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Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base SPF 50+ & Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream SPF 30 Review May 25, 2011


















Both BB Creams have very nice packaging.

The packaging isn’t very solid compared to the Clinique and Estee Lauder BB Cream packaging which has a very hard solid tube – making it easier to control the amount of BB Cream that comes out.

In terms of convenience, the Sulwhasoo wins because it is smaller, lighter , slimmer– but that is only because it is 20ml less than the Sooryehan.

Sooryehan’s packaging was more beautiful, with small details that adds some elegance to it. I love the colour of the packaging – the shiny red cover, the background pattern, and even the top of the cover has a very pretty design.

However, it was harder to control the amount of BB Cream that comes out from the Sooryehan because it has a larger opening.

Left : Sooryehan , Right : Sulwhasoo








Sulwhasoo has a brighter shade compared to Sooryehan which is more neutral.

Sulwhasoo has this nice orange-pinkish undertone to it, so it really depends on you if you like a pinkish-beige-orangey undertone.

Sooryehan also has a pinkish undertone but it’s closer to a pinkish-greyish undertone. It also looks a little darker compared to the Sulwhasoo. The greyish undertone is also quite obvious after application.

Note : There are two colours for the Sulwhasoo BB Cream. Light Beige and Natural Beige. The one we bought is the Natural Beige.






Sulwhasoo has a very light, easy to spread texture. It really has a very nice texture, very light and moist – it kind of reminded me of the Estee Lauder BB Cream which also has a very similar light texture.

The Sooryehan has a much thicker and concentrated texture. Not to the extend of the normal BB Creams ( The original BB Cream had a very thick and concentrated texture , that was why it was called Blemish BALM ). Certainly not that kind of thickness you’d find in the AHC BB Cream or the BRTC BB Creams.










Sooryehan wins hands down here!!

Sooryehan’s BB Cream has one of the better coverage i have seen in a BB Cream, but it can look a little too cakey – so you’d have to control the amount applied. It is very pigmented, concentrated therefore the coverage is much more superior than Sulwhasoo. My advice is to ‘pat’ the BB Cream onto your skin, rather than to apply/rubbing it on your skin.

Due to it’s super light texture, Sulwhasoo’s coverage is very sheer. It gives a more natural coverage, but very light. If you’re looking for coverage – this BB Cream is clearly not the one for you.








I expected that Sooryehan would have better oil control and it does! Usually to tell apart BB Creams which are made for oily skin or better oil control – test it’s texture. BB Creams that are usually very concentrated and thick are better in oil control and for oily / combination skin. It is more concentrated probably because it contains more powder which helps absorbs the excess sebum.

Sulwhasoo’s BB Cream feels very light and moisturizing to the skin – very comfortable and Sooryehan’s BB Cream feels heavier but it’s oil control is better.


  • Sulwhasoo Whitening BB Base



I’ve never seen a BB Cream ingredient in which Water, Silicones or Zinc Oxide/ Titanium Oxides aren’t the first 3 most concentrated ingredients on top of the list.

So it’s a rather impressive list. And there is 21% concentration of herbal ingredients in this BB Cream which helps in whitening and skin aging.




Sulwhasoo Sooryehan
Texture Thumbs up
Coverage Thumbs up
Shade / Colour Thumbs up
Oil Control Thumbs up
Value For Money Thumbs up
Packaging Thumbs up
Ingredients Thumbs up
SPF Thumbs up  

What I Red heartRed heart about the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base :

  • Light, easy to spread texture
  • Sheer Natural Coverage
  • Concentrated with herbal ingredients
  • Bright shade
  • SPF 50+ / PA +++

What I Broken heartBroken heart about the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base :

  • Expensive ( 50,000 wons for 30ml )
  • Coverage can be too sheer for some ( which is why it’s called a BB Base )

What I Red heartRed heart about the Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream :

  • Value for money ( 23,000 wons for 50ml )
  • Better coverage
  • Better oil control
  • Nice beautiful packaging

What I Broken heartBroken heart about the Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream :

  • Thick texture
  • Can give a cakey look if applied too much
  • Greyish undertone
  • Only SPF 30 PA ++







Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base  – 80% – i personally prefer this because i prefer BB Creams with sheer natural coverage. Not only it contains 21% natural herbal ingredients , it also has a bright colour/shade that brightens up the area. Can be used as a make-up base. One of my favourite BB Creams ever!

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream – 20% – it’s just a personal thing because i don’t like BB Creams with full coverage. For those out there who are looking for a good herbal BB Cream with good coverage.