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Sooryehan releases Onbit makeup line August 21, 2011






Sooryehan will be releasing a new make up line called the Sooryehan Onbit Makeup line 수려한 온빛



The Sooryehan Onbit Makeup line features Yeonmildan which is a fermentation of 5 herbal ingredients marinated with honey to moisturize your skin deeply. Bamboo Sap also ensures moisture on your skin. The makeup line ensures natural flawless finish.







There are 5 products currently in the line-up which includes :


1. Sooryehan Onbit Two way Cake

수려한 온빛 투웨이케익




Contains SPF 43, PA++ and available in 3 shades ( 21,23 & 25 )




2. Sooryehan Onbit Cover Makeup 

수려한 온빛 커버메이크업





This is like a BB Essence Balm which contains SPF 35, PA ++. It also comes in 3 shades ( 21,23 & 25 )





3. Sooryehan Onbit Firming Foundation

수려한 온빛 탄력 크림 파운데이션





This is a foundation which also has SPF 28 PA++ as well as herbal ingredients which helps to firm skin and restore it’s elasticity. Has the same packaging of the Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care ( photo above ). Comes also in the same 3 shades.




4. Sooryehan Onbit Jineak Foundation

수려한 온빛 진액 파운데이션




This is also a foundation. Don’t know what’s the difference between both foundations other than their packaging. Comes in also 3 shades.



5. Sooryehan Onbit Resilient Base

수려한 온빛 탄력 베이스





This is a make-up base which contains SPF 25, PA ++. Makes sure that your skin is moist and prepared for make-up. <