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VoV releases sun line– Introducing the ‘AN UV Sun’ line May 8, 2011








We just wrote an article on VOV’s Sun Powder that was released a few days back ( article  here ).

Not only that, VoV has released an line-up of new products from the sun line. ALL the products in this line are Talc-free, alcohol free, oil free and artificial coloring free – to minimize skin irritation , therefore making it perfect for those of you with sensitive skin.

First off we have the AN UV Sunscreen. These two sunscreens act as a UV Protector and are also whitening products.

20% of Celtic Water is used to keep skin moist all day, and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It also contains pearl extracts to brighten up the skin tone. Fresh organic herbs are also used.

The two sunscreens are :


1. VoV AN Sun Free SPF 50+  ( Waterfull and Fresh ) ‘에이엔(AN) 더 화이트닝 선(SPF 50/PA+++)

Contains 20% Celtic Water, and a Water Holding System which helps moisturizes the skin to keep it soft, moist all day long under the sun!


2. VoV AN The Whitening Sun SPF 50+ ( Pure & Bright )

Contains 20% Celtic Water, and a Water Holding System. In addition, pearls to brighten up your skin tone and Niacinamide.

Niacinamide is commonly known as Vitamin B3 and is an effective skin lightening compound that works by inhibiting melanosome transfer from
melanocytes to keratinocytes. Often this ingredient works best when combined with other skin lightening treatments. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is also known to be effective in reducing acne.

There’s also another one which can be used for the Face & Body :


From the AN UV series are two make-up sun base which comes in two colors – green and purple. They share the same properties as the sunscreen ( 20% celtic water, 4 Free ( alcohol, talc, artificial coloring, oil )

1. VoV AN UV SUn Base SPF 50+


Last but not least :


2. VoV AN Premium Sun BB SPF 50 +


This BB Creams contains 25% of celtic water and organic herbal ingredients.