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Unique Cosmetic Ingredients in 2010 – Bee Venom, Snail Slime/Mucin and Snake Venom December 31, 2010

This year saw the introduction of unique cosmetics ingredients such as bee venom, escargot/snail mucus, and snake venom being huge hit in the Korean market.

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Tony Moly introduces new products to their Intense repair Live snail line & Brand new premium line December 29, 2010

Tony Moly, a lower end Korean cosmetics company, have been introducing more middle ranged products this few months including the Snail Repair Line. The Repair Live Snail Cream was the first to be introduced and was an instant hit. Unlike It’s Skin legendary Prestige Escargot Cream which contains 90% snail mucus + EGF, the Tony Moly’s Snail cream contains 70% snail mucus.

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