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CathyCat releases Grinding Sun Power May 24, 2011

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LG’s CathyCat by LACVERT  has upgraded their sun powder ca

lled the CathyCat Grinding Sun Poweder SPF 45 PA+++. CathyCat is under the LACVERT brand. The Korean Ice Queen, Kim Yuna, is the face of Lacvert so i’m sure you’ve seen the brand one way or another!

Already – we’re so drawn to the array of colours on this sun powder.




The Grinding Sun Powder consists of Healthy Blooming Powder which rejuvenates your skin, making it look healthy and radiant. It contains several colours which acts as a skin-tone correction base.

It also has a Sebum Control System which absorbs excess sebum. It comes with a SPF 45, PA +++.

To purchase, type 캐시캣 그라인딩 선파우더


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