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Sum 37 Sun Away Baked Essence March 30, 2011




LG’s Su:m 37 has introduced recently an essence powder pact called the Su:m 37 Sun-Away Baked Essence Sun SPF 50+ / PA +++.



This is sunblock powder which is called an essence powder because it also contains the benefits of an essence together with the powder.



The new baked powder sun block can be applied regularly on the make up without causing the powder to spead in the air.



The powder contains woodapple elements which have been used for about 2000 years in Myanmar to aid the cooling of the skin ( caused by intense sun rays ), contraction of the pores and adjusts the levels of water and oil.



Serves as a functional make up with high sun protection SPF 50 / PA +++



Brightens the skin and provides moisture without clogging pores or causing skin problems



No addition of artificial fragrance, artificial colouring, and synthetic preservatives.




I did some research on Sum 37’s claim on this and it turns out to be true :




The Burmese-Myanmar would use a stem with the bark of the Woodapple intact  ( picture above ) and use a specially made ‘grind-stone’ to make it into a paste and directly apply it on their skin as skincare.


Woodapple Barks


Stone slabs for grinding woodapple cosmetics at a pagoda market.



Called as the ‘Thanaka Cream’ by Burmese women , the Thanaka cream is made by grinding the bark, wood, or roots of woodapple with a small amount of water. It has a fragrant smell somewhat similar to sandalwood. The use of woodapple bark paste dates back to the founding of the first Burmese kingdoms in the 1st century B.C.



The woodapple elements gives a cooling sensation and provides protection from sunburn. It is believe to also help remove acne and promote smooth skin. It is also an anti fungal.



From its origins over two millennia ago to the present day, Burmese women vouch that Thanaka helps remove acne, promote smooth skin and act as a sun block, antiseptic, anti-fungal ointment and toner. As a result, for many Burmese women the paste is an essential part of their beauty routine.



To read more on the history of Thanaka, click here.



To purchase : type 숨37˚ 선 어웨이 베이크드 에센스 선 on Gmarket.




Found the ad quite cute, check out how the Sum 37 Baked Essence is made in contrary to the traditional way of preparing Thanaka (woodapple) Paste  :


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