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Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Review May 24, 2011











A Korean herbal medicinal day cream that protects skin from light and heat for younger-looking appearances.

Hinoki Cypress Polysaccharide protects the skin from external heat and mume fruit extracts relieve internal heat to prevent aging. Korean Red Ginseng Saponin eliminates the scar of aging caused by heat and Hedyotis extracts prevent dullness to leave the skin lively and bright all day long.

From Butterboom :

The latest Renodigm Dual Care Cream makes history as a pioneer in herbal skincare technology for having the world’s first Thermal Protection Factor (TPF) measurement.

What this means is the product blocks heat energy which is found to be a tested cause in skin aging following decade-long research conducted with Seoul National University. This anti-heat aging skincare product has a patented formula containing 4 precious herbal ingredients that promise to regulate, reduce and stabilize your skin temperature, especially the cypress extracts gathered during winter. Other prized ingredients like the red ginseng saponin will also help to stimulate blood circulation and rejuvenate dull skin.

The dual care cream packs more punch in the bottle as it provides not just protection against heat but also harmful UV rays from the summer sun (it has an SPF and PA component as well.) We love the lightweight, smooth texture that glides on easily and also that it deeply moisturizes your skin without that sticky feeling that can happen with a lot of face creams.

From Hope In A Blog :

Sulwhasoo has discovered the co-relationship between aging of the skin and the temperature of the skin. With every increase of 1 degree within the skin’s temperature, it can aggravate skin aging – which has more potential harm to the the skin compared to UV Rays. Sulwhasoo is on a mission to educate consumers the importance of ‘Anti-Heat Aging’ instead of only using sunscreen to block UVB and UVA protection.

Sulwhasoo, together with Seoul National Unversity conducted a decade long research – and the end product is the Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care – which uses the world’s first TPF ( Thermal Protection Factor ) measurement and it is also the world’s first Anti- Heat aging product.

The Renodigm Dual Care Cream has a TPF of 41.3% .

According to the research conducted by Seoul National University – when the skin is exposed under the sun for 15 minutes, the temperature of the skin can rise up to 43 degrees, and this will accelerate skin aging, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, dryness, dull skin etc.

The Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream uses 4 precious herbal ingredients to help stabilize,reduce and regulate the skin’s temperature to an ideal 31 degrees – fending off acceleration of skin aging, wrinkles, etc.


Credits : Kmanura






As expected, the packaging is very classy – i expect nothing less from Sulwhasoo especially when i’m forking out big money. However it can be a little too bulky to be carrying around – so it can be inconvenient for those who travel a lot, or for those who are carrying it around in their handbags to re-apply throughout the day  for sun/heat protection.

I first came across this sort of packaging when i used the M2 Skincare. The moisturizer had the same exact packaging. Initially, i thought wow, it’s interesting – because it was new to me. After some time using it, i did not really like this sort of packaging.

First, you have to really make sure that the entire base is dust-free and clean before pressing the product. And it can prove to be task to clean the base each time before pressing the cream so that the cream does not get mixed up with the dust etc when you sweep the cream off with your fingers.

So the best way is to tilt the cream 90 degrees, place two fingers at the ‘opening’ of the cream, while pressing the tube. That way, the cream goes onto your fingers directly, but you would still have to sweep them off the base. And a tiny portion of the cream sticks to the base.

So definitely not a fan of the packaging. Although it looks cool, i’d rather have an airless pump tube.









Love the texure. Like most Sulwhasoo cream – the texture is ace. Fluffy and light and easy to spread.  It leaves a sort of initial white cast, but after a few rubs, it blends into the skin perfectly well and leaves it soft and hydrated!

It also leaves a dewy radiant finish which i definitely like! Look at the photo below!

However, my only complain is that it can be a little too hydrating. Those with oily and combination skin – i’m sorry, i don’t think it will be suitable. It may be suitable if you are not using anything else other than this cream – but if you are going to use the complete Sulwhasoo skincare routine – this will be too greasy for you. It also does feel a little greasy. So if you’re looking for sunscreen that matifies, this isn’t going to be the one for you. So i’d recommend this for those with normal – dry skin. It leaves the skin very soft , smooth and supple. It is also non-sticky!

I love the scent of this. It has a herbal scent to it, but not empowering.






Will paste ingredient list when it becomes available.



Time is recorded on the upper right of the blotting paper.








Sulwhasoo has a big mission here.

For years, we have learnt only to protect ourselves from the UV Rays ( UVA and UVB ), but now Sulwhasoo together with the National University Of Seoul – after conducting a decade of studies shows that Heat or temperature rise of the skin can be even more fatal and harmful to the skin compared to UV exposure.

The Renodigm Dual Care is equipped with both Thermal Heat Protection (TPF 41.3 ) and UV Protection ( SPF 30, PA +++ ), therefore, making it a very ideal sun-care product.

The principles behind the Thermal Heat Protection is also very similar to Chinese Medicine – which places a lot of importance on ‘Heat’ ( Yang ) and ‘Cool’ (Yin) . Too much ‘Heat’ in the body will result in many sickness, and food are divided into two categories ‘Heaty Food’ and ‘Cooling Food’. I guess the same can be said for our skin!

I tested this under the sun for 4 hours, and i could say that it did not cause any redness or darkening of the skin – so i’m definitely happy with it. For it’s anti wrinkle/aging properties – it’s too early to say – but this product is more of a prevention rather than damage control.

The product can be a little greasy. It feels more greasy on your fingers ( the fingers that are used to apply it) rather than on the face. So it’s a good thing i guess! But after 1-2 hours, you’d have to blot your face if you have combination-normal skin. To combat this, just top off with a little sun powder on top of it. It does moisturizes the face very nicely, and leaves it smooth and supple! Those who are living in hot and humid countries – only use this if you have dry to very dry skin!

What I    Red heart   About Renodigm Dual Care :

  • Thermal + UVA + UVB Protection
  • Anti-wrinkles and anti-aging ingredients
  • Light, easy to spread texture
  • Doesn’t leave a white cast on skin but leaves it dewy and radiant
  • Protected after long hours under the sun
  • Herbal Scent
  • Skin feels ‘enveloped’ – sufficient moisture
  • Non-sticky

What I  Broken heart  About Renodigm Dual Care  :

  • A little greasy
  • Too expensive
  • Packaging – would prefer a airless pump
  • Inconvenient to bring around
  • Suitable for those with normal-dry skin.


50% – mainly due to it’s price.