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The Saem introduces 3 new BB Creams : The Saem Skin Fit BB Cream SPF 30 ( Silky Finish, Aqua, Original ) May 12, 2011



Hankook’s The Saem will be releasing 3 new BB Creams called the Skin Fit BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++ in three versions : Aqua, Silk Finish, Original.

The Skin Fit BB embraces the concept of lingerie ( which can be seen in the background of the photo ad ). A little weird…lol ? But like a good lingerie, this bb cream is suppose to ‘wrap’ your skin nicely, comfortable to wear all day long, and lets your skin breathe.

It also features a complex powder formulation which helps in increasing water retention in the skin, and helps absorb excess sebum and doesn’t block the skin from breathing.

Like all BB Creams, this BB Cream is an all on one : whitening, UV Protection, and anti-wrinkle. It moisturizes the skin, calm irritation, control production of sebum, etc.

The three BB Creams are :

1. The Saem Skin Fit Aqua BB Cream 스킨 핏 아쿠아 비비크림

Moisturizes your skin and keeps it moist all day long.

2. The Saem Skin Fit Original BB Cream 스킨 핏 오리지널 비비크림

Gives a natural coverage

3. The Saem Skin Fit Silky Finish BB Cream 스킨 핏 실크 피니쉬 비비크림

Perfect adhesion to the skin, and leaves your skin silky smooth all day long.

Price : 16,000 wons / 50ml