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Gmarket Haul Number 7! December 7, 2010

Received our 7th Haul today … happiness !

It’s snowing really heavy !!

Let’s see the goodies :

1) Dr MJ’s Real Mucin Restore Cream and Elisha Coy’s Anti Trouble T Serum – really into snail based cream these days as we experienced some kind of Wowness after using it! Btw, that sample we received is the one we will be giving away. See how Hope In A Blog love our readers!

2) Baviphat’s Fruit Set! Smile – look at how cute the packaging is. So hard to resist eh!

3) Tony Moly’s Intense Repair Live Snail Cream – told you we have an obsession with snail creams lately! The packaging is reallly lovely for that price. Plus look at the amount of samples given! Smile

4) The main reason for the haul – more History of Whoo products. We are just in lurrrrve with History of Whoo. Also took the oppurtunity to get the limited edition 240ml Sum 37 Secret Programming Essence to see how it fairs against SKII Essence! Just the classy packaging makes you want to buy more! Hehe..

5) Actually this was the real reason behind the haul –Chosungah Raw-  we grabbed this right away when we saw it on sale on Gmarket – and a day after that , everything is sold out. This skincare set is selling like hotcakes right know in Korea and it’s sold out everywhere! It is based on ‘black complexes-black pansy, black pearl, black currant and black tea’ and the packaging is really lovely. However, the company behind the brand called CJ MALL is so stingy. We spent quite a lot on the whole set and they did not even give ONE sample. That is how stingy they are. We wanted to give them out to the readers – as many do not know about this brand! We really hate stingy brands.. For more information regarding the brand check

So, anything up there that caught your attention? Tell us!

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hope in a blog’s 3rd Review Giveaway ( WINNER ANNOUNCED! )

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Hope In A Blog’s 2nd Review Giveaway !!




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Not to be confused with French brand , Givenchy, – Giverny is a Korean based Cosmetic company. However, there is the word ‘Paris’ underneath the Giverny logo – to make it look like an exquisite French product – and the cosmetics are probably made in France, hence the Giverny Paris.

This BB Cream is getting quite the reputation in Korea right now. We ordered this twice on Gmarket, and in the end, our transaction was cancelled because they were both sold out. In the end, we finally managed to buy it from another seller – and a few days later – the product was out of stock again!

The seller was very generous to give us a few packets of samples for our dear readers. I tested one packet and i could see why it is popular. It has a good coverage, and on top of it, it’s texture is excellent.

Therefore, we are providing 3 packets of sample ( 3 ml each ) to one lucky reader as our 2nd Review Giveaway.

What exactly is a Review Giveaway?

Hope In A Blog will be giving out sample( s ) to lucky readers for them to submit a review on the item!

Am I Eligible?

Anyone who has a passion for skincare is eligible to enter the Review Giveaway. Of course, your passion must be translated into reviews to share your thoughts of the products with other users.

Are there any conditions to this?

NO! They are absolutely no strings attached. Hope In The Blog will bear expense for all costs including shipping. All we hope for is for readers who win the Review Giveaway be honest enough to keep their end of the bargain and write a review on the products. We trust our readers Sourire

How do i enter?

It’s simple! First of all join us at our Facebook page (click here! ) , be a subscriber to our blog (you can HOPE! yourself by entering your email on the right side bar) , and follow us on Twitter (click here!). We will be giving surprise Review Giveaways or even Free Gifts from time to time so check back often on our facebook and twitter page.

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