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Reader’s Review : Suiskin’s Panacea Program February 17, 2011


Here is my review for the mini suiskin kit I won from the facebook contest.

As soon as I arrived home from vacation a bunch of mail was waiting for me but the first thing I opened was the package from the contest. I had received 4 packets of the moisturizer (Biological Fermento Moisture) and 5ml of the Fermented Essence (Biological Fermento Panacea – Facial Treatment Essence).

So, going back to the blog and researching more about these I was looking forward to testing them out. My skin is very sensitive and by consequence it dries out easily.

The Essence is very liquidy and indeed very milky. The moisturizer is just like a cream but not oily at all.

The essence has a minty smell, that surprised me greatly. I’m sensitive to smells but this didn’t irritate me at all. And the moisturizer has a herbal smell. Nothing too strong.

The essence and the cream soaked into my skin pretty quickly. I really liked how it felt. My skin looked glowy and luminous. And the moisturizer, although at first a bit sticky, leaves the skin so smooth after! I even skipped BB cream while using it! I love it.

They last a long time, if it were sold somewhere besides Gmarket I would purchase the full size. And I definitely recommend it.

Thank you, hope in a blog!



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