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Vov releases spf lip gloss September 1, 2011







VoV will be releasing a lip gloss with SPF called the VoV Watery High Shine SPF 15 보브 립글로스 워터비타.


This lip gloss uses apple-rich water to create a film to prevent escape of moisture from the lips. It also helps SPF to protect the lips from UV Rays. Available in 5 colours and is available for purchase on Gmarket.


VoV releases Waterpot Tint August 7, 2011

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VoV has released a line of lip gloss called the VoV Waterpot Tint 보브 워터팟 틴트.


The Waterpot Tint features a new emulsion type lip gloss technology which gives the lip gloss a very light, soft, moist texture without leaving any stickiness. Keeps your lips moist and bright all day long. Comes in three colours.


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