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OHUI The First Cell Revolution Massage Foam Review May 6, 2011



It’s been impossible to find any information of any sorts about this massage foam.

This is OHUI’s cleansing foam from their stem-cell line The First.

It’s called a massage foam because you’re suppose to massage the foam into your skin while cleansing.



1. Pump an appropriate amount of foam

2. Start by massaging the foam on your forehead by swirling your fingers

3. Move to cheeks and massage foam into cheeks

4. Then, move to nose

5. Massage upper lips, chin and jawline with foam

6. Finish off by massaging the eye contour area


I do not have the actual real size because i was give a sample which i think is probably simliar to the actual size product. The sample contained 50ml of the foam and could last me for about 1 month.

However, i found a photo of the real size product :

Credits to lovelylife :


It comes in a metal tube with a pump ( like a whip cream mousse packaging ).


This massage foam has a moose like texture. It is very rich and creamy and very refine. It definitely does give it a very luxurious feeling.

Of course, it has a very nice fragrance which can be rather empowering at times.

After spreading the foam onto the skin :

Slowly massage the foam until the ‘whiteness’ disappears and blends into your skin.

Once you don’t see any foam or ‘whiteness’ on your skin anymore, pat some warm water on your skin, and foam will appear once more. Slowly wash off the foam off the entire face with warm water.


We put the cleansing foam onto our cleansing power test.

I was about to write some stuff using a red ink pen when the ink leaked onto my hands…

Not bad considering that it was all red ink which is very hard to wash off! However, if you’re using make-up, always use an oil base cleanser/makeup remover before the foam cleanser.


This is the only luxury LG cleanser that doesn’t give that ‘super squeaky clean’ cleanser. Other luxury LG brands such as History Of Whoo and even other OHUI cleansers also have that super squeaky feeling after cleansing.

This cleanser is actually really good. It is very moist and rich giving it the perfect texture to be able to function as a massage foam, and feels very luxurious and comfortable on the skin. It also brightens up the face after cleansing and the skin feels very soft after cleansing. It might even make it on our top 3 cleanser list!

It was really good to the extent that my housemate would snatch it from me every single night and place this cleanser in his cabinet. And when it’s my turn, i take it back and place it in my cabinet. So every single night, it’s like a war – the poor cleanser has to change cabinets once every single night.  And my housemate is very particular when it comes to cleansers.

Somehow, the massage does make this product more effective. Maybe it’s just us – so those who have tried it – tell us what you think of this cleanser!


60 % – because of it’s 40,000 won price tag. Just don’t know if it’s worth it spending so much on just a cleanser, but i know that my housemate will be purchasing this once ‘we’ finish using it.


Gmarket Haul #18 April 4, 2011

It’s been quite sometime since we had a Gmarket Haul.

The first time ever we’ve had a small Gmarket box.

The box was super smashed too , but nothing bad :

From our favourite Gmarket seller, Beauty Mania 01 :

1) OHUI The First Cell Revolution Massage Foam

Loves the packaging!

2) History Of Whoo Upgraded and Renewed Whitening Cream

Just to test out the difference between the new and old cream

3) Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream SPF 30

The packaging is gorgeous and beats Sulwhasoo flat! Made a quick glance at the ingredient list, and compared it to Sulwhasoo, and i can tell that the quality of the ingredients isn’t as good as the Sulwhasoo.

Initial testing : It has a thicker texture and has more coverage than the Sulwhasoo. It looks rather thick after applying but after a few minutes, it blends in wonderfully with the skin. Only physical sunscreen.

4) Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base SPF 50+

Came without the box. Made a quick glance at the ingredient list. Only physical suncreen. One word to describe : WOW!

I’ve honestly never seen a BB Cream with the top 3 ingredients on the list that isn’t silicones, water, or propylene glycol, or Iron oxide. The top 3 ingredients are actually herbs : Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Artemisa Vulgaris Extract, and Cnidium Officinale Root Extract.

Initial impression : LOVES! The texture is light, and covers so naturally. This is going to be a long expensive love affair.

For those of you who want to know the colour before buying it , here is a photo :

Top : Hannule BB Cream, Middle : Sooryehan Hyo BB Cream, Bottom : Sulwhasoo

5) The History Of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream SPF 45

Lovin this sunscreen! Have heard complains about the Gongjinhyang sunscreen, but the Seol Whitening Cream is nothing like that.

Initial impression : Has a slight pink tone to it. Easy to work with, and the best part, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. The Sulwhasoo sun cream – Renodigm Dual Care is lighter in texture but the Whoo gives a nicer after feel. Definitely suitable if you have oily combi skin!

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