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UPDATED! : OHUI renews and upgrades whitening line, Starter’s Kit samples released! March 10, 2011




LG Corporation’s OHUI will be renewing and upgrading their whitening line and will be naming it White Extreme. ( The formulation will be entirely different from the old Whitening line )



The White Extreme line will be using a patented ingredient called Stemwhite ™. Stemwhite penetrates deep into the skin to inhibit melanin production.



The whitening line will include 7 products including a toner/lotion, emulsion, whitening spot, essence, cream, purifying foam, and a bubble peeling mask.



The Peeling Bubble Mask can be found on Gmarket :



The Purifying Foam Cleanser can also be found



And the samples for the lotion and emulsion has also just been released !


Look at #37 and #38 under the OHUI section







The WHITE EXTRME Starter’s Kit is OUT NOW ( and going to sell out quickly! ) so get it while it’s available :

Starter’s Kit with Serum, Foam and Mist!

Starter’s Kit with Serum and Cream







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