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Suiskin Herbalium Deep Peel and Herbalium Antioxidant Mask Review January 29, 2011


The Suiskin Herbalium Antioxidant Dual Masks are their best seller.

It is a 4 week home treatment program and each treatment consists of 2 masks.

  • Herbalium Deep Peel Mask

Specific Treatment

Epidermal and dermal cellular renewal

Smoothness, intense, radiance, anti aging

Herbalium Deep Peel exerts potent influence against skin aging. This peel mask helps to maintain the cellular energy and prevents DNA damage. Both are important factors in counteracting the process of accelerated aging, often induced by UV light.

  • Herbalium Antioxydant Mask

Skin Aging is a physiological phenomenon which, according to the most recent research into the matter, begins and is accelerated by the presence of free radicals such as Superoxide O2; Hydroxide HO . These free radicals are extremely harmful for biological tissues. This process is further enhanced by the external environment such as lack of rest, tobacco smoke, pollution, stress and etc.

Suiskin has created a Herbalium Antioxidant mask which has anti oxidant functions to give a natural healthy complexion that is usually lost as time goes by.





Suiskin Panacea Program ( Biological Fermento Panacea & Biological Fermento Moisture ) December 19, 2010


Today we would like to review our new found love : Suiskin’s Panacea Program. This set consists of the Essence called Biological Fermento Panacea and the Moisturizer called Biological Fermento Moisture.