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New History Of Whoo Products! December 16, 2010


History Of Whoo has recently released a few products ! Rejoice Whoo fans! However.. these products cost a bomb.. so u might want to save up first!


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Brand Introduction : LG Household Care Corporation introduces New Organic Herbal Brand : Belif



One of Korea’s biggest cosmetic company (after Amore Pacific) , LG Household ( same company that produces handphones, televisions ) has gone the organic natural way. The powerhouse company that houses luxury brands like The History Of Whoo, OHUI, Isa Knox (for mature skin), Vonin ( men skincare brand ), Lacvert ( to fight Amore Pacific’s Laneige – brand for younger skin), Sooryehan ( The History of Whoo for younger skin – or also known as the cheaper History Of Whoo – for women in their 20-30s ) recently introduced a new herbal natural and organic brand named Belif – as interest in natural cosmetics is growing in Asia itself.


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