high moisturizing effect.

e) Gel 40g (2560 Yen) – contains Olive Squalene to moisturize your skin.


All products contain 0,3% concentration of Q10 enzyme.





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The Orange Co’s Ecobeau

The Orange Co ( which carry brands such as Dr Jart, Ecobeau ) has been generous enough to send some travel sets to Hope In A Blog for reviews.


They also have included two sachets which contains two sample size of their 0.3% dimethicone organic BB Cream exclusively for our readers. So if you want to win them, keep an eye on Hope In A Blog, make sure you subscribe to our twitter/facebook, because you never know what we will be giving away that will not be announced on the blog! Smile

For more information on Ecobeau products : click here!


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