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Zensation’s Deep Purifying Toner October 17, 2010

Company’s Introduction

ZENSATION luxury skincare is essentially based on high quality Swiss Alpine plant extracts, fruit extracts, bio technology complex and neuro stimulating molecules. No harmful preservatives and chemical substances used, and natural aroma is being added to offer blissful “ZENSATION.”

Here’s a long list of things you won’t find in Zensation products:
– Alcohol
– Colorant/Dyes
– Synthetic Fragrance
– Animal-Derived Ingredients
– Mineral Oils
– Parabens

Product Introduction

A detoxifying and revitalizing toner with tea tree oil to control misbehaving skin and for occasional spot prevention.  This toner is dedicated to soothe and refresh the skin as it removes any excess of dirt, debris, or cleanser residue.  The mixture of essential oils of thyme, sage, lavender and mint to produce a calming, yet mildly astringent effect.

This unique, alcohol-free preparation is a natural product with antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties. Helps to soothe blemishes, leaving the skin feeling fresh and conditioned.


The toner comes in a very heavy glass 120ml bottle (as all luxury skincare products). It has some very nice simple floral drawings to it.


1) Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is no stranger in anti-acne/anti-blemish/oily skin products. The scent of it is quite obvious in this product. As you all know, tea tree oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antivirus properties to it.

2) Peppermint Oil – Has high Menthol content, giving the toner a minty cold feeling after using. (Be careful to not dap this on your eye! ) It nourishes dull skin and improves oily skin.

3) Thyme Oil – An ancient herb used in medicine by the Greeks and Romans.

Thyme oil contains the elements caryophyllene and camphene, which allow it to function as an antiseptic.

4) Sage Oil – helps to balance the production of sebum (oil) in the skin and also has some astringent qualities

5) Lavender Oil – Calms and soothes troubled skin.


I have been applying this toner almost every single day for the past 3 weeks. The lotion has a very nice herb-tea tree smell to it. I usually use this toner together with my Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing . The texture of this toner is a little sticky, it is not entirely liquid. It does leave some stickiness to your skin, but that doesnt pose any problems for me. Another good point is that it doesnt contain alcohol – therefore it doesnt dry the skin out completely and gives a tight uncomfortable feeling. But it does give you a very refreshing feeling probably due to the menthoi content of the peppermint oil.  Regarding oil-control, i do not see any differences or improvement, but come on, what do you expect from a toner? Hehe. However, i would not spend such money on a toner (this was a gift from a friend).


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